Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is happiness????????


So what is this happiness???

I’m sure there will be n number of definitions by n number of great minds but I’m sure for everyone among us, happiness has its own definition & most of us would have changed their definitions after a certain time, after experiencing certain things or after having learned important lessons of life.

Now why I’m discussing this happiness with you??

It was the birthday of one of my friend & I wanna wish,,,after thinking a bit,,I chose the words “May all your wishes come true” but then I thought can just fulfillment of wishes bring happiness to someone what if the person isn’t sure himself/herself about what he/she wants in life? I mean our dreams, our wishes do change, and they change with every passing moment. Maybe what we wish or dream about now won’t have any significance few years later.

Oh yeah,,,, wishes/dreams do come with an expiry date.

Then I thought,,,what can be the best way to wish someone??

If fulfillment of wishes can’t always guarantee happiness then what can guarantee happiness??

Then I thought about myself,,what makes me happy??

Years before if you would have asked me the same question,,my answer would have been “I’ll be happy,,,if I stand first in the class/essay competition/any other competition ,,,or if I’ll be selected house captain again or head girl or if I get that dress/shoes etc” or somethings. Years back,,this was the definition of happiness for me, perhaps that’s why the happiest day of my life then, was when I got 13th rank in the district in 8th standard results.

If you ask this question to me now,,then my answer will be, “I’ll be happy if I’ll get a job(because this is the thing that I need presently)” otherwise these days I’m always happy because I’ve loads of memories of my college life which are more than enough for me to make me happy,,I’ve world’s best friends as my friends,,,there are people who appreciate me for what I’m,,,my parents are proud of me(ofcourse,,they’ll feel more proud once I’m independent & start earning myself) and most importantly I’m living my life the way I want, and that’s why the happiest day of my life has been replaced by the last day of my college,,,the day when I was appreciated for the party I planned with my friends & the movie I made. And that was the day I learned that nothing can be more wonderful than having the friends like I have.

Years later if I’ve to answer the same question,,,my answer would be quite different I’m sure. Why I’m sure because I’ve the live example of my mother in front of me. I’m sure years back her definition of happiness would have been different but now all that makes her happy is-our happiness,,all she prays for is-our happiness,,nothing matters to her but our happiness.

So after thinking a lot, I end up wishing my friend “Loads of happiness” because unlike dreams or wishes happiness doesn’t come with an expiry date,,it has a rolling validity,,after every moment spent,,after every lesson learnt and after every dream realized,,,it changes its definition accordingly.

Stay happy :)


Eksha said...

stay happy always......

sepo said...

oooo i m so happy after reading this happy-ness post...!

vandy said...

@eko & sepo: thanks ;)

Dhruv.. said...

This really answers 'the' question ! Well said :)

vandy said...

@dhruv: thanks

BH♥NUƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ. life is about smiling said...

always be happy and stay positive is the main success funda.... no job , or no other things.. dont worryy just be happy everything gona alrite...

nice topic...

jai dev...


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