Thursday, July 29, 2010

That brand called love!!!

I was returning from my Java classes when I overhear a guy talking to someone on his mobile in a local bus. Well, I can’t say overhear because he was talking too loudly & I’m sure everyone around must have heard. From his words it was clear that the person on the other end was a girl & they were having an argument. The girl was angry with him because he had forwarded her number to someone & now that someone was troubling her. That someone was very close to that guy & I assumed that he couldn’t say no to him. Also it was clear that this guy & that girl were more than just friends though I can’t say if they were in a relationship. That guy was trying to cool her but she wasn’t ready to hear anything. He told under what circumstances he gave her number. It seemed that the girl had something for this guy & she trusted him a lot(just my assumption) but that guy ,,,hmmm,,,I can’t say if he was serious too and (again my assumption) he wanted her to be friends (actually more than that) with that someone. I felt so sick about the way he was treating that girl as a commodity,,he can’t keep it so he’s gifting it to someone else.

Though this whole episode had nothing to do with what I’m writing in this post(or maybe it has) but still I’ve included it.

Really “Love” has become a brand name; no wonder a million dollar industry is blooming on this name. It’s so funny how a beautiful feeling can be marketed to earn big bucks. Just walk into any gift store & you will find loads of love soaked things. It’s not that I’m against this. In fact it really feels got if someone demonstrates his/her feeling using these things but then,,,,do we actually know the real meaning of love????

These days, guys & girls just run into relationships just for the heck of being into a relationship because being single is just so uncool. Ask these people what they mean by love or how they feel for their partner, I’m sure they’ll go blank. With present day lovers as Romeo & Juliet, the play will become a spoof. Juliet telling Romeo, very causally, that’s she’s so sorry for him because she found someone else & that’s why she’s dumping him.

Of course everyone is not like that & thank god, there are still many exceptions, but still we really need to think about this.

Few days back, I was at a friend’s place & we were having a discussion about how some morons go mad for what they think is love. I mean, it’s okay, if you like someone but you can’t force anyone to like you back. I can’t use “Like” because even these people are not sure if its liking or infatuation. How can you say that you can’t live without him/her, when you never had him/her in the first place?

So don’t just jump to conclusions, there’s difference between liking & infatuation, between crush & love. For liking or loving someone you need to know that person. Just wait to have that much maturity in you where you can differentiate between things.

Guys, it’s not like others have a branded thing called love & you are still out of the league. Love isn’t a thing to show off or flaunt, love is an intangible feeling that you have in your heart.


Chanz said...

love, a brand name... this is the least thing I want to hear...

(sob sob)

vandy said...

@chanz: that's what ppl are making it,
i just want to save the real essence of love

Tomz said...

We are living in a changing world where the old values are not treated with the traditional concept..


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