Friday, June 19, 2009

you still have less problems :)

Problems, problems & more problems

That’s what I have been facing since past two months.

Problems relating to college life, relations, health & studies.

The more I try to get out, the more I’m dragged in.

Just few days back, I finally discussed most of my problems with a friend of mine & felt relaxed.

Two days back when I was coming back home,, after discussing a lot with my friend,, about this mean world & stuff, I was analyzing my problems & trying to find a way out,,,,,well this is my new hobby,,,,finding a way out :)

Just then I saw something,,,two cobblers ,,,,sitting under their umbrellas,,, in the scorching sunlight & waiting for customers. I guess they had a third partner also but he wasn’t there. One of them was busy with his work & the other was still eagerly waiting for some customers. It was too hot but their faces showed no signs of frustration,, anger ,,complain or anything like that. Customers were not coming but still they were contented. I wonder how much they could earn in one day?????????

Then I remembered that,,, my friend & I wanted to have a pizza but since we both were in short of money,,,we dropped the plan & we felt really bad. These people ,,,I guess,,can’t even afford a pizza by the money they earn in one day & still they were contended ,,,,,,,,how?????????

Just then I realized,,,,,,,,,this world is full of pain but there are people who are in greater pain,,,,,so you are just too lucky.

Then I thought,,,,,,,,,may be I have to suffer a bit more but it would still be less than these people,,,,,I damn lucky man,,,,,,,,,,so cheers to my small problems!!!!!!!!


sneha said...

hmm aapka blog padh kr mujhe ek geet yaad aa gya hai..
"duniya main kitna gaam hai ... mera gaam kitna kaam hai...."

v keep gttng tense abt petty issues of lyf w/out realisng ki v r so lucky to hv all da basic ammenties nd a b'tiful gift of lyf...

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

hey u knw wat i was abt to mention this song in my post
nevertheless u mentioned it in comments :)

vivek said...

If we start observing the pain around, we would probably become the happiest on Earth!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ vivek
101% correct

Rahil Choudhary said...

Beautifully written !! I myself feel such things. But then realise that the pain i am goin thru is nothin in comparison to what i see people around me..!!


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