Wednesday, August 19, 2009

one year of blogging!!!!!!!

(Birthday special post)

One year……………….

77 posts………………..


1100 hits (only in 5 months,,,,,,as I added that gadget only five months before)………..

530 profile visits.................

15 followers (who follow my blog publicly,,,,,,,,,,there are many more who follow privately)…………

Visitors not only from India but from abroad also ………….

Huh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I guess I have earned a lot in one year

Today is the birthday of my blog “PASSIONATE STUBBORN”

Exactly one year has passed since I'm addicted to this blogging stuff..

Ummmmmmm,,,,,,,,,well one year ago,,,,,,,I had a bit knowledge about blogging but I thought only celebs do that (what a moron I was!!),,,,,,,then one day I came across an article about blogging in “The times of India” . That was the time when we were like locked in our homes due to the agitation that was going on in Jammu regarding that Amaranth land row(I hope you guys still remember that?????),,,,,,,so I thought of cultivating new hobbies,,,,,,,,,,though few days before I had starting reading also,,,,,,,,,I mean novels & stuff (hey,,,,,that means that this time marks birthday of my reading hobby also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,31 books in one year,,,,,,,,including 26 novels,,,,,,,,,,,not bad,,,,& still there’s no end). Combined with the fact that writing has always been a passion for me, getting started with blogging wasn’t difficult. Initially,,,I wasn’t sure what I’m gonna write but then ideas just emerged & emerged so it wasn’t hard to carry on with this blogging stuff.

I never thought that anyone is ever gonna read my blog,,,,,so I just kept it as a secret,,,didn’t tell it to my friends,,,,,,,,,,,,then to my astonishment ,,,after few weeks of starting I got first comment on my blog & then first follower al,,,,,,,,,,,,,can’t tell u how great I felt then!!!

So then I decided to raise the curtains,,,,,,,,I told to my friends about my blog & put the link of my blog in my orkut profile.

My writing skills improved with time (still they suck but are a lot better) & ofcourse the quality of my posts. Many of my friends checked my blog & appreciated me & many made fun also ,,,,well,,,,,,,,,,that doesn’t matter,,,,I’m thankful to both the groups.

I didn’t realize when I became so obsessed with blogging that I started to put all my emotions & feelings in my blog rather to discuss them with others,,,,,,,,,,,and that actually helped a lot in healing many wounds.

Huh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,okay okay,,,now getting back to the lighter side,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in this one year this blog has given me so much

A very very good friend G,,,,,,,,,so many other friends who follow my blog,,,,,,,,comment on it,,,,,,,,,,guide me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,give sympathy,,,,,,,,,,,,,along with appreciation

It seems,,,,,,,,,it’s a different world here,,,,,,,,,,,with all those people who are more or less like you,,,,,,,,,,having some sort of same thinking & liking,,,,,,,,,,,,well it really feels great to open up here,,,,,,,,,,before the people who can understand you

Happy birthday P.S.(passionate stubborn)

I love you

P.S.:- this blog really means so much to me,,,,,,,,and it has been one year since I’m running this blog,,,,,,,,,,,I wanna hear from you guys,,,,,,,,,,,how this journey was like??????


pooja_saini007 said...

congrats yaar really its great achievement carry on god bless u

sneha said...

hey..m sry gor being sooo late..

bt frst thngs frst...a vry vry happy bday to ur blog frm me nd eksha( shes out)..

hpe u hv many many mre bdayz to celebrate...keep it up...!!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ pooja
hey sweety u r the first one to comment. thanx a ton for ur wishes

its ok,,,,i mean u also knw who is the first one to comment so i'm not mad at u
thanx fr ur wishes
& thanx ti eko also

Geetanjali said...

loads of wishes sweetie !! i;m sorry for disappearing for so long, but cudnt miss ur budday special :)
happy birthday... keep writing, scribbling gibbering whatever.... luvya
this reminds me , its soon going to be a year since i stumbled across ur blog too..what say .. happy budday to that as well ;)

G said...

btw, that was me :P

Rahil said...

