Monday, February 8, 2010

How easy is to move on after a breakup??

(Valentine's day special)

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you’ll find Valentine’s fever everywhere. Gift shops are loaded with Valentine’s gifts/whatever. As my friend has mentioned in her blog, these gifts will only bug you if you know that you are not gonna get any of these. True. Now people who have never been in any such relation before will just be a little upset but story is entirely different for people who were once in a relationship or who have faced rejection.

Yeah you guessed it right. I was just wondering how easy is to move on???

After huge success (I know I’m exaggerating) of my post what does being in love means?? ,, I’m back with its sequel. Now once you are in love( no matter which case of my above said post you are), then two cases arise,,either you carry on it with that Happily-ever-after ending or if you are not that lucky,,,then break up,,, what else,,, now again two cases arise.


You get into a relation just for the heck of being in a relationship as you are all that hot & happening person & being single despite of being equipped with everything is just not cool. So you purpose any random guy/gal of your match,,equally hot & happening,,go on dating & all. But then you feel, he/she is imposing restrictions on you or is being too possessive, etc. so you just dump him/her.

In such a case, breakup just means a new happening relation & moving on is a cake walk.


If you are all deeply & emotionally attached to a person or I can say it’s so called true love, then moving on is real tough journey. Anything related to him/her reminds you of him/her, no matter how insignificant that thing maybe. His favorite sport/ her favorite color, his favorite bike/ her favorite novel, his favorite song/ her favorite movie, once he said this/ once she told you that,,,I mean absolutely anything that links with him/her.

Not only breakups but rejection can also cause this to you. Some people are really afraid of commitment. Even if they have something for you in their heart, they won’t admit, so they’ll give you any vague reason & tell you to move on. You really need to be like Monica Gellar to get a yes from your Chandler Being,,but not everyone can be like Monica & not everyone is Chandler.

In any case you can’t completely erase his/her memories,, you can only wait till they fade away & cease to be a cause of your pain.

But yeah,,it’s always better try absolutely anything that can keep you away from his/her memories than to keep sulking. Moving on is the way to life,,,so try to move on.

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Dhruv.. said...

there is this bigg 'kaash' that comes with 'Moving On' suggestion ! That's the real difficulty -(

vandy said...

yeah that's y i said it's a real tough journey :(

sepo said...


vandy said...

thanks sugar

vivek said...

Not everyone can be Monica and Chandler. True. Very True.

shashank said...

Nice one Vandy....
It seems you have seen quite a few break-ups to give all possible reasons and remidies..
But it was refreshingly different to read something on break-ups with St. Valentine's day around..
Keep writing

vandy said...

you bet a lotta
of different kinds

sepo said...

hey u hav been tagged
chck my blog

surbhit said...

if you are in tru love then it never causes you any pain when you get reminded of the, the source of the pain is that you build up a castle of dreams and hopes, and when it ends, everything is over in a moment, it takes sometime for you to realise that all the dreams you had, are gone....
and that part is pain giving part,
once you accept the breakup and start living your life once again ,it does not mean that you don't remember the person, its just that, he/she is always in your mind, but you know that it's not possible

vandy said...


totally agree

its just the expectations that hurt


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