Tuesday, December 7, 2010

People, places & prejudices..!!!

Humans are strange species,,,we form prejudices and refrain to change them unless circumstances make us to do so. Being born and brought up in one state only, I didn’t get much chance to interact with people from other states until I started my job search, so I had such prejudices regarding people and places.But certain things happened that completely changed them.

Recently I had been to Delhi, well I guess I visit Delhi as frequently as one visits loo :P

Whenever I go to Delhi, I prefer to stay with my friends, though I’ve relatives there, but staying with friends is so much fun & I’m sure you all will agree. So this time, a day before I had to return back to Jammu, we went to Big Bazar, Vasant Kunj, as I had to buy a special diary for my cousin. She had threatened me that if I won’t get her that diary she won’t allow me to enter home. After getting all the stuff that we needed from there, we decided to be there and chill for some time. While we were enjoying our chat and maggi(only my friends, not me because I hate maggi), we noticed a cute little girl in red frock roaming around. A lady, in fifties was with her & I guessed that she was her grandmother. That girl was really cute, must be some four years old. I was telling my friend that I’ll make my daughter have same haircut. For some fifteen minutes, I kept noticing her. Initially she was roaming alone & then she started playing with other kids, who were younger to her. I guess she found their company boring so she left them & came back to her grandmother. It was getting late so we had to leave, but before leaving I wanted to take a photo of her. I asked her grandmother for permission & she allowed but when I went to her, she didn’t give me the permission. And I was like, she’s a little cute but spoiled brat and whatever I think about these big cities and people living in these cities is absolutely right. But her grandmother was really so sweet, she requested her again but of no use.

After some five or ten minutes of requesting she allowed us to give her photo but only after she’ll take ours. We agreed, she took our mobiles & started clicking pictures. Most of the time her fingers were on camera & then she was telling us to come closer as she couldn’t see us. And trust me, I haven’t seen anything cuter than that. She wasn't telling us her name but her granny told us that her name is Netra.

Then her grandmother asked her to allow us to take her photos. Moments before she was like no no but now she was giving us so many wonderful & sweet poses & that too like ten poses in one second,,and it was hard for us to catch any pose properly ,,,still we took some really nice pictures.

While we were taking her pics, she offered us her chocolates,, now it was something unusual,,,I haven’t seen any kid who would share his/her chocolates with anyone like that.

Now it was getting too late & since one of our friends was home alone so we had to leave but guess what she won’t allow us to leave her. We were worried & didn’t know how to fool her; she was too smart for us. Her granny offered us lift,,we agreed as we didn’t had a choice. Her granny told us that they run a parlor & that day her mom was quite busy as she had three or four bridal assignments and since Netra won't allow her to finish her work that easily so Netra had to be taken away & that's why Netra & her granny were in the mall. She started throwing popcorns on us & we collected those popcorns & started throwing back on her,,,so we had this little popcorn war in car. She couldn’t pronounce “popcorn”,,,,she called them “pokcom”.

We didn’t realize when we reached our stop.We were about to leave the car, when she got hold of my hand. I tried to get myself free but when I looked into her eyes, I couldn’t move. Her eyes with filled with tears, and trust me tears don’t look good on something as cute & innocent as her. Soon she started crying loudly & then requesting us not to leave her. It was hard to leave her like that but we had a friend alone at home, so we decided that two of us should go home & two should stay back. Her granny drove us to her home & half of the way, she was completely quiet, but then she started smiling & playing again. We tried a lot that she should sleep in the car but she was too smart. We reached her home. Her mom and dad were there. She took me to her room & showed me all her toys & shoes, then she had to attend nature’s call but she was too smart, she kept repeating from washroom, “yehi ho?” (are you there) after every two minutes & I’ve to answer “yes” every time.

We all tried a lot to make her sleep but all in vain,, every time either she would something for us to eat or pick a flower & propose to us in a really cute way,,,assuming us to be her friend Rehaan :P

It was 9pm now so we had to leave. We handed her to her father & left without looking behind. All we could hear was her screams & her words “Didi mat jao please” (Didi , please don’t go).

It was hard to leave her like that, but we were left with no other option. While we were returning her granny told her,, she’s like that only. She doesn’t mix up with people easily & once she mixes up she gets so much attached to them that she doesn’t let them go.

The girl who seemed to be so arrogant turned out to be so sweet and I was proved wrong. It doesn’t depend where are you from,, it depends on how you are brought up.


SEPO said...

well! finally you got the time to write this!

vandy said...

yup :P

G said...

Loved the post. Was actually expecting something heavy for the kind of title given , but such a subtle example, and straight out of daily experience makes it much more real . So many times we fail to make events happen because of certain thought we precondition our minds with. If only we set out with open mind and heart, ready to embrace things as they are, would things be a lot simpler. We fail to spread a moment or two of laughter and happiness because of the prejudice we nurture in ourselves in advance...
glad to see u back in action btw :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

they say faces are often deceptive and more often than that, is the first impression. Its like feeling the elephant, tails first. :)

Nice read,

Blasphemous Aesthete

vandy said...

@G : well said
ur comment itself is a mini post :P

@ Blasphemous Aesthete : true..!!

संजय भास्कर said...

truly brilliant..
keep writing..all the best


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