Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm there for you always...!!!

“You know I missed you like hell when you were not talking to me”

It had been almost a week or so since we stopped talking. She just asked a simple question & maybe I never expected that she would ask, especially when I had already warned her not to ask me anything regarding that but she did. And not knowing how to react, I simply walked away telling her that she didn’t know anything so the answer won’t matter to her. I don’t know why it hurt me so much, it was just a question but I guess the answer was never simple for me. It hurt so much so that I almost wept. I have this problem with me, when I’m in deep pain I can’t be with the people whom I love the most, reason being I can’t see my sadness in their eyes & then I start acting weirdly, not talking to them & totally ignoring them and same happened in this case. I may pretend to be really strong but when reminded of certain things I again become a fragile being.

Things were getting tougher for me, firstly because I couldn’t control my emotions & secondly I couldn’t see her being so sad. I tried to break the ice, but I simply couldn’t & when she tried, I would simply walk away. Things were really gloomy for both of us. At home also, things were not so good and she being aware of what I was going through, was always at my side. And soon something happened in my family that changed everything. I literally decided to forget everything & started living my present. Gradually we started talking again. Though it was a short time but it changed everything. And then one day, when we were together she told me how much she missed me when we were not talking, I too missed her a lot, I almost choked while telling her so. We hugged each other & since then we never have faced anything like that.

P.S. I was just going through my diary & read about this incidence and couldn’t stop myself from putting this in my blog. I called the same friend, telling her the same thing & telling her how much I’m missing her. She is presently facing the same family problem that I’ve faced and I just want her to know that though I can’t do anything about her problem but I’m always with her. Luvya sweetheart


joejoseph said...

dont worry, be happy,

we are with you
nothing is impossible!!!!!!!!!!

vandy said...

@joejoseph: thanks alot :)

Eksha said...

i guess i knw what is being discussed n bout whom....!!
always b happy yaar,,,,ups n downs r part f lyf....!!
luvya both...!! :))

SatyU said...


sepo said...

And I always thought that I only assumed that you felt bad, until now of course.

Needless to say, I am not so excited to learn this.....!

Anyway whats gone is gone. I love the pic by the way.

damn, you actually felt bad. :(

vandy said...


actually it wasnt ur fault

that time it was due to many other reasons too

luvya always sweetheart

n dnt think that i felt bad

i felt bad nt cuz of u but the answer that i've to gv

not ur fault at all

Tomz said...

Oh anyway, those days are past now..hope tht u r happy now..if any such worries still persists, share with will ease the pain


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