Friday, January 22, 2010

D for De-addicted :D

(yeah I'm really gonna complete my A B C D...)

Exam time (I’m not telling you again, it’s just a way to remind myself), so I’m trying hard to get de-addicted to internet. The day I got access to this world of WORLD WIDE WEB, it became an integral part of my life,,a basic necessity . Roti, kapda, makan & internet ;)

I guess it’s not just my story; it’s the story of millions of people out there. Surveys that were made on those million people were published in an article in a local newspaper & I got to know many interesting things from it.

According to one survey, college students spend an average of 433 minutes a week online. The maximum time spend online was 580 minutes & it was by older people. That means, if I wanna fall in former category (which is actually my category), I need to reduce time spend online or simply, I have to accept that I belong to later category :D

According to that article, the first time users use internet mainly for email, chat & IM & the next round of growth would be driven by applications like blogs, online radio, video-on-demand,P2P(I don’t know what’s it??), online gaming , etc. That means I’ve grown up as an internet user because there wasn’t any further categorization ;)

According to a study, there’s a decrease in social activities by 15% for people who use internet 10hours/week. But I guess I’m quite socially active, partying & shopping with friends,,so no decrease for me :P

Another study says that internet users spend much less time of talking on phone to friends & family. The decrease is almost about 25%. Now this was shocking for me as using internet has actually increased the same thing for me. As soon as my friend publishes a blog, she calls me & we just keep on discussing about blogs,, almost every day.

So I can just conclude, after going through these surveys & studies, that internet hasn’t affected me in a bad way.

So should I really need to get de-addicted????

Monday, January 18, 2010

If you are an engineer

New semester starts & you forgot about the previous one until your result is out. Either you just manage to clear it or worse, you are flunked, whatever the case maybe, you make a promise to yourself that this time you are gonna work really hard. This is not the first time you are making this promise you are doing this for the past three years. Now since it’s your last year so you have just a last chance to improve your aggregate percentage/GPA, different names for a common misery. So you promise this time you will start working hard from the start of semester. After all toppers are like you, they are not special,you can top also ,you are intelligent, yeah that’s the spirit & you are just packed with it.

Days pass & you forget about your promise. Then come the minors, you think just minors; you’ll study in majors so you don’t study. They say time just flies away when you are having good time. Then come the majors. You think you’ll really work hard now. You open your book, see the syllabus & go WTF!!!

This can’t be done in 4-5 days,still you start, thinking that you’ll complete whole syllabus. But then suddenly you find cartoons very interesting so you think to take a break & go to watch cartoons, then again open your book. Suddenly you find you have to check your mail, again 3 hours wasted. Then an urge to watch movie arises, so book shut again. In exam days, you really find everything interesting in these days (even saas bahu serials) except your books. Now just two days left & you go f*** the whole syllabus. You make an analysis how you can attempt 100marks, oh yeah, you are really good in making analysis, so you concentrate on only those topics. Again you are distracted by phone calls, by this time creatures of your kind become active. You try to calm them but inside you yourself are freaking out. More time wasted, so you think f*** 100, you’ll just prepare for 80. But more phone calls, more time wasted, you think just 60,,,& finally you think f*** 60,,,you just need passing marks,,,just 40.

Yeah, 40marks that’s what we engineers live for :P

My new blog!!!

Friends presenting my all new blog to you:

“NOSTALGIA” – a collection of short stories

As the name says, it is a collection of short stories. Hope you relish my stories

P.S. I haven’t read much short stories except that were part of my course so I don’t have much knowledge about them. Hence, your suggestions to improve my blog will be always welcomed.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Given a chance to leave chatting, blogging, using net I mean, listening music, playing games & a zillion things that we do on computer rather than to learn about the working of that particular computer & zillion things embedded in it,,,,I’m sure nobody will take a nanosecond to leave the computer,,of course for a certain time limit,,,,I mean just c’mon leaving computer for a life time isn’t possible.

But unluckily, I wasn’t given that choice so I had to do that mind swirling struggle with “Microprocessor 8086”. Yeah still 8086 & not core2duo,,, why??? “because you need to learn basics before you reach there” that’s what teacher reply. But then why in the first place I’ve to know about processors??? I’m an electronics engineer not a computer engineer. To this you’ll get reply like, “you ought to know the basics about all the engineering branches”

Anyway, since this course was in my syllabus, so I had to do it & I did. How??? Don’t ask.

So after being more or less prepared for the exam, I went to college. It was my first major for this semester (7th semester, second last semester). The first thing I do after reaching college during exam days is to check who’s in my vicinity in examination hall because in most of the cases, the sitting plan isn’t according to the roll no. Now that’s a real problem as the students having consecutive rollno’s share a symbiotic relationship. They know each other quite well,,not their nature, likings, disliking etc , but their M.Q. (mugging quotient),, yeah M.Q. not I.Q.,,,,,c’mon it’s engineering college, you can’t judge people with their I.Q.’s ,,it’s only M.Q. here.

The curiosity vanished in less than a picosecond when I got to know that before me was a guy with whom I recently had a tiff so he’s of no use to me,,,to my right was a guy who was two years senior to me but in now in same class,,,to my left a window,,,wtf,, now this window could have been a life saver for some but not for me it was of no use,,beside me was a passed out student. Now the two diagonals to my right were still a hope & the hope was retained when I got to know that my friend was sitting on the back diagonal. The front diagonal was still empty.

I got the answer booklet & question paper. After reading the paper, I was like WTF man!!! In such conditions, you find yourself too close to God. Even I was praying, “God, just 40 marks, just 40. It’s 7th semester I don’t want any backlog. Please God please.” Once you enter engineering college, all you pray for is 40 marks or whatever are the passing marks (toppers excluded), it also doesn’t matter if once you were topper in school. Now seriously, some study should be done to know what happens to the brain of students when they enter engineering college.

Back to question paper,,I made an analysis. I could attempt 65 marks, 15 my friend will help,,20 I’m surely gonna leave. So I concentrated on 65 marks. Just then I noticed that the front diagonal guy (my weird terminology) had arrived & it was none other than a famous passed out who was visible in all regular & supplementary exams & every time he was caught with his “purjis”. I guess this time he hadn’t got any stuff with him so he was kind of restless,,,looking here, there everywhere,,,trying to snoop into other’s paper. A teacher on duty pointed him & came to him. She said, “Just meditate. Concentrate on your paper, you’ll remember all the answers” to which he replied, “that’s exactly what I’m doing for the past 6 years & still I’m here. I’m gonna get married in next 6 months, so please let me do something otherwise what I’m gonna tell her” & we all burst into laughter.

Nice break.

Again I started concentrating on my paper. After every 15 minutes, superintendent was repeating in her peculiar accent, “I'm repeating again & again, I won’t allow anyone to go to loo , so please don’t ask.”

Ignoring this, I kept on writing. 65 marks done. I tilted my head, asked my friend to tell that question of 15 marks. She said two minutes & after two minutes superintendent said, “TIME’S UP


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