Monday, September 21, 2009


"………………so he found it just after she took her last breath. If only, he would have discovered it before,,,,things would have been different."

Sigh,,,,,,,, so what difference it would have made then??????????

Still wondering……………..

Friday, September 18, 2009

Two more awards ;)

So the award goes to me again…….

Thank God I got something to put in my blog,,,,,,,actually there are a million emotions that I wanna share but since I’m keeping hell busy because of my seminars,,minor project,,training report,,& blah blah blah,,,,,,,,,so these awards are something short & sweet that will keep me in touch with you people & of course with my blog

Oh yeah,,,,,,,it’s my second award on blogger & I guess don’t need to say much about it & the image is self explanatory

Well Hitashi gave me this award

So I’ll forward this award to

1) G

2) Vivek

3) Aradhana

4) Nivedita

5) Surbhit

6) Ujwal

7) Rahil

And The Rules are:

the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

Pass the award to other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.

Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I got one more award. This one from Sourav

And again I’ll forward it to the same people as I don’t follow many blogs. Sorry I don’t know if I have put the correct rules & stuff. Guys,,,,,,,help yourself & put the right one’s in your blog ;)

P.S. My gratitude to both Hitashi & Sourav,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and ofcourse to my all readers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep following my blog ok ;)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

sands of time!!!!!!!!!!

Well all thanks to god, who designed this marvelous brain,,,so much it thinks & so much it keeps,,,,,,but why can’t we erase certain things completely from it. I wish it had a DELETE button, which could erase everything without having a provision to restore that,,,but I guess whatever that supreme designer has designed,,,would have designed keeping something in his mind. But yeah,, there is a factor that called time that can’t delete completely but makes you to keep only a faint record of those terrible things that you wanna forget.

But,,,,,,,,,,,,,this “time”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sometimes it flies in a speck of time ,,,,,,,,,,,& sometimes it takes so long. In the former case,,,,,you wish it could last longer & in the latter you wish it to just fly away,,,,,,because of the pain that it gives you with every passing second. But time is time ,,,it will pass anyhow,,,,,leaving behind trails of some sweet memories & some faint scars of the wounds that it gave you………..

P.S. sorry guys if you thought it was related to sheldon's novel ;)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well, I’m here to answer this

Let me start from today only

I had my suppli exam today,,or in formal language supplementary exam ,,,,,,,,,these exams are like second birthday’s for me,,,,,,a night before exam & of course on exam morning my cellphone is just flooded with good luck messages,,,,,and to add more,,,,,,,,,there are calls from some caring friends,,,,,,,and there are again some too caring friends who come to college just to wish you in person. And once you manage to grab your cellphone back after 3hours of struggle with paper, pen, and your scientific calculator (which becomes an integral part of you once you enter an engineering college),,,,,,,,,,,guess what,,,,,,,,,,,,again it starts blinking & vibrating ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and then you keep on repeating the same lines for every person who calls you. But I’m happy with one birthday only so I don’t want any “SECOND BIRTHDAY from now onwards.

Hey,,,,,,,,,have I told you I’m no more a “NET ADDICT” ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yup,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s true,,,,,,,,,I just use it 10 minutes a day or so

And yeah I’m doing a good thing these days (I think it’s good ,,,I don’t know what you’ll think),,,,,,,it’s EAT MORE-EAT HEALTHY-DRINK MORE WATER,,,,,,,that’s because I don’t wanna consult a doctor every now & then :P

During the holidays of past one & a half month,,,I have read about five novels, viz., The wedding, The monk who sold his Ferrari, The God of small things, Twilight, New moon, presently I’m reading third part of Twilight, Eclipse. I have also read a book viz., The secret, a reader of my blog suggested it and this book is more like what I actually believe in, no wonder why that reader suggested it.

The latest buzz is that I’m in love,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh yeah,,,,,,,,,,,I’m in love with Edward Cullen of Twilight,,,,,,,, I have practically burned my eyes for him,,,,,,,,,I mean I keep reading continuously for hours,,,,actually my heart just can’t get enough of him,,,,,,,,,,,,however my brain keeps on telling that he won’t come out of the novel,,,,no matter with how much dedication or rather with how much longing I read it,,,,,,,,,,but this heart,,,,,(sigh),,,,,,,dil hai ki manta nhi,,,,,,,,,,,,,hey,,,,,,,,,,who says bollywood songs are senseless,,,,,,they fit like glove in some situations,,,,,,,,,,like this one :P

My seventh semester classes will start tomorrow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh God,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I’m in final year of my college now,,,,,,the mere word supersenior sets butterflies in my stomach ,,,,,but I just can’t believe it’s gonna be over soon,,,,,,,,okay okay,,,,,,,before I start sobbing let me change the topic,,,,,,,,,,in this sem I won’t carry the problems of previous sem,,,,,,,,no no not related to studies,,,,,it’s regarding relations,,,,,,,,,,and that balancing problem that I’m carrying from first semester,,,,,,,,it’s nothing like one that Isabella Marie Swan had in twilight,,,,,but it’s much more complex than that,,,,it’s about maintaining a perfect balance between friends,,,,,,,,I feel so sick about it,,,,,you actually have to explain,,,,,,,,,,,,,WTF,,,,don’t want to go into dept so I’m gonna stop here only,,,,,,,,,,,,,and regarding studies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hey have you heard that proverb “kutte kid um kabhi seedhi nhi hoti”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :P

Well that’s all from me


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