Wednesday, November 25, 2009



Mom (removing blanket from my face then hugging & kissing me): happy birthday

Me(hugging back): thank you, mommy(this is what I call my mom,,,when the love for her is irrupting in me)




7pm (12 hours later):

Mom: you come so late & you never really bother to inform at home. You are not even scared to come back so late,,,you should inform atleast,,,,,,,,blah blah blah

I,,,really not caring what she’s saying,,,went to wash my face,,,came back. Well I really feel like laughing whenever mom starts scolding me,,,it doesn’t suit her,,,she can’t be like other strict mom’s ,,,,never,,no matter how hard she tries.

Me: you didn’t come there,,,I was waiting,,,I even gave missed calls

Mom(giving a dirty look & I suppressing a laugh): you gave missed call just few moments ago. Now take your dad with you,,,,I’m busy

Out of all the permutations & combinations of parents God has made,,,I’ve got the most peculiar one. Mom,,being the sweetest person of this world & dad,,,being roughest person ever born on this earth. Mom doesn’t even know how to scold,,,,well,,,whatever little she has learnt,,is the gift of the strict mom’s present in her vicinity. She’s so loving,,,so caring & so sweet. If I would have her only,,,,I would have been still a five year old kid,,,,not at all matured. Now coming to dad,,,,,he’s a strange kind of person,,,one of his kind,,,,not giving a damn to what other says,,&,,emotionless,,,,if this is the right word I can use.

Back to scene:

Dad,,,,like me,,,,not listening to this silly conversation,,,,,busy in watching tv.

Me: ok let’s go papa.

Dad: wait for two minutes

Like the little kids do while waiting,,,I started exploring my surroundings.

Ah ha,,,,,,,New electrical equipment. Great,,,,so lemme just show my engineering skills,,,so what if I’m an electronics engineer,,,,I know so much about electrical engineering,,,so I started

Me(shocked): 2000watts,,,,,we haven’t the connection to use this much electricity. Moreover,,,these wires won’t permit us,,,we have to change wiring,,,this will burn everything,,,it’s too much load.

Dad got up & started walking towards door. Like a five year old,, I started following. So dark outside,,,empty roads,,,street dogs,,,,& just silence

Dad (breaking the silence): ya,,perhaps those wiring will damage everything,,I’ll consult the electrician tomorrow.

With definite intervals of silence,,,we continued this conversation,,,about wiring,,,,electricians,,,etc etc

After visiting the temple,,,we continued this conversation,,,on our way back home also with of course those regular intervals of silence.

(With dad,,,I can have only this kind of conversation,,,I can term this as official conversation,,,regaring such problems or his official problems. I never discuss my life,,,nor he asks. Mom,,on the other side,, always want to listen from me,,,but I don’t like to share)

During those intervals of silence I started thinking about some silly things. Dad didn’t even ask me why I was late,,,,he never bothers actually & mom is always so worried. Dad didn’t wish me today,,,,but then he hasn’t wished me ever,,though he never forgets my birthday,,reason being mom-dad’s marriage anniversary is on same day,,,& mom,,,,she’s always the first one to wish by hugging me. Mom can,,perhaps,,never forget that I’m a girl & dad,,never,,really took me as a girl

Oh yeah,,,,it’s all because of him,,,,I’m what I’m,,,,never willing to admit that I’m just a weak sect if society,,,,why should I???

Ya,,,it’s he who made me self dependent,,,fearless,,,bold,,whatever you may call it & of course careless & stubborn too,,,,,,,,,and sometimes arrogant also

Unlike all the girls,,,who are given a princess like treatment,,,,,,,,,I’m brought up like a prince,,,all thanks to my dad

Though neither he nor I’m gonna say the words “I love you” to each other directly,,,,,,,but here I’m saying,

p.s.: The pics have nothing to do with me,,,neither do they have any resemblance with my & my father's relation,,,I don't have any such pic with my dad,,,,,,,,or rather hardly any pic with my dad,,,,our relation is totally different,,,without having any definite definition


Inderjeet said...

heh srong boy...
it was awesome......
hw could manpulate every emotion on a few words.......
and also
wish u very very haapyy Birthday........
i had written my prolem in ur previous post "More awards in my kiity......
so, please give me nice reply........

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanks for your wishes & thanks for liking my post

reeti said...

hiii dear!!!! here i'm d second one to comment...YES I DID IT .... as my comment always used 2 get last place...well i liked ur d post like always.u r urs parent's son n v know dat..always keep urs parents happy....happy birthday once again....May God shower loads of blessings n happiness on u...keep rocking....

vivek said...

hey Happy B'day if not belated! face the challenges with the stoicism, that u mentioned in ur post! It's satisfying make live a life out of your own sweat n cement!

Anonymous said...

that's what a call a readable material ... with emotions ...

Anonymous said...

and that's what I call a readable material ... with emotions ..!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanks sweetheart
i knw i'm gonna get ur comments once in a blue moon so yup this one was quite a surprise
thanks fr checking my blog once again

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

now its belated
but still thanks

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...


sneha said...

hey prince awsm post luv da engineer touch inbetween...nd i js luv da description of ur mum .. wnt to meet her desperatly..!!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanks sweetheart
my mom wud b too glad to meet u,,,well she's always too glad to meet any frnd of mine & thereafter she keeps on asking abt that frnd all the time
but u'll find her more like ur mom,,,she's as cool as aunty

Jaunty anima said...

Oye...belated happy birthday!!!
I noe belated wishes are sometimes irritating but forgive me gal!!
Dunno how I missed it!!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

not irritating at all,,,,,,,,,,i love getting more & more wishes,,,,,no matter belated or watever

Ekam said...

Hey that was very sweet. I share a sililar kind of relationship with my Papa, and with Mamma too.. We never say "i love you" but I love them a lots. Belated happy birthday :)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanks fr ur wishes & thanks fr following my blog

Anonymous said...

Hey i am new here and think this forum is good. I am going to contribute here and hopefully stick around! just though id say hello.



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