Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One more Engineer :P

Hello friends,,,, so I’m back again.

I guess most of the times this is the starting line my my posts,,,,hmmmm,,,I really need to something about it.

Anyways ,,,,let me start,,,,hmmmm,,,,I was just going through the previous posts of my blog. Man!!!! What I’ve become,,,, philosopher ,,,spiritual guru or a confused personality,,,where’s the silly,,stupid yet simple & sweet vandana??? (well,,,,it feels nice to praise yourself,,,haven’t I told you this earlier :P )

So this posts is gonna be real simple,,,,,free from any mind swirling thoughts,,,,finally :)

Well,,,,it’s a great pleasure for me to tell you that now I’m an worthless,,, unemployed ENGINEER

Oh yeah,,,,I’ve done it (though result of last semester is still pending)

There had been times when the integration,,,differentiation,,,,many stupid mathematical formula,,,,,working of transistors,,,mechanics,,,heat flow,,,programming flew over my head,

There had been times when I had just prepared four questions for my major exam,

There had been times,,,night before exams when I studied with the hope that exams should get postponed,

There had been times when I desperately wanted 40 marks,

There had been times when I was sure of flunking ,,,but I didn’t,

There had been times when I was sure of flunking & I did :)

88 minors,,,,44 majors,,3 supplementary exams,,, 88 assignments,,,don’t have the count of lab tests,,,,but finally it’s over,,,,,,phew!!!!

So what I’m upto now????

Well you have to wait for my next post for knowing that ;)


sepo said...

There had been times when I was sure of flunking & I did :)

lol :)

btw, congo..!

Tomz said...

waiting for ur next post to know that...

Chanz said...

congrats on your completion of engineering.. dont worry abt the results.. but I'll tell u what.. u'll miss this time..

vandy said...


it's coming soon

yeah,,,i'm already missing it except the xam portion

Haddock said...

Congrats..... (The Examiner....after a long tome)

Jaunty anima said...

Oh u're done then...have a gr8 life ahead re...what are ur plans now?

vandy said...

in one word
but where


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