Friday, January 22, 2010

D for De-addicted :D

(yeah I'm really gonna complete my A B C D...)

Exam time (I’m not telling you again, it’s just a way to remind myself), so I’m trying hard to get de-addicted to internet. The day I got access to this world of WORLD WIDE WEB, it became an integral part of my life,,a basic necessity . Roti, kapda, makan & internet ;)

I guess it’s not just my story; it’s the story of millions of people out there. Surveys that were made on those million people were published in an article in a local newspaper & I got to know many interesting things from it.

According to one survey, college students spend an average of 433 minutes a week online. The maximum time spend online was 580 minutes & it was by older people. That means, if I wanna fall in former category (which is actually my category), I need to reduce time spend online or simply, I have to accept that I belong to later category :D

According to that article, the first time users use internet mainly for email, chat & IM & the next round of growth would be driven by applications like blogs, online radio, video-on-demand,P2P(I don’t know what’s it??), online gaming , etc. That means I’ve grown up as an internet user because there wasn’t any further categorization ;)

According to a study, there’s a decrease in social activities by 15% for people who use internet 10hours/week. But I guess I’m quite socially active, partying & shopping with friends,,so no decrease for me :P

Another study says that internet users spend much less time of talking on phone to friends & family. The decrease is almost about 25%. Now this was shocking for me as using internet has actually increased the same thing for me. As soon as my friend publishes a blog, she calls me & we just keep on discussing about blogs,, almost every day.

So I can just conclude, after going through these surveys & studies, that internet hasn’t affected me in a bad way.

So should I really need to get de-addicted????


Jaunty anima said...

Hey.,..besteez need if u can manage ur stuff well!

sepo said...

i am sufferin frm the same disease and it seems so is everyone else (thats sm relief i must say)...!!

but i dun thnk it affects our social life/skills :D
so its effect on us is nt that harsh so no need to get deaddicted jus b minimal :)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

i just follow my heart n it manages all,,,,though results r not always favorable :P

yeah,,,just minimal,,,i'm trying that :D

Tomz said...

very interesting post..Your reflection on your on internet character makes us also to think about seriously ours as well..

Anonymous said...

p2p: peer to peer

Anonymous said...

p2p: peer to peer

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...


Sruthisagar Yamunan said...

nay! net is good... :)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

agreed :D


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