Sunday, August 9, 2009

Snapshots of my life 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here comes the much awaited post of all times (I guess I have used same starting line for snapshots of my life 2 also). If you are new to my blog then let me tell you that this post comprises of excerpts from my diary. So here we go:


NC was telling his stuff. I like listening his stuff. I don’t like superficial people actually; I like people having dept, people who have some substance in them. I think I understood what he said; leaving few things though everything flew over PS’s head.

When I answered B sir that “fc” is layer specific, he said he didn’t say that “MUF” is not layer specific and to that I replied “Even I didn’t say so”, everyone started laughing, though I didn’t find it funny at all. Neha complemented that I’m very daring, now that was quite funny. I mean what’s daring in that, though that dignity issue with S ma’m was quite a daring move from me


I got to know who is “Sam” of SM today; she’s our junior, nice gal. well,,,,,,,,,what to say about SM, he falls in love with every third gal. While walking towards college gate, I had a talk with AMM, nice guy. I haven’t mentioned about him na? he was telling his stuff, his schemes with teachers & all that.


“Aaj jag mag hoya mandir ve………..” this bhajan is on in mata ka jagran at badi mamma’s place now. Soon I’ll be joining jagran just after writing my daily account.

SJ has given me the title “desh drohi”,,,,,man,,,,this guy,,don’t know what’s wrong with him?? NDK is also a bro to me, so what if I spend some time with him?? I told SJ that I don’t expect anything from others & I don’t want anyone to expect anything from me, to this he replied, “Keep these big big dialogues with you. I’m your bro, that’s it.” God, if you are my bro, then what’s NDK, an enemy??


Today, I sat with RS,EJ,SS,not because it was SS’s birthday but because I wanna check EA’s blog & for that I needed RS’s cell. Nice blog, I wish she had written more. Hmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,bad manners to snoop into other’s matter but can’t help it I’m a gal after all.


We had mass bunk so we planned to go to picnic. SB, so sweet of her, she was going just because of me. But in the end, everyone changed their mind & only SB & I, were there, among gals. As I wouldn’t be good for us to go alone, so even we stepped out of matador. Just then I received call from dad & he told that he had received call from my college. I was like oh f***


LOL, today EJ & I, caught RM red handed. He was with his gf. Actually, it was his b’day. Poor RM but he’s quite a chuppa rustam.

I got my new cellphone, yippee


Friends are planning to go to SMVDU for a fest but I don’t want to go, though I have enrolled myself in fine arts. There are so many reasons for not going there but only one reason to go & that is SST.

BTW today I learnt to play bingo.


RSJ, new entry, he’s my junior, EA’s friend, quite helpful & caring guy, helped a lot in SMVDU. I made tattoo’s, it was fun though I didn’t got any prize :(

But M bhaiya, VP bhaiya, A bhaiya really cheered me

Z came back to his university, just because of me,,cho chweet of him


So depressing days of my life. I never thought my life can go this way. People ,whom I considered my friends, never understood me. Trust me, nothing can be more painful than this. I really can’t stop my tears. I have never felt so weak in my life. I am confessing that I am a real loser, two & a half years & no one has understood me. Was I too complex or was I too introvert????

As SM said, “If you have to explain everything then the friendship isn’t worth.”

Goddamn, no one thinks I was right. I was just supporting SST and………….

Did this hurt them so much????????????

May be,,,,,,,,,,but I apologized still………….


Today I sorted out my problem , now GS,SJ,BPS are my friends again but SM, I’m not gonna talk to him, never. He’s such a fraud.

When I sent message to SST, she was literally about to weep.PSR &NDK were also upset after receiving my message. Oh god,,,,,,,,,that was such a depressing moment.


I don’t think now things will be fine between PS & me but now I’m gonna be a good actor. Let’s see if I can change people around me.


SM called me, said sorry, now he’s again a friend. Let’s see how good he can be now? Even AM send few scraps & I told him that I wanna talk to him. Let’s see what I can do?

Hey, now I have 12 followers, 54 posts & so many comments on my blog.


I met G today for the first time,nice gal, I find my reflection in her.

After having returned, I called PS to tell about all this. Even SST wanted me to do so. SST, for the first time appeared to be so matured. Good, she’s changing.


Writing after 10 days!!!!!!!

These days were full of happenings for me. I was actively involved in ECCENTRONICS. I was introduced to my seniors, A sir, S sir, R sir, RS sir. Really worked hard with them to make it a success. But B ma’m spoiled everything. T ma’m wept before us. It was so hard to see her weeping. She’s indeed a very good person.


I lost my favorite coffee mug :(

It slipped from mom’s hand & broke into pieces.


Result of 5th semester is out & I got one supplie,Wept a lot, but in college canteen RSR, PSR & I, were celebrating our backlogs. Seniors were also celebrating their result. Though I pretended that I was happy but my eyes were moist all the time & only EA noticed this.


Again that trauma. This depression is not getting out of my head. I feel like quitting engineering now but I have to continue.


Seniors had their last day, so R sir & S sir were with us. We had a treat. It was fun. We offered them maggi for writing a testimonial for us.

I got a call from SST, she was telling me that people are saying that I have changed. She was saying that KM thinks that I have attitude. Oh god,,,,,,,,,I’m like so confused.


I received call fromPS’s number but SS was speaking. She said that she’ll come to my place for studying power. I was like so shocked when she told me she & PS were studying power already. I felt really bad. PS should have informed me that she wanna study with SS & not with me.

I was feeling low so I shared this with SB.


Exams over, yeah yippee!!!!!!!!

Today I came online after such a long time. I won the bet though I cheated a bit also,,,,,,so we went to pizza hut.


I was in kud for the past 14 days. Visited many places but I missed my mom & friends a great deal.

Received so many messages on the occasion of friendship day. Really its not less than a festival for we people.


Got myself registered for 7th semester & now I’m a super senior :P


P.S. :- so how was snooping in my life???????????


sneha said...

hmmmmm...nce nce nce...i knew all f dis already (almost all) so wasn dat much f a snoopn 4 me...!!

bt stil gud tha...details nhi thi evn though..i felt quite a few thngs were gud..!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ sepo
those few things i hv included in my posts already so i skipped that

giving details will this quite a big post so i din gave details

vivek said...

Ur whole idea of publishin excerpts frm d diary is fab!
U manofy if i copy this style sm day? ;)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx a ton
well if u copy this style,,,,,,,,,,that will be an honor to me :P

vivek said...

Sure! Then i shall be honouring u soon! ;)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

i'll be waiting ;)

iamalfan said...

click click click... :) :) :)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ alfan
okay dear,,,lemme click click click n c wat u hv got


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