Saturday, July 25, 2009

India, where's your creativity???

Well this post may be like a sequel to my post TV SHOWS SAGA but it's a bit different. Actually I'm fed of these reality shows and I generally don't watch such shows as I think they don't have that much reality, but now since I'm with my uncle's family and they like such shows, so I too have to watch these stupid shows.

While watching such shows, I realized that most of them are exact copies of foreign shows.




Then our INDIAN IDOL imitation of AMERICAN IDOL


And how can I forgot to mention KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI and KYA AAP PAANCHVI PAAS SE TEZ HAIN? which were the exact copies of WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? and ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER? respectively.

oh God!!
I guess there are many more shows like these, all of which make me to think "WHERE'S THE CREATIVITY OF INDIA?"
The country with second largest population, but not with an equivalent amount of creativity, strange?
Moreover, I guess the middle class Indians are too crazy about these TV shows and if you were to take my opinion I think reality shows are better than those torturing Saas Bahu serials, though I still stick to the fact that I don't like reality shows except a few, which are really good.

But to our relief, there are few shows filled with Indian creativity, I still have a doubt if they are original composition of India or not?
Like RAKHI KA SAWYAMWAR and DUS KA DUM and how can I forget my all time favorite ROADIES.There may are more but I don't remember all of them. Hmmm, some of them are good but some are like total crap.

Whatever may be the case, I'm contended with the fact that, the participants are Indians and I must say , we are really talented and creative also but our genes are muted with the virus of copying as that makes job a lot easy. In future, I hope, we come up with more of our own ideas,,, fingers crossed ;)


shona..... said...

finally i managed 2 b d 1st one 2 comment on ur post....
about d post..i completely agree with u...india hs certainly lost itz yeah dese shows r definitely better den dose saas bahu serials..
n dont worry...WE r d bright future of india hvin loads n loads f INDIA'S GOT TALENT u see....

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

my pleasure to have ur first comment. Well, agreed, INDIA'S REALLY GOT TALENT but doesn't believe in promoting her own innovative ideas, just addicted to copying

Nivedita said... is indeed anoying,turning the tv on and surfing between channels to find nothing but these shows...they surely seem to be the talk of the town though, in short the desi janta likes it...and there's that TRP thing too to as a topping :))

I'm a movie buff...prefer watching a meaningful (not te david dhavan movies) movie at a stretch for a few hours, than do these serials :)) LOL

bhanu said...

actually i m not negating ur views but tell u i have just know recently dat these all teh shows r not actually a fake copy but r the original copyrited copy of dat versions.. like american idol producer sold the copyrite to india and many other countries.. they can use their concept and names.. so actually this is paid copy..

and i m really think of wat indian do.. about creativity actually their is no such program which other country wants to copy from india...

pokerface and dus ka dum is of indian and rakhi ka... is not original... by the way... but see thr may be sum comin soon.. which r called true originals....

Anonymous said...

the quality of ur posts has certainly gone down
earlier u commented on issues in college and day to day life
now u r commenting on wasteful shows!!!!
ur insight on life ws gr8 but this was just a waste of time.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

yeah, even i get to hear alot about these shows from people around me and that made me to write about this topic.
well i'm not a movie buff but i like few of my favorite shows like friends. Thanks a lot for commenting

well thanks alot for commenting but even i know this. My motive was to highlight the fact that Indians can use their own creative ideas instead of copying these foreign shows

aaann mamma :(
u didn't like my post :(
jokes apart
i thought that my old posts were nothing more than my frustration regarding endless problems in my life, so i started writing on different subjects
but yeah soon i'll be back with nice posts.
Thanks alot for commenting

sneha said...

dus ka dum is also a copied version of a game show hu name i frgot...dere a lotta pple hu like dese shows nd moreovr dey r 4 mindless entertainmnt..dose hu dun lik dem shun watch dem either...

love 'em or hate 'em
dey r here to stay..!!

ArtDeveloper said...

arey yeh profile pic ko kya ho gaya....!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

oh really, i didn't know that
even i agree, these shows r mindless entertainment except few

what's wrong with this profile pic? Its mine n i like that n that's what matters to me, ok

sneha said...

u got a critic..!! oooooooo
bde log bade battein
way 2 go..gurlie

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

that i'm already :P

dnt u think so???????


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