Monday, February 1, 2010

How I'm gonna leave this place???

Last exam,,,it’s entirely different. It means you’ll be free soon,,,free to carry out your plans,,,movies,,shopping,,food,,blogs,,novels,,,and a zillion things.

Today was my last exam,I wasn’t thinking much about the course,,which BTW was Industrial Management,my mind was occupied with my after-exams plans that I had made during my exams & now after this exam,,this last exam,,hey,,hang on for a minute,,did I say last??? Oh yeah last.

My last exam of 7th semester,,rather my last day of 7th semester,,my 8th semester will start soon,,last semester,,,LAST,,this mere word sends a shiver down my spine. LAST,,,it’s gonna be over soon….

As I was struggling to get out of these thoughts,,I crossed college gate & then my mind drifted to the time when I first crossed this gate….

It was August of 2006,,when I came here for the first time with my cousin to see the campus. It was evening & the college was deserted except for gatekeepers. The bike crossed the gate & I saw a road, having no idea where it was leading to. I really liked the campus.

Then after a month,on 28th september,I came again for my first day of first semester. Like other freshers, I was so damn scared,,yeah,,scared of ragging, so much so that I brought my mom with me (I laugh now whenever I remember that, it’s a secret , I haven’t told anyone), but the gatekeepers didn’t allow her in saying, “after a year you’ll be a senior & you’ll forget this time.” So true, a year passed & I became a senior myself ready for taking ragging.

Initially it was a whole new world for me but then I made friends & I began to love this place. During these three & a half years, I’ve learned so many things here,,, perhaps I should publish that in some paper,,but for now I’m publishing it here

There are actually many kinds of calculators, not just 8digits & 10digits(what a moron I was to think so). BTW the one I used in my engineering was fx991MS

You have to use more than one type of pencil for making engineering drawings (that includes plans for buildings, etc also). Not color pencils, pencils having different shades of grey 2H, 3H,4H,,,,what the H-eck??

It is more adventurous to go to college through green fields,,struggling to get your scooty out of buffaloes than to follow normal way.

You can earn money quite easily, just by adding few bucks to actual fees before asking for it and of ccourse,,by selling your old books without telling your parents,,,books,,afterall are our best friends.

Chips & cold drinks of college canteen are yummier than anywhere else on the world.

You won’t die with 12 A current. Relief for me.

It isn’t less challenging than a ROADIES task to search for an alternate way to get out of college when principal is after you. BTW don’t ever hide in library or net lab after a mass bunk or bunk, your chances of being caught increases.

Having different types of vendors in your class is fun,,golgappe valas, steel valas,etc.

Chalk pelting on teachers can cost you one attendance or even more so beware.

A single hoot in class means a whole semester of scolding,, if that hoot is in the class of a teacher who happens to be topper in her college days & head girl in school days, that too of a convent

No matter if you occupy highest position in faculty, if you can’t give relevant examples,just stuff it & please don’t piss off students with your irrelevant examples

Maximum marks means minimum friends,,that’s why I’m always complacent with my optimum marks

Not just these there are many more things the list is just endless, but I’m gonna stop here only.

Getting into this college was never my aim. I never wanted to be in this college in the first place but now I don’t want to leave this college.

Three and a half years ago, I didn’t know where that way was leading to but today I was sure where it was leading…..

……it was leading to a treasure box filled with a zillion sweet memories that will never cease to bring smile & tears on my face,,,,,,a zillion memories that I’ll retain throughout my life.

P.S. I've started another blog with my friend sepo,,check it out DIVINE SECRECTS OF SEPO-VANDY SISTERHOOD :D


sepo said...

*sniff sniff*
i always used only 1 kind of pencil for engg. graphics and machine drawing..!! da one nd only pen!!
nyc one..:)
ur in full on senti mood these dayz
kal aapko masti krvate hai :P

vandy said...

sach mein???

Jaunty anima said...

Oohh...I can already feel that shiver..Time flies away..I feel I entered the campus days back...n M already here...3 years gone!!
Gosh...loadza luck, my gal!!
Beat it:)

vandy said...


Tomz said...

Nice campus have portrayed it well. it can be a guide to any school going students to prepare for their college..even I too have become nostalgic reading ur post

vandy said...



G said...

beautiful... speaks my heart out... college leaves u with such bitter sweet memories that u just dont want to part with at any damn cost..

shashank said...

After it all ends, only memories are left behind. College days indeed are a lot of fun and more fun.
The last exam sure has invoked the nostalgic side of you.
Amazing. You seem to have had the best college life.
Keep blogging. Looking to more from you :)

vandy said...


yeah true

@ shashank
yup best college life ever

Rahil said...

very very emotional and close to heart post for any student in last few months of college life..

Some points were too gud..

"Maximum marks means minimum friends,,that’s why I’m always complacent with my optimum marks"

"Books are best friends :P"

"a zillion memories that I’ll retain throughout my life."

You should probably start a book, titled "College Life"
Definitely i would be the first to buy it..

Wishing u loads and loads of happiness in after college life :)

vandy said...

many hv suggested that
maybe i'll write :P


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