Friday, August 14, 2009

just wondering how they change with time!!!!!!!!!

I was just wondering how the meanings of words & things change as we grow up.

I remember the times when I was little kid, the time when my mom used to make “chotti” or ponytail out of my hair as I didn’t know how to do it then, the mere thought of holidays used to bring a million dollar smile on my face. Then the word “holidays” meant no restrictions and I could just jump into the canal anytime ,,,,,,,splash & bath in the ice cold water ,,,,,,,,I could go to gather the black plum or the green mangoes without permission,,,,,,,I could run far in the fields to explore more,,,,,,,I could draw as many drawings as I wished,,,,,,,I didn’t had to sleep during the day time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I could watch TV in the morning hours also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I could actually fly as high as I my wings allowed

Now when I’m an adult,,,when I can make any hairstyle of my choice,,,,when I can cast a vote,,,,,,,,these holidays don’t seem to excite me much. Now they just mean some spare time to relax,,,,,,,,,to read the collection of e-novels & novels that you have gathered during a course of time,,,,,,,,,,to watch the collection of all the seasons of your all time favorite TV shows that you have got from someone,,,,to sleep more & more,,,,,,,,,,to really think about the lost essence of your life


sneha said...

hw true...v hv lost da feeln of joy in small thngs...wen v were kids v were eager to bcum adults n nw v remembr dat tyme....

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

true enough!!!

Rahil said...

those days were simply the best !! missing them a lot :(

Check this out Some times i want to..

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

oh yeah,,,,,,,,,,,like hell i'm missing them

vivek said...

The lost essence should nt be thot over though! It becomes pungent after lying stale 4 long!
Yea n days wen v were fond ov makin an impeccable notebuk in skul wid a variety ov pens! V rarely care to take a pen to colg now!
I guess though lyf wud come back a ful circle wen(if) v grow old! To start caring for thngs d way v did as a kid etc...wot say?

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

oh yeah,,,,,,,,,,how come i skipped that from my post


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