Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my angel's wedding...!!!!

“I just want her to get married as soon as possible,,,that’s it”

“But you’ll be the one who’ll weep the most when she’ll get married”

“We’ll see that”

“yeah,,,we’ll see”

And he saw that :P

The bond between siblings is quite strange,,,they fight like anything still they love each other a lot.

And I never had the idea how much I loved my elder sister until her marriage was fixed. I had been away from home for a month & just after one week of my coming back home, her marriage was fixed & she was going to get married after 15 days…!!!!

15 days!!!!

Just 15 days,,,that was quite a shock for all of us specially for me.

Our relation was quite different from other sisters, so to say. They say that two sisters are like best friends & they share everything but here things were different. We never shared anything,,,and if ever she happened to use my stuff or I happened to use her,,,there was a world war at home. And we had plenty of these wars not only regarding stuff but otherwise also.

I remember once we were all watching TV,,,it was the first episode of “SEA HAWKS” (Madhvan’s first TV show),,when there was a power cut,,,long back then there were no invertors,,,and I was asked to light a candle,,,and being very stubborn I refused,,,while my sister kept ordering again & again. I don’t know its quality or what,,,but we three sisters don’t get angry easily,,,and when we get angry,,,you’ll get to see the extreme of us,,,,wild avtar of us. Okay,,,coming back to the scene ,,,,she got really angry but still no effect on me,,,there was a knife on the table,,,it was dark,,,she took the knife,,,thinking that it was the blunt end of knife,,,she threw the knife on my ankle & before anyone could lit the candle,,,there was a pool of blood on the floor and my ankle bone was visible,,,I was taken to the doctor immediately,,,I didn’t get stitches,,but the mark is still visible on my left ankle. She was in shock when she saw the blood & we never talked about this scene.

And there was another time,,,when I refused to do something,,,but this time it was my turn,,,I took a pen & nailed it in her head,,,causing bleeding & injury.

All this used to happen in absence of mom & dad. In their absence we were like wild cats. There are so many stories of this wildness.

Once the painters who came to paint our room where astounded to see the marks of tea on the roof and when we were asked about the story,,,both of us exchanged mischievous smiles.

we were really mad,,,really really mad,,, just a little thing & we would go mad,,,tearing apart each others books,,,notebooks,,clothes,,,breaking,,hairbands,,,toys,,,mugs,,plates,,,anything that was in our vicinity. We were really a headache for our mother,,,and whenever she left us home alone,,,,there would be a great mess waiting for her. And every time she used to tell us, “you are sisters,,you should not fight like that,,see ABC & XYZ,,they never fight” and everytime we were like, “it’s her fault not mine”

but we had this thing we never stopped talking,,,we had dangerous fights,,,but after few minutes,,,we were again together,,,,making fun of others,,,we were really really naughty then.

Then came our third princess,,things were still the same until she grew up. Then our fights were not physical ,,,they were just arguments,,,and our mother heaved a sigh of relief as words don’t hurt anyone physically.

Till school we had these arguments only,,,though occasionally we used to discuss about our friends & all,,,but that was quite rarely. She was the most beautiful girl of school & I felt so proud to be her sister, though I never told her that,,and I was one of the most intelligent student & she felt proud whenever I got good marks & secured good rank in class,,though she never told me that but I got to know that from her friends.

Then she changed her school & with that our relation also changed,,she was not happy about her new school & that made me sad too,,,though we never talked directly on the topic but I would carefully hear whatever she had to tell mom & dad,,,I insisted mom & dad to change her school but then she didn’t want to change her school. It was the first time ever,,I had seen her so depressed,,,and seeing her like that was equally depressing for me too.

The second time when I saw her in depression was her 12th class examination,,,we had some family problem & because of that she was unable to concentrate on her studies & her exams went bad. I have seen her weeping for hours but I never went to wipe off her tears,,,there was this ice between us.

Then when she was forced to change her subjects & she didn’t,,,that was the one time I supported her & asked her to do whatever she wanted. Since then she had been taking my advice. And with those subjects,,she became gold medalist.

Over a period of time our relation changed,,,it became more matured,,,though we still had arguments. The one topic on which we had argument was my behavior. She thought I was changing when I joined college & since I’m the spoilt brat of my family & I’ve the tendency to fall in bad company easily(it seems so stupid to write this),,,she thought I’ll spoil my career. She objected on almost everything & that was the time I literally wanted her to leave our home & get married.

But soon this changed also,,,she started respecting me,,,because,,,I had changed again. And when I got placed in TCS,, she was really happy for me but when I cleared SSB,,,she was super happy for me and now she thinks I’m a responsible person.

In all our lives,,,we have never wished each other happy birthday,,,not even congratulated each other,,,,no sugar coated talks,,,nothing at all,,,but when I got recommended,,,,,that was the first time she congratulated me.

When I came back home last month,,,I had decided these last few months at home,,, I’ll take her to lunch or something,, I’ve never given her any treat,,,though she had given us few. I had decided that these few months,,,we’ll do full masti,,,live our childhood again,,,and I’ll collect so many memories that I’ll take with me in academy but here I got to know she’ll be leaving this home much before me.

15 days!!!!!

Just 15 days…!!!!

In these last 15 days,,,we all were so busy in marriage preparation,,,specially me,,,there was so much to do & just a little time. I wanted to talk to her like actual sisters,,,wanted to tell her how I’m feeling about her leaving,,,so many things that I never told her but 15 days were not enough. I didn’t realize where these 15 days went. I never realized how caring she was,,,but in these last 15 days,,,, I noticed that also. She was always concerned about my health,,,while everyone was busy in marriage celebrations,,she would keep reminding me to have my health drink,,,eat properly on time,,, she remembered everything that I had to do.

On her wedding day, she was looking so damn beautiful, the most beautiful bride I've ever seen in my life, she was so mesmerizing on stage,,,,my princess,,my angel,,,,but now someone's else

And on 15th day when she had to leave this home,,,i couldn’t face her. She was sitting in front of me surrounded by her friends,,,weeping,,,weeping badly,,,and I couldn’t wipe off her tears,,,,as I couldn’t stop mine. She crossed the gate,,,everyone was hugging her & she was weeping badly,,,everyone hugged her except dad,,me & my younger sister. When she was done with everyone else,,,she called for dad,,,,that was the first time I tears in my dad’s eye. I was standing at the back when I heard, “where’s bandu?” and that was it,,,,I just broke into tears & hugged her so tightly,,,that was the first time ever I hugged her,,,I didn’t want her to go,,,and I was not leaving her,,,but someone separated us,,,,,she went away with tears in her eyes & I could only wish that she remains happy in her new home.

My friend was there to witness the scene,,,,I never thought I’ll miss her so much,,,but I’m,,,,this home seems to be so empty without her,,,but anyhow,,,,that’s how life goes on

I just pray that she remains happy always.

P.S. Di I love you so much,,,,I hope someday you’ll read this,,,,though I’ll never tell you that I’ve written this for you.


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