Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is that all????

So here I’m again,,,,,again at one more turn of life,,,,after learning many things & after implementing many more. Sometimes I wonder why I’m doing this or why I’m doing that???? I mean where would it ultimately lead me to??? Okay,,, wherever it leads me,,,,will all these things matter then????

Some mind swirling thoughts that have been an integral part of me always,,,,these are the thoughts that make me to see the screwed up side of me,,,the emptiness in me,,,no matter how busy I try to be,,,these thoughts emerge from nowhere & stand in front of me. I try to find the real meaning of “being me”,,, being a human actually or being in this world but again I find myself walking around a circle.[

I’m 22 years of age,,,soon I’ll be an unemployed,,,worthless engineer. No, I’m not saying that I’m a loser, perhaps I’ve more than anyone could have ever desired,,,so much happiness around me but then is this the real happiness????

Getting a well paid job,,,a perfect soulmate ,,,is that all????

I mean just think,,,,,is that everything we want??? Is that what we call life??? That’s what we are here for????

I think & think a lot about it & then after getting no answer ,,,I move on,,,I give up thinking. Again I chat,,,I talk,,, I party,,,but still this thought bothers me,,,,

“Is that all,,,I’m here for??????”


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