Friday, July 17, 2009

one scoop life please!!!!!!

So finally I’m back

Was quite busy in exams,,,,,,,worked really hard ,,must say,,,,, I mean it’s not easy to complete a book in just two days,,,,,,and that too when it’s not a novel,,,,,,,its just a book,,,,,,,,actually not just a book,,,an epic containing all those mind swirling circuits,,,,,,,damn confusing equations & other such sort of crap,,,and wait a minute,,,,,to add more,,,,you have six such epics,,,,,huh,,,,,,,,,trust me then you feel like banging your head with the wall,,,,because during the whole semester you were busy in your own stuff,,,or to be more precise,,,you can say,,,,you were trapped in problems. Nevertheless these world wars get over ,,as you are not alone,,,,still there are some people with you,,, guiding throughout the war

When I was like so busy in completing these epics,,,I observed something,,,,I haven’t observed this for the first time but don’t know why this attracted my attention now

You must have also experienced this thing. I mean when you have to complete something within a dead line,,,,,or you are forced to do something that you are not much interested in ,,,,then many insignificant things seems to be significant & they completely drag your attention. Like you got your exam tomorrow,,,but there’s a very nice movie going on some channel,,,,may be it’s not that nice but you like it very much at the moment,,,,,just then the devil inside you wakes up asks for something,,,,,,,,,,,this something is just a scoop of life!!!!

You try hard not to watch that movie but ,,,,,that devil wants that scoop ,,,,so you can’t do anything,,,,,quitely do as per his command. And even you find this scoop of life very delicious. Thirst quenched,,,so devil sleeps again.

Then again,,,,when you are just getting ready for your exam or some very important meeting or something like that,,,,and you don’t have much time,,,,the devil wakes up again,,,,,,,,and convince you that,,,,,,,,,your eyes would look prettier if you apply kohl,,,,,you are getting late but still you do that,,,,,,,,and damn it,,,,,this scoop was again delicious.

Really man,,,,,,,,,,,such scoops are really delicious & I enjoy them as hell,,,,,,,,,,no matter what hardships I have face after that :P


sneha said...

...nice huh....the kite runner...control ka paper...js one da devil inside u won anywayz..!!!
bt dis devil is quite lucky coz controol ka paper mast hue..!!
chalo newayz nice post...keep up da gud wrk...hpeo c many mre t

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

"hpeo c many mre t"

wat's this?

sneha said...

hpe to c many mre posts..
sooo sad js 2 commnts plus dis one

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

dnt u worry
many ppl hv read this post bt no one has commented
i'll get some comments soon

vivek said...

An awesome scoop of buskins n robins i must say!
Maybe to keep d devil in its hibernation is d master key to success. Amin u cn olways hv d movie or ur uh...wot kohl procrastinated!
Very nice post!

surbhit said...

jus one simple question, how do u come wid such beautiful titles???

life is about smiling.... start smilin... said...

thnaks for ur nice views.. actually u know in sumway u r the inspiration ma me to write ma own blog,, say u r ma guru in sum ways[:)] really i mean it.. and u have posted a comment on my blog... actually dear i m not frequent to bloggin but now i m sure... actually i m bit more fascinated by orkut..... u know killer orkut... nywyas now i ll do ma level bst to make ma blogs followable.. vasse ye post bhi pane mein ek blog se kum thode he hain..
keep smilin and postin ur commnets

life is about smiling.... start smilin... said...

galtiyaa leeni denni

Nivedita said...

And guess what...these irresistable scoops make every moment of life worth it and every experience even more enriched...right! :))

Good one from you again :))


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Hey guys i'm sorry for commenting so late , actually i'm in mountains n there's a great network problem here. Anyways, here are your answers

i really can't stop laughing cuz on the day i published this post, i went to baskins n robbins
kohl-kajal yaar, during exams, i like doing such silly stuffs. Rofl

just cuz my posts aren't that good, i have to think for such titles so that people may read my posts

@life is about smiling
thanks for considering me as ur guru ;)

well said n thanks alot for commenting


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