Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life goes on...!!!

I’m writing this post today, but I’m not sure if tomorrow it’ll carry any meaning for me or not. Well, life is always like that you can never be sure of anything & I guess that’s what makes it exciting..!!!

A lot has been happening around me,, a lot of changes & perhaps I’m changing too with these changes. I always thought I’m going to be free when I’ll be a pass out but it exactly the other way around. At first I wasn’t sure if I can keep up with the pace my life is changing but seems like I got an employment with life there :)

And whosoever has said whatever happens, happens for the good,, I totally agree with that person. These days I’m really happy,,, really really happy for no apparent reasons,,, life has moved on,,,people have too & me three.

But still there are things that never ends,,,,,though you sometimes doubt their existence. And these are the things that never cease to create that impact on you,,,of course the impact is not that profound now.

As a friend of mine put status on facebook, “life goes on” and I commented, “and the only thing that we can do is to enjoy every bit of it”

Really all we can do is to enjoy our present :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Be contended :)

You are with friends, enjoying life, thinking that perhaps you are the luckiest and happiest person in the world. You are partying, having fun & discussing the things that are not that important (like shopping, food, etc) then gradually the discussion takes turn towards some important matters in life,,,the situation becomes little tense then discussion becomes more important & along with it situation becomes a little more tense then finally you start discussing the most important things in life(well presently you think these are the most important things in life) but now the situation becomes lighter because no matter how difficult the path is, the destination is always beautiful so you relax & start enjoying again.

But this is the time when you realize that it is getting dark so you have to hurry. You sum up the discussions, gather your things, say goodbye to your friends & leave (still unwilling to leave). It’s pitch dark outside & you start worrying, worrying that how you’ll go home that too in a public transport with all kind of strange people & the worst, how you are going to face your parents?

Thinking that your parents won’t listen to anything & you will surely be scolded, you start worrying more, anyhow you get into a local bus and thankfully you have good company. The music is playing louder & gradually you again start thinking about least important things in life,,,then important things in life, then more important things in life then finally most important things in life and at this point you enter a state of trance, where everything cease to exists, where nothing matters, nothing at all, not even scolding of your parents that you are surely going to get, not the least important matters in life & not even the most important matters in life. You are in a different world now, a totally calm world, the music is falling on your ear drums but not creating any sensation, it’s pitch dark outside but you are feeling enlightened. In this state you realize that nothing really matters, nothing at all, you are here just to live your life, live it to fullest, live for the moment. You are not here to change the world, not here to change anyone’s life, so just live your life & that will automatically make a difference in others life & ultimately in the world.

Finally the bus drops you at your stop, it is pitch dark, road is empty but your heart is full, your heart is contended :)


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