Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ugly truth!!

truth always triumphs
(I don’t know if I’m writing it correctly,,my grammar & spellings always suck)

Seems good,,,,but when applied has horrible effects,,,truth isn’t as beautiful as it seems to be,,,when disclosed it’s an ugly thing,,but whatever the case may be we have to accept this ugly truth.

It seems to be so confusing,,,but then,,disturbance is always clubbed with confusion. And my blog,,shows either my P.Q.(passion quotient,,,,as I’m very passionate about certain things & I make it a point to include them in my blog) or my D.Q. (disturbance quotient or depression quotient,,,,,when I’m too disturbed or depressed I just scribble everything here rather than discussing them with anyone ,,,sometimes share also,,,well it depends)

I don’t know why this word “Truth” struck in my mind & I was very particular about letting everyone know the truth and now when it’s out, it’s spoiling everything. Things are getting worse,,,too clumsy,,too horrible. Sometimes I think I should have never encouraged such an act. But then I was too fed up of this pretending game also. It’s, somehow, better to face the ugly truthful world by raising the curtains of beautiful lies, no matter how much pain & problems you have to deal with.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m prone to such things,,,why my life can’t be simple like that of others??

But then,,,it’s my life,,,how can it be simple,,,has to be exciting,,,no matter what that excitement costs………

P.S. :- sorry guys,,I’m writing after one month,,,had some problem with my pc actually,,so couldn’t check your blogs too


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