Hey i still remember the first time i visited ur blog..3 months..back..awwh..since its fun to read abt ur philosophies and your life..!!

And recently came to knw we belong to the same city, wat a small world :p

keep expressing dear, will love to read more abt u and ur life..

And btw happie bday, treat kidhar hai?????

borntiger said...

happy birthday miss u r one yr old.............

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

ofcourse sweetheart its u
cuz i know only one sweet,,,,,,,cute,,,,lovely,,,,,,,, geetanjali & its u
thanx for ur wishes
but this doesn't mark the first anniversary of our friendship
cuz it was in jan this year wen i got to knw abt u

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ rahil
hey u knw wat
these 3 months hv changed a lot in my life
well i guess this time were the most disgusting time
every second i was trying to get out of problems but i was dragged more & more into them
& yup its a small world
we,,,,two engineers,,,,,from jammu
one who hates his college & other in love with her college

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ govind
thanx a lot
yup miss blogger is one year old but vandana is already twentu- one years old

G said...

january ??? hell no .. i remember reading ur post during agitation ... i clearly remember i had bookmarked it ..and 'stalked' u sometime before commenting :P
way before jan ..

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ G
but i was still not knowing u
it wasn't until i published the post titled "just me",,,,,wen u finally asked my orkut id
then u visited my profile
i guess in early jan or late december i got ur request
and then it started'
our friendship i mean

i can't forget
this "...." was always a mystery for me
but i was in seventh heaven wen i got to knw that u r a SIKH

reeti said...

hi dear!!! first of all let me wish ur blog a very warm n happy birthday 2 ur blog.... so ur blog is 1 year old doesn't seem dat u've completed one year of blogging... it feels like that u had started blogging only a few months back...i remember u writing ur posts even during exams....dis shows how much passionate u r 4 ur blog... i must tell u dat after one year u blog has become a lot more attractive...( pink pink flowers n all!!!) I'm really impressed lady... sorry 4 being so late 2 wish....i promise next time u won't have 2 tell me 2 comment...keep rocking as ever....HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN PASSIONATE STUBBORN!!!!

a said...

To start with
******HAPPY B'DAY PS******


Ma xperience ws gr8 coz I get 2 kno bout certn things ,few f dem surprizd me too , bt I like surprises. One more thing dat bcoz f dis blog, I 'd b abl 2 c more f vandana ( the proud owner f dis blog).


Hey , u mst include d posts bout "SWINE FLU " jst 2 create awareness & 2 serve d society z well- jst an advice.


Rahil said...

Yeah..trying to love it..and such messy times comes every now and them..hope u have recovered from it ;)


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ reeti
sweety it doesn't matter how late u are
wat matters is that u commented

thanx a ton fr ur wishes

and hey thanx fr liking this look of my blog

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ a
i guess sweety u r the one who got real surprises otherwise the few among my friends who follow my blog already knew wat was going on in my life
thanx a ton for commenting
& for that lovely lines

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ rahil
hey man that's not ur prblm only

if u were in my place then u wud hv known wat does real mess mean????

it means u hv to choose between one but u can't cuz for u both r equal

& there isn't any end to this

but still there's lot more to enjoy
so forget such things & enjoy ;)

ya i hv recovered & i keep on recovering every single moment,,,,,that's life after all

sneha said...

abhe itni cmmnts aaye nhi hai jitni tune khud reply kar kar k 18 banan dale hai

vivek said...

whoa! that achievement sounds insurmountable to me(though i'll try nevertheless)...great toil put in...Bon Stubborn-ing! ;)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ vivek
well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i'm in seventh seven
ok stop flattering me & thanks for ur comment( though i didn't get it fully)

@ sepo
tere jaise dost ho toh dushman ki kya zarurat hai???
kamini kyu pol khol rehi hai meri


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