Monday, January 18, 2010

If you are an engineer

New semester starts & you forgot about the previous one until your result is out. Either you just manage to clear it or worse, you are flunked, whatever the case maybe, you make a promise to yourself that this time you are gonna work really hard. This is not the first time you are making this promise you are doing this for the past three years. Now since it’s your last year so you have just a last chance to improve your aggregate percentage/GPA, different names for a common misery. So you promise this time you will start working hard from the start of semester. After all toppers are like you, they are not special,you can top also ,you are intelligent, yeah that’s the spirit & you are just packed with it.

Days pass & you forget about your promise. Then come the minors, you think just minors; you’ll study in majors so you don’t study. They say time just flies away when you are having good time. Then come the majors. You think you’ll really work hard now. You open your book, see the syllabus & go WTF!!!

This can’t be done in 4-5 days,still you start, thinking that you’ll complete whole syllabus. But then suddenly you find cartoons very interesting so you think to take a break & go to watch cartoons, then again open your book. Suddenly you find you have to check your mail, again 3 hours wasted. Then an urge to watch movie arises, so book shut again. In exam days, you really find everything interesting in these days (even saas bahu serials) except your books. Now just two days left & you go f*** the whole syllabus. You make an analysis how you can attempt 100marks, oh yeah, you are really good in making analysis, so you concentrate on only those topics. Again you are distracted by phone calls, by this time creatures of your kind become active. You try to calm them but inside you yourself are freaking out. More time wasted, so you think f*** 100, you’ll just prepare for 80. But more phone calls, more time wasted, you think just 60,,,& finally you think f*** 60,,,you just need passing marks,,,just 40.

Yeah, 40marks that’s what we engineers live for :P


sepo said...

okie i hv one question
kitna pdha..???

m totally screwd..!!
stuck on chp 4

Shahid Mukadam said...

Pretty much how I spend my time during engineering.....I dunno I wish I had studied through my engineering


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

same here :P
lol,,,,,we wish the same :P

AarthyVijay said...

very very true happening in all said...

I just loved this post ... so true... had experienced it many a times during my engineering days, even these days while working I find it equally applicable... :) :D

vandy said...



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