Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is that all????

So here I’m again,,,,,again at one more turn of life,,,,after learning many things & after implementing many more. Sometimes I wonder why I’m doing this or why I’m doing that???? I mean where would it ultimately lead me to??? Okay,,, wherever it leads me,,,,will all these things matter then????

Some mind swirling thoughts that have been an integral part of me always,,,,these are the thoughts that make me to see the screwed up side of me,,,the emptiness in me,,,no matter how busy I try to be,,,these thoughts emerge from nowhere & stand in front of me. I try to find the real meaning of “being me”,,, being a human actually or being in this world but again I find myself walking around a circle.[

I’m 22 years of age,,,soon I’ll be an unemployed,,,worthless engineer. No, I’m not saying that I’m a loser, perhaps I’ve more than anyone could have ever desired,,,so much happiness around me but then is this the real happiness????

Getting a well paid job,,,a perfect soulmate ,,,is that all????

I mean just think,,,,,is that everything we want??? Is that what we call life??? That’s what we are here for????

I think & think a lot about it & then after getting no answer ,,,I move on,,,I give up thinking. Again I chat,,,I talk,,, I party,,,but still this thought bothers me,,,,

“Is that all,,,I’m here for??????”


Dhruv.. said...

You know.. when you can't see anything clearly.. you just let it roll.. give in your best and things work out.
Seems like.. you don't have what they call 'plan'.. but don't worry.. 'plans' never work out anyway !
So.. stop worrying.. have faith.. may be you don't know what you want.. but what you get will be classic !

Shahid said...

I ask myself the same questions every day. I dont know what the answers are..but I am searching


vandy said...

it's not about that

i hope we find answer soon

Eksha said...

lemme also knw d answer.....

sepo said...

u ll rock ur lyf....!!
you just go with the flow, wtever you in ur mind, the "thoughts" will surely convey that to the higher powers.....!!!

Jaunty anima said...

Thoda kam socha kar yaar!

Btw came to ur college a few days back..thought wud get a glimpse of u here there or somewhere..but U weren't der!!

Nway I liked ur college..nice!!

vandy said...

ok mam

that's just not fair,,,u could hv called me,,,actually last week we had sessionals n trip to vaishno devi so....

but i'm angry with u
next time do tell me okay

hey wait there will b no next time college is gonna end within few dayz

Tomz said...

I too have asked the same qn again..but couldnt find answer..anyway I feel that, the life should be better if we have an aim and we are working the whole life for the fulfillment of it..

vivek said...

here for 'living' than reflecting upon a question that'll refuse to give an answer! EVER!

vandy said...

hmmm true
yeah,,,u r true maybe

BH♥NUƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ. life is about smiling said...

hmmmmmmmm.......... actually u opted out the golden question... is that all??? u know every human being sometime goes thru this thought.. (my thinkin).. u know i had gone thru same when i was 19 ,... u r late at 22...some think at 50, other on death bed.. but everybody does...every body has his time to think of reality , apart of fun , party happiness sorrow....there is still one prior question .. i m for what...??? but u know who gives us the rite answer... for u that u only... coz god had inserted one chip inside us.. called humanity chip, i called it HC.... depend on ur HC level u goto go know the real answer... even i m sayin like dat . but i m far from my actual answer by the way ..lols......
u have to see ur human...kind... and u know the rite answer... actually still there is a vacuum inside mind like millions of galaxies together still apart..

and one more addon:- u know i just come to my blog to see ur new blogs... and when i see ur one and only comment ... i smile and ask god why i didnt see blogging before orkut.... actually tell ya i m orkut worm... dats y no more blogs even i had many of them in ma personnel diary...

BH♥NUƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ. life is about smiling said...

hmmm... u know u r rite .. u r opting out thew golden question ,
for this only???
or is that i m for:

my perception is dat every single human being goes thru this cute thought,
for me i was at 19,
u r late at 22 ...;)
but some thought of it at 50 other at deathbed but everybody does..

from my point of view god had inserted one chip called humanity chip, i.e HC, in evry body, so the answer lies in ur HC level.
still i m tellin u this i m far from my actual answer.. but still m fighting for it from myself... coz it lies in me...

i know the person who gives u the rite answer dats u , ya only u...

so just keep doin ur gudwork and dont thinkin too much abt future. think but dont shrink...

......... hope u got me... :D

add on:- i always come to my blog to see ur new ones i dont know why...

but ur passinate stubborn stuck in ma mind , may be....

i always asked god why dont u told me abt bloggin before tellin abt orkut... i had many ideas , stories, in my personal diary and my mind but no time to give it to ma blog... but still i have one inspiration .. ur one and only comment.... thanks and all gona well

ur blog follower , bhanu

BH♥NUƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ. life is about smiling said...

offo u just switch on ur security options..... approved it or not..

so sorry i just commented 2 times please see whats the best and delte one.... ohh i m so fool

wrintin it twice... i think there some problm from my side.. please delete this third one too.. lols
take care.. and carry on ur superb thing... bye singin off

jai dev

abhi said...

ये व्यथा तो सब की है..

मैं तो फ़िलहाल एक अच्छे जॉब में हूँ, लेकिन फिर भी संतुष्ट नहीं पूरी तरह से..क्यूंकि जो जो मैंने सोच रखा था हुआ नहीं, शायद किस्मत या फिर मेरी गलतियाँ...

आप बहुत अच्छी इंजिनियर बनियेगा...ऐसी दुआ करते हैं,

फ़िलहाल तो जॉब मार्केट भी बेहतर हो गया है ;) जॉब तो मिलनी ही है ;)

लेकिन ऐसी बातें रात में जब तन्हाई में सोचता हूँ तो सनसनी सी दौर जाती है ... परेसान हो जाता हूँ :(

vandy said...

that's so sweet of u

& jai dev???

rajput from jammu kya???

vandy said...


BH♥NUƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ. life is about smiling said...

hainji sahi pehchana... from j&K

nyways aapne dusre do delte kyu nahi kiye.... meine kha tha na..;)

jai dev


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