Saturday, March 13, 2010

Much awaited 100 :D

(100th post special)

I remember,,,when I was a kid,,I was crazy about cricket,,I’ve grown up watching sachin’s 19th century,,20th century and so on.

Perhaps, I was the only girl in my class who had so much knowledge about players & statistics. Dad always considered me as his son,,not daughter,,,so whenever he watched any cricket match,,,he made it sure that I was with him,,,he still invites me to watch matches with him,,,but things have changed now,,,,, my interests have changed,,,I've lost interest in cricket.

Today,,,when I came back home,,,I heard Dad telling Bade papa, “hey let’s watch IPL” but Bade Papa wasn’t interested. I felt like watching match with Dad for old times’ sake but then I got busy with my cellphone and net.

And then I got a friend online & when he mentioned this IPL,,,, my first reaction was

I find this eyeee peeeee eeellllll quite boring

True,,I mean I can’t figure out which team to support???

I like KINGS XI ,,,,I mean it’s about Punjab & all so…

Plus it has Irfan pathan,,,yeah,,,once I was crazy for him,,,I had this big poster of him in my room,,I still have a collage of him,,,cuttings of his interviews & all,,,,and I was really heartbroken when I got to know about his love :(


Anyways life goes on……

So my friend,,IPL fan,,, was very much interested & I got to know from him that it’s a match between MUMBAI INDIANS & RAJISTHAN ROYALS

Experts from that chat:

Two overs remaining

7 balls 13 runs

12 runs 6 balls

I was still not interested

Run out appeal,,,,I was bit interested

12 runs 4 balls

I got more interested

Sachin is the captian of MI

And I was all interested in it,,,Sachin has always been a hero for me

11 runs 4 balls,,,Malinga on hattrick

Who’s Malinga by the way???? Still I was interested

11 runs 3 balls

Biting my nails

Run out appeal

Should be a run out

Not out


9 runs 2 balls

Oh my god

Wide ball

Oh shit

8 runs 2 balls

No nails left now

6 from one

Ma-lin-ga,,,ma-lin-ga,,,,still don’t know who’s this Malinga????

Final ball

Heart pounding so fast

It’s a single,,,,,you win

Yeah yippee

This should be a blog post,,,, how i commented to get ur interest in the eyeeee peeee elllll

And it is :P

Last post was my 99th post & ever since I published that I was thinking,,,what I’m gonna write in my 100th post,,,it should be special,,,and hey what can make it special then cricket itself,,,with sachin breaking all records & making first ever 200 in ODI history,,,I’ve ended up writing about cricket in my 100th post,,,no doubt I’ve lost interest in it but maybe with this friend of mine rekindling that spark again,,,I’ll be interested again,,,,well,,,,let’s wait & watch.

P.S. when I started this blog,,I never thought I’ll go this far but all thanks to you guys who follow my blog & comment on it & also to those who read it but don’t comment,,,,I really get encouragement from you guys,,,THANKS TO ALL OF YOU


funkyrave said...

Hey!! haha eyeeeeee peeeeee eelll
It was a nail biting match!! and Malinga has crown for best IPL bowler and most handsome too..:P
congo for century!!

vandy said...

did i read handsome????

now i'm surely gonna watch next match of mumbai indians for this handsome MALINGA :P

Tomz said...

Happy Hundred!!!

hey I found similarity between yours and my likes and dislikes. Just like you I too have found IPL as boring..

You are very lucky as you have got such a friendly father..

nice post

reeti said...

hellooo!!!! congrats 4 d century!!!! well i'm also not quite interested in dis ieee pee elll....havnt watched any match as yet......1st of all i dont understand 4 wich team 2 cheer for coz both have indians though d ratio varies....congrats once again!!!!!

G said...

heyyyyyy !!! i came online during all this just for you after reading your sms... congragulations honey !!! so proud that u reached 100. mujhe lagta nahin mera 50 bhi ho paayega :P
keep writing ! God bless :)

vandy said...


not that kinda friendly
but we r same in many respects,,,both too cold hearted :P
as father as daughter

and thanks

hey sweetheart,,,i got ur comment seven times but i published it only once ;)
and ofcourse we hv much similarities n hence we both hv yet to figure out which team to support :P
thanks a lot sugar

that's so sweet of u
no sweetheart,u'll definitely cross 50
so what if that is at the age of 50 :P

and thanks alot sugar

Eksha said...


vandy said...

thanks sweetheart

surbhit said...

congrats, nice post... the commentry is awesome :P :P hehe///keep writing

Chanz said...

congrats for completing your 100th post.. And we have the same story... Can u imagine that I didnt even watch a single match in the last two seasons of IPL... N guess what, I will be going to watch the match live this time... M supporting delhi daredevils.. I love delhi.. :)

btw I dont know who malinga is.. and I too had a crush on irfan pathan.. but it was brett lee who always topped the list.. :P

vandy said...

thanks :P


live wow!!!
guys frm my class r also going

i too had crush on brett lee :P

and thanks

Jaunty anima said...

Hey congratulations...100!!whoa...!!
Loadz of brett lee fans here..but cant get bigger than me, i bet!!

vandy said...

nt again
one more lee fan !!!

thanks anyways

sepo said...

hey dear..!!
congo :)
finally m commenting, from the net lab :P

vandy said...

so sweet of u

Kedar said...

nice post....
i loved it more because i'm an MI supporter...
and what an irony, this is my first visit on ur blog and its ur 100th post...
hope u keep writing more,, and i keep commenting more.... :)

vandy said...


thanks a ton :P

Jaunty anima said...

Hey...ther's an award for u on my blog!:)


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