Sunday, June 6, 2010

Go with the flow!!

There are times when you are so confused about your life. You seek the answers & you fail to get them. Finally you gave up seeking answers & go with the flow. And then you realize that it’s the best thing to do,,,,just going with the flow.

Oh yeah,,,,if you are confused,,,you are in some problem & you don’t know what to do then just stop thinking & let your heart do whatever it wants to do. Let it fly freely ,,,,let it swim freely,,,let it run freely. I have been a great supporter of this ideology & recently I read something like this in a novel too. Oh yeah I still read novels. It has been ages since I’ve mentioned any novel in my blog,,,oh God how things change. Okay I’ll be back with details of novels I’ve read in the coming posts.

Anyways,,,this going with the flow,,,,I mean living in the present,,,not repenting over the past,,,not worrying about the future,,, is really great. It really changes your world. I’m following this & trust me,,,I’m so happy with my life now (though sometimes I face some strange kind of mood swings but that’s very rarely).

Also I’ve learned that it’s your life,,,whatever you’ll do will affect you only so make your decisions freely,,,stop worrying about what others will think,,,,stop thinking about what others will say,,,,it’s your life live it your way,,, at least you won’t regret that you didn't do that because of someone or you did this because of someone.

Nothing matters except :


LIVING THE LIFE IN YOUR OWN WAY (without hurting anyone)

Oh god,,,I’m becoming philosopher,,,,hmmmm that happens when exams are around the corner & you still haven’t figured out how you are gonna get through them ;)


sepo said...

haha liked the last line,
and yea rightly said, going with the flow is the right thing to do

vandy said...

engineers afterall ;)

Dhruv.. said...

+1 Sneha ! Big follower of the philosophy !

Tomz said...

Very philosophic post..from your last two posts I began to feel that the writer is in a confused state..just feeling so..

vandy said...


u guessed it right :P


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