Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stay positive!!!

“Did she tell you what’s wrong with her?”

These were the words of a really caring & loving friend of mine, spoken at the time when I was facing a sort of problem about which I preferred to remain quite, the time when I behaved strangely, too strangely, a phase when I, myself, didn’t know what I was going through, so there wasn’t a question of sharing it with anyone else. But it is over now.

Now when I think about that phase or someone else reminds me of that,,all I feel about is EMBARRASSMENT . I can’t believe that I turned out to be such a moron at that time. I could have handled that very well but now all I can do is to laugh at that. Really it was so stupid of me to act like that.

Not only this,,there have been hundreds of such moments in my life which either makes me to laugh or feel embarrassed. Situations where I could have shown my maturity, patience & handled them well rather than to face them like morons. Anyways , I can’t do anything about them since it’s all past but I can just promise myself that I won’t act like that again. After all facing a problem is better option than running away from it.

It’s not just about me,,it must have happened with you also at any moment of life. I can’t help wondering, how feeble we turn out when we are facing some problem & how easily we can give lectures to others about staying positive & handling difficult times with patience. How easily we forget that no matter what sort of hardships we are facing,,that will pass soon,,all we need to do is,,,staying positive.

I hope from now onwards I’m always gonna remember this.


sepo said...

nice thought and post and pics..!

like arora says " b+ive"...!

cheers to all the positivity.


m already getting positive vibes all around

Dhruv.. said...

Cheers to positivity !
The 'problems' definitely leave you enlightened ! :)

Eksha said...

as i started reading....i pre decided dat i hv to comment"B +ve"(my blood group :P)...n saw sneha ne already meri kami puri kar di... :)


vandy said...

@sepo: yeah

@dhruv: exactly

@eko: lolz


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