Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Born on valentine's day :P

Valentine's day....!!!!

I don't know how your valentine went this year,,,though I know its too late to ask about that,,,,but mine was a different this time,,,I mean this time it wasn't just a be-at-home-and-get bored-to-hell kind of day,,,,this time it was different.

What does this Valentine's day mean???

Different people,,,different definitions but everyone will agree it is something related to love,,,the most beautiful & lovely bond.

And this year,,,I discovered same bond with a different meaning.

I'm not much of an animal lover,,,I mean,,,I do appreciate every creature but I'm not into these pets & stuff. One of the reason can be my laziness & absentmindedness :P
So I won't let any poor creature suffer because of me.

Though once we had two puppies,,,,actually they were homeless puppies & as kids,,me,,my sister & my cousin provided them shelter,,,we loved them so much,,,we named them Brownie & Lomri.
We took care of them as our babies,,,though,,then we,,ourselves were like babies :P
Giving them food,,,milk,,,,bathing them,,,playing with them
We loved them like anything.

One day,,we came from school & Brownie was missing,,,we searched everywhere,,,fields,,,neighborhood,,,everywhere but we didn't find Brownie. We didn't eat anything & Lomri too,,,,we waited & waited,,,then we cried,,,,then we prayed.

That moment was the saddest moment of out life then,,,,nothing in the world would have created a smile on our face then but the face of Brownie.
We were sad & depressed,,,not willing to do anything but to wait for Brownie.

They say children are innocent & their prayers are most powerful & it was proven,,,Brownie came back home at night & we just grabbed Brownie,,,kissing him,,,,hugging him,,,,Lomri was happy too.

Both of them grew up & they were given to someone,,,we wanted to keep them,,,but no one listened us,,,,they were given to a neighbor,,,,occasionally we went to meet them but we never stopped loving them.

That was it,,,,we never kept any pet again but this Valentine's five puppies were born in my neighborhood,,,,five cute little puppies,,,,they remind me of Brownie & Lomri & all those moments we spent with them.

Valentine's isn't just about chocolates,,,cards & gifts,,,,it about,,,,it's about celebrating that beautiful bond of love.

Here are some pics of those five angels,,,though they are not fully visible in this.

I've named them also Brownie,,Lomri,,,Joey,,,Chandler and Barney :P

Brown one is Brownie,,,white is Chandler,,,,Black is Joey,,,,Dark brown is Barney & orange one is Lomri

They hadn't opened their eyes when i clicked these pics.

They keep sleeping all the time.

You can adopt any of them if you wish :P

P.S. My another blog Nostalgia is updated,,,,another short story do check it out,,,,click here "First date....!!!!"


SEPO said...


the pups look super cute all cuddled together!! awwie!!

btw interesting names !

funkyrave said...

haha!! awesome... Cute pics and cuter names. And hope they get the characters of their names too..

Certainly an awesome valentines day..

Loved the post :)
Keep Posting..
cheerio :)

vandy said...


singles can have valentine's day like this only :P

ArtDeveloper said...

I see a lot of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. & HIMYM characters .... 'when i get sad, i stop being sad and be AWESOME instead. True Story.'

vandy said...



Manpreet Kaur said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm very good

bouth he aacha hai aapka blog dear.. nice post

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Talha said...

they look cute

Asma said...

Love the post puppies are really cute.

Tomz said...

beautiful story and cute pix

swati said...

its a beautiful gesture, and i think every person who does some good to an animal is a angel :)
keep it up


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