Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Being on the lighter side :P

Ever since I stepped into teenage,, I’ve been hearing same lines
“You were so chubby as a child,,,it is hard to believe that you are the same girl”
“Do eat something”
“Seems like you run on batteries”
And of course my favorite,,,that is actually a story that my granny used to tell me (I’ve mentioned this before also)
It was the story of a beautiful, fragile & delicate princess,,with big beautiful eyes. She had such a slender body that the food could be traced going down from her throat into her stomach. She ate only once a day or so.
And according to my granny I’m just like that princess.
If you are born & brought up in north India, then being skinny is like committing a crime. Having tyre around your belly is still okay but being skinny is a complete no no,,,,again people places & prejudices,,,phew
And unfortunately and unknowingly I committed this crime,,,, .

I don’t know at what point of my life I was chubby but I was chubby at sometimes,,,that’s what I get to hear till now. I’ve been a headache for my mother,,,just because I don’t eat properly,,,well honestly that’s not my fault,,,,because the moment I entered teenage,,,someone stole the word “APPETITE” from my dictionary and just to get back this APPETITE in my life,,,I had to consume hell lot of medicines.
Still Mr. APPETITE never came in my life :(
Finally my mother gave up too and I was happy again :P
Honestly I was happy with what I was & still happy with what I’m but then,,,I realized that our body is a machine & it needs to be maintained properly,,,,though earlier I thought it is crap but it is a fact actually.
Being skinny is acceptable as long as you are healthy but being underweight is not.
And I was underweight.
This started bothering me more when I decided to join Army because Officers have to be fit.
That was it I decided to do something about it. Some things are really not in your hand & I realized this when I decided to gain weight. My body is like that it can lose a way too easily but its damn hard for it to gain the same.
Give me as many assignments as you can,,,and I won’t get tired until I complete them,,,,take me to Vaishno devi & I won’t rest during 13 kilometers journey,,,take me shopping,,,I won’t take a break,,,,,,but give me something to EAT & I won’t to able to complete the whole meal without leaving something,,,,,EATING is way too tiring for me.
But couldn’t help it,,,,and I had to gain.
So to motivate myself I used to recall the lines that a friend of mine once told me:
“you know you are like an idol,,,God has Himself carved you,,,your eyes,,,your features,,,everything is so perfect,,,the only thing He didn’t give you is flesh” :P
Well who wants to be perfect,,,,but then these flattering things can make you do anything :P

That was all I had to do & that’s what I exactly did.

I gained weight & now I was just on the lower margin of the acceptable weight,,,,still three kilograms less than my exact average weight according to army standards but acceptable.
Few kilograms do make a difference.
I started getting attention,,,good comments & all.
The best one was the one I got just after my di’s marriage & it was, “you just look like your di now”
So touching it felt then..!!
Not the end of the story,,,now since I’ve acceptable weight,,,I decided to have some stamina too so I joined gym
Yes gym…!!!
When I went for the first time,,,,the lady looked at me from head to toe & then she was like “weight gain?” & in my mind I was like already I’m minus one and I don’t want to be minus ten so obviously weight gain but my reply was like “to increase stamina but yes weight gain won’t harm”
I guess guys go to gym mostly for bodybuilding but girls go mainly for reducing weight,,,,so in my case I was alien in the gym. Everyone was staring me with eyes wide open & then instructor had to tell them that I was there for increasing stamina,,,and it felt a bit embarrassing. Many of them were like take weight from us and I was like “I wish I could do that” and I really wish so :P

world would have been so perfect then,,,no????

Well nobody is perfect,,,,and it doesn’t matter,,,,what all matters is being happy with those imperfections…!!!!

I'm happy being on the lighter side,,,are you happy being on the heavier side ???????


Tomz said...

Oh..we have something in common..I also was underweight during my teenage days. Later, like you, I also attended the gym and gained more weight..
Now, I am trying to stop from gaining more weight..I'm sure u will also face the same problem..

Shalet Jimmy said...

In the beginning, appetite was a word that had never occupied my dictionary but now it has. May be because I am staying in a hostel, away from home. I loved your post and blog description. Conveying my regards from the southern tip to the northern tip. Ha, I am from Kerala...

vandy said...

@tomz: i hope so,,,fingers crossed :P

@shalet jimmy: guess wat i'm moving to south nw,,,chennai :P


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