Monday, November 23, 2009

Random thoughts!!!

o here am I,,,scribbling whatever comes to my mind this moment,,,,it’s not because I’m desperate to publish a post in my blog,,,it’s just a little experiment or whatever you may call it. A moment before I had an anger attack (my weird terminology),,actually my di was here & irritating me,,she never stops teasing me,,and practically burns so much of my blood,,I try a lot not to give a damn to whatever she says but I fail. Anyways,, that anger attack is over now,,,,so now,,,let me wait for some random thought to come in my mind. Well this word random reminds me of a subject that we had in 5th semester, viz., “RANDOM PROCESSES & NOISE”,,,nothing special about this subject but yeah,, there is a special episode related to the teacher who used to teach us this particular subject,,she was a good teacher,,good or bad I don’t care actually,, but studious people in my class had such opinion about her,,okay,, what happened was,,,I had an issue with her,, I wasn’t actually talking when she made me & my two other friends to stand,,one was the topper,,once before also she had done this,,,I being very short tempered asked her the reason,,then I started my big bombastic dialogues that every student has dignity & blah blah blah,,,I didn’t listen to her,,but then she also said many things,,which I didn’t bother to listen. When she left the class,, many asked me to apologize,, as otherwise she would give me less marks or in worst case she would fail my internal,,,so I went after her,,,I don’t know what came in my mind,,instead of apologizing I told her that I hadn't came there for marks & I don’t give a damn to matks,, I came because I wanted her to know what type of student I was,,& what she did wasn’t right,,she replied that she knew what type of student I’m & she didn’t expected such thing from me,,,,then after people told me that was quite a gutsy move from me but stupid also. When result was out I got to know that she had given me good marks. Many said that it was because we both belonged to same community but it wasn’t like that. The one thing that she made me to learn (of course not anything related to the subject she taught,, no doubt I had maximum marks in that subject as compared to other subjects) was that forgiveness is the greatest virtue. From that day,,,I have controlled my temper a great deal.

Huh,,,,,,,,,,now lets again wait for some random thought to come in my mind,,,,,,,,oh yeah,,,my coffee mug,,it’s in front of me actually,,it reminds me of my friend who helped me in finding it

When you are doing nothing,,our mind is occupied with so many things but once you are determined to think about anything,,,,nothing comes,,,strange na???

Kaise bataien ,,,ki tujh ko chaahein,,,,lovely song na,,,choti was singing this so “THREE IDIOTS” came in my mind,,,even this movie has lovely songs,,,I’m looking forward to watch this movie,,,,I wanna see if this can do justice with “FIVE POINT SOMEONE”,,,,,,,the novel which made me to go to an IIT,,,,,awesome novel,,,I’ve discussed a lot about this novel previously in my blog also.

Powercut,,,,,so full stop


Jaunty anima said...

Raapchik random raag...kya baat hai..!!!
N gutsy u!!good good yaar!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx sweety
nothing gutsy ,,,its just that,,,rajput's r like that
in dogri "BANGARDH",,,act instantly when comes to their self respect or ego

Rahil said...

it was really random....and "Kaise bataien ,,,ki tujh ko chaahein"
i love that song..

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

me too,,,lovely song

sneha said...

mujhe colege ki yaad aa re hai :(
missin all dose dayz of sittin bak nd playn nd random thots rok

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

yeah,,,,,,we're really gonna miss this place,,we're gonna miss our college days,,,,,,,,,,,sob sob


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