Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life is beautiful!!!

“Hey what happened??? You guys don’t seem well”

“hmmmmm,,,,,you know we broke up & I can’t forget him/her. He/she was my life. I don’t feel like living now”

“He/she never understands me. I love him/her a lot but still………. Life is a hell for me. Why this happens with me only”

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do in my life. Things are so complex for me. I don’t know anything about my career. I’m totally screwed up.”

“By the way, you are also not fine, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing like you guys. Life is bliss for me. I’ve been blessed with so many amazing people around me,,,who love & care about me. It’s just that I don’t know how to love & care them equally or maybe I do but then why are they still unhappy about something’s & I don’t know how to cheer them up. I try a lot but their problems don’t get out of their head. I won’t be with them throughout my life so I want whatever little time we spend together should be the happiest period of our lives but things are not that way. I wish I could do something that would remove these problems but I fail. I don’t understand why people fail to see the beauty of life. I don’t understand why people keep thinking about past when a wonderful present is before them,,why they keep on worrying about future when so many beautiful things about present are yet to be explored,,life is beautiful but people don’t value it,,,,,,,this thing is bothering me”


Tomz said...

A sincere and heartfelt urge to find solution for the question that is unanswered as always..

surbhit said...

same with me, :p

sepo said...

thats soo cute :)
beauty reflects on people who are truly beautiful- inside out.

only those appreciate beauty who understand the true essence and meaning of it...!!


vandy said...


so learn to live life



funkyrave said...

yes! indeed.. So true! life is truly beautiful,Why do ppl let their past still their future..? grt post..
Keep posting.
Cheerio :-)

Dhruv.. said... are one helluva friend :)

Kedar said...

Wow! such a sweet article...
Really heart-touching...
You have written the "typical human tendency" in a beautiful way...

vandy said...

i din say it's me,,,still thanks

thanks :P

thanks a ton

Jaunty anima said...

BEAUTIFUL....that's a one-word to describe this post!!

lovely vandi!!

vandy said...

thanks sweety

Diwakar Sinha said...

nothing is perfect...actually most of the things are faar from being perfect :)
such is life.

vandy said...

hmmmmmmm true,,,agreed


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