Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's hard to teach animals..!!!

Has been really a long time since I posted last. To be very honest,,I tried posting something but couldn't complete the post so every time I ended up totally discarding the post just because I thought my random thoughts aren't worth sharing but today I really want to share something,,,I don't know how much it matter but still I want to.

I'm keeping really busy these days & not just these days only ,,probably since the time I started living my dream,,,my job. Tight work schedule these days doesn't allow me to read paper or watch the news,,, plus thanks to social media,,you always get to know what's new so you not to depend on newspaper or news channels. So these days everyone was posting about GANG RAPE IN DELHI,,,,almost everyone, I wondered why now???

I mean such crimes are very common ,,,they find a little space in front page of news papers for two three days & then people forget about the crime,, the accused & even the victims. No one even cares what happens to the victims. So what was new about it??

I went through few posts & got to know about the whole story & after I was finished with it,,,,I was totally shattered (literally "rooh kaamp gyi")
I mean were those people really human beings ,,,I strongly doubt ,,,Human beings can't do such a cruel thing,,,cruel is such a small word I guess.

This incident took place where I lived for a month about two years back. And sometimes when I was late my friends (male friends) who were more like brothers to me used to come to escort me. I just can't stop thinking that this could have happened with me rather this can happen with anyone.

Police sources said the incident happened after an argument over why she was out with a man late in the night and the men on the bus decided to "teach her a lesson."

Oh really???
She needs to be taught & not those animals,,,when will people understand that's its time when they should change their thinking,,,the only thing which is wrong is their thing nothing else.

But I guess its hard to teach animals.

P.S. 60 years of independence & still the daughters of the country are not safe,,,,,shame for us..!!!!


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