Thursday, March 10, 2011

Incredible Jammu...!!!

Human nature….!!!

We don’t value the things we have,,,,we take them for granted until we are made to realize their importance.

Something like that happened with me & here I’m sharing with this you.

I was born in Kashmir. My great grandfathers migrated to Kashmir years ago & as far as we can trace our history, we have been living in Kashmir,,my great grandfather, my grandfather , my father & of course me,,all were born in Kashmir but only I didn’t have the privilege to be brought up in Kashmir,,,not that I’m complaining ,,,actually I don’t know what would have been better ,,,,to be brought up there or brought up here but I know love this place I was brought up…………………..JAMMU,,,,,,,my hometown Jammu,,,,,the place where I’ve spent almost all of my life.

As far as I could trace my childhood,,,,I remember this place only,,,,my home,,,,,Jammu. The first language I spoke was language of Jammu,,,,Dogri unlike my father who spoke Kashmir. My first favorite cuisine was of course Jammu cuisine unlike my father who’s very fond of Kashmiri food. My first proper girl’s dress,,still my favorite,,, traditional Dogri suit unlike my father who I guess still likes Feran(kashmiri warm gown) and my first favorite tourist destination(though now I know it’s not tourist destination,,,it’s more ) was & still is Mata Vaishno devi, here I don’t know my father’s favorite.

So for me Jammu is everything,,,, almost all my memories are linked to this place and I love this place,,,love this place like anything,,,beautiful,,,calm & unexposed place.

People here are satisfied with their lives,,,they know what they want & all they want is happiness,,,happiness in little things of life.

People here love each other,,,family bondings & everything ,,,it’s just amazing.

Touchwood,,,the place I live is heaven & I feel so lucky & blessed to be brought up here.

I loved Jammu always but last week when my friend from Assam,,,Cindy came here,,,I started loving Jammu even more. With her I explored other aspects of this place & its people.

And now all I’ve to say is


Here are some pictures of incredible Jammu

Start of Mata Vaishno Devi yatra

One of the hundreds shop on the way to Bhavan.

Sunrise & Katra city

Half awake Katra City

My friend Cindy :)

Beautiful mountains

Finally end of journey

Beautiful view of Bhavan

Sweet breakfast :P
Bhairon Temple

Return journey
So many SSB memories related to these chips

Back in Jammu
Bahu Fort
On the way to Kali Temple

Cindy buying prashad :)

Fruit chat :P
Magnificent view of Bahu Fort

Entrance of Aquarium

View of Tawi river

Linking Jammu city

way back home

One of my favorite food joints

Jammu's onion dosa :P

Cindy's salad

ShivDham temple, Canal road

Cindy's diet :P
Shivdham temple
Cindy's shopping,,,,green tea,, kashmiri kehwa,,,dried amla,,,walnuts & almonds

Ranbireshwar temple

Kalere,,,used in marriages

Patel bazar & earrings :P
The famous Lemon Soda of Jammu

Girls love bags :P

Chuda,,,,Traditional bangles of Jammu

Garlands of currency notes,,,something unique to Jammu :P

The one & only mall in Jammu

Sunset,,,Barista & cappuccino,,,terrific trio

Isn't my JAMMU incredible ????????


Tomz said...

Though I have not got a chance to visit Jammu, the knowledge which I acquired from several books says it is a very beautiful and enchanting place. Now what this Jammu girl has written in this post along with the breathtaking photographs, underlines the same knowledge..

Eksha said...

yes indeed sweets....our jammu IS incredible....!!
lovely pics...!! :))

RakeshSambyal said...

loved it,,, n thanx for explorng our culture n beautiful places


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