Sunday, August 2, 2009

Celebrating the spirit of friendship!!

21 years & infinite memories, majority of which are related to some special creaturess that I call my life but others call them my "FRIENDS"

Guys I can't ever forget that masti we did together, that wandering in streets, those gallons of cold drinks, that trip, those picnics, that canteen,those scoops of ice creams, that dhabha, those silly pranks, that shopping, those gol gappe, that silly photography, those college events, that variety of fast foods, those mass bunks, that non stop gossiping, those long chats, that endless scrapping, those naughty smiles, that caring look, those stressfull exam days, those funny messages, that stupid games, those horrible result days, that sweet sympathy, those cosy hugs, that silly tiffs, and......... the list is endless

I wanna thanks all my chuddie buddies, my school friends, my college friends, my juniors, my seniors, my batchmates, my classmates, my childhood friends, my teenage friends, my chat friends, my blogger friends, my orkut friends, my facebook friends, my dear friends, my near friends, my cool friends, my hot friends, my stupid friends, my genius friends, my best friends, my bestest friends..... I mean all my friends

really friends, you are the reason for me to celebrate this wonderful day



P.S. :- Oh you were expecting your direct mention here, no problem, you may find your name here:

Thanks pooja, sepo, shivani, eko, reeti, ekta, pallu, shafu, anita, shanu, nameru, arunima, madhu, neha, riti, ruhi, cheena, geetanjali, prerna, manan, jogi, sumit, govind, harry, rohit, narsingh, anish, saini, HOD, sahil, karan, judge sahib, rameez, adarsh, madhur, atul, rai, shakti, suchika, rajesh sir, saurab sir, pavit sir, anupam sir, rhagav sir, gaurav bhaiya, VP bhaiya, mann bhaiya, prashant bhaiya, bhavna di, lee, sam, varun, tarun, varun bhaiya, deepak, bhanu, navdeep, aman, dheeraj, nitish, vipul, saloni, himanshu, yuvraaj, asif, aadil, umar, zubair, latif, saquib, illyas, nazish, mujeeb, vishal, hassan, aprajita, kokila, shivani koul.... Thank you all for being my friend
Hmmmm, Sorry if I skipped any name.
If you don't find your name here then don't feel bad because you are still my friend. Moreover, you must have found place in the classification of friends I have given above, right?


a said...

hey............dis time m frst to comment on dis vry special post f urs & I really felt so gud nt only fr commenting firstly but also by finding my name here*********



vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ a
Oh yeah, for the first time u r the first one to comment
thanks for commenting n thanks for being my friend
love u

borntiger said...

hey thanks for adding my name........but i wanna tell u one thing.......heaving so many friends means no friend at all......we meet many people in our life..many of them become our friends but the search of true frind ends when we get someone really special....that is the friend yr not all.........

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

i don't agree cuz for me anyone who has ever touched my life n has affected it in some way is a friend to me. It doesn't mean that i have included all with whom i am acquainted, all those r not my friends cuz i can't share that special things with them. Well, i have included many names, but let me tell u i haven't included everyone, just those who mean something to me

Rahil said...

Friend an unexplainable word yet so has so much deep meaning..!!

Happy Friendship's Day..

God bless u.. :)

sneha said...

hey ur 21..hmm buddhii..!!
nice post ... thnx 4 addn my name..nd a vry happy friendship day to u as well (belated)....
friendships may have its ups n downs ..gud tymes bad da bst thng is dat wenu choose to b wid each oder thru thick n thin evn f nt dirctly...!!

sneha said...

btw...thnx 4 da papad..m eatn it abhi..simultanoesly..!!
all da bst

4 da viva...lolz

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ rahil
well said
@ sepo
not buddhi,,,,,,,,,,,but much matured
got it?????
& hey u'll also turn 21 the coming feb
& well said about frndship

rohit said...

who s borntiger?
tell u frankly my thinking s same as of plzz dont mind ....anyways itz best post i ever read...gud one ....bada dimag laga hoga na?

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ rohit
its govind
thanks fr commenting


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