Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When i went to a date for the first time !!!

“What’s your roll no?"

“Sir, 295/06”



“Bachhe, your name?”


“Bachhe you forgot your name?”

Tap tap tap………….

Sob sob sob………………

“Sir,I’ll be back in a minute”

Vandana,, bacche what’s the matter,,,why are you upset,,,please come back”

I heard this voice echoing but I left the room. When I came out of the room,,,,,with tears in eyes,,,,everyone standing outside gathered around me offering water & handkerchiefs. Wept a little more,,,,,,then again went to sir’s room,,,,I was the only student whose viva was left. Sir asked me why I was upset. I told him about my backlog & also that I had screwed up lab test because of this backlog. As a very caring parent,,,,,,,sir told me that he also had backlog in same subject & this should never be reason for my weeping. He asked few questions ,,I answered all,,,he gave me full marks for that. He came out along with me & told all my friends to cheer me up & motivate me.

Now three of my friends were telling me that there isn’t anything to worry ,,,I can clear it with good marks & for this particular semester there’s still some time for exams so everything will be fine. Then they also left. So only two friends were there with me,,,,,,,,,,,,Mr ABC & Miss XYZ.

ABC scolding me for weeping ,,,then told me that he’s gonna set my mood right,,,,,if I’ll go with them. I agreed. So three of us went together,,,,,,,,,,,,where ,,,,,,,,,,wait !!

Let’s rewind the scene by 17 hours




(on gtalk)

ABC: maraaj slathia sahib

Me: hi

ABC: aur suno

Me: nothing much

ABC: busy?

Me: no,,,,,,,just reading a blog

ABC: what’s in it?

Me: a sort of love story

ABC: tell me

ME: (copied & pasted that particular post of the blog & send that to him) read it

ABC: I really enjoyed reading it

Net disconnected due to network problem

Got his message on cell, “Come online”

I replied I can’t. Then he called me

ABC, “ I wanna tell you something but didn’t find time,,,,actually I like Miss XYZ,,,,,should I purpose her?”

Me, “ hmmmmmm,,,,,,,,I had a clue,,,,,,,,,,,but don’t purpose her now,,,,,,,,,,I don’t think she’ll accept”

ABC, “why,,,,,,,,because of that R factor or she has a bf?”

Me, “no,,not because of that R factor,,,,,,and she doesn’t have a bf but I think,,,,,,,,,,,hmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,may be in school days,,,,,,,,,,,,,hmmmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,I’m not sure,,,,,,,,,,,,ok we’ll discuss it in college it’s too late now,,,,,,,,,mom will scold me”
ABC, “ no,,,,,,,,,I wanna know now,,,,,,,,,,,,,ok just send an SMS”

Me, “ok,,,,,,,,bye”

That SMSing continued till 11:30pm & then finally I received a message like this, “you know what,,,,,,,,,we are already committed ,,,,,,,,,but you really made me to freak out”

I was shocked,,,,,,,,,,but happy also,,,,,,,,,,,I told him I wanna know everything tomorrow,,,,,,,but tomorrow was a day full of tears for me. So both of them,,,,,,,decided to cheer me up so took me with them on their date.

This was the first time I went on a date,,,,,,,,,,,,not mine but of others

Both of them are very good friends of mine,,,,,,,,,or rather I can say I’m too close to both of them. They were sitting in front of me,,,,,,,,,,both of them smiling at me & blushing also & something inside me was tickling me also.

Why,,,,,,,,,,when,,,,,,,,,,,how,,,,,,,,,so many questions I asked them. Got answers of only few,,,,,,,as Mr ABC,,,,,,,,,doesn’t remember things exactly,,,,,,,& Miss XYZ ,,,,,,,said she wanna listen from him . I’m first person in the class who knows about their relation,,,,,,,,so I felt special. They said,,,,,,,,,,,I’m too close to them so they decided to tell me this.

But ABC is such a moron,,,,,,,,,,actually he's such a chweet kid,,,,,,,,,,he was literally blushing throughout this interrogation,,,,,,,otherwise he’s like an angry young man & Miss XYZ was so cool as ever. Both of them were looking so cute together. I really felt so good for them. All this seemed to be a dream,,,,,,,I mean,,,,,,,,,,,ABC & XYZ,,,,,,,,,together,,,,,,,,,,,I couln’t believe it. Told this to them a thousand times during their date.

I felt like I’m spoiling their date,,,,,,wrote the same on that wall of experience or whatever it is exactly called,,,on the place where they went on date. But they said they don’t have any problem,,,,,,,,,actually they don’t have any privacy,,,,,god,,,,,,,I felt like laughing to my heart’s content then,,,,,I haven’t seen such a stupid couple ever. They were fighting like kids,,,,,,,,,then all three of us got sentimental over some things.

We remembered the times when ABC was mad about a girl,,,,,,,,,he used to cry for her,,,,,,I really felt bad when he did so & then changed so many things in him,,,,,,,,,that girl who now got nothing to do with ABC really made ABC & XYZ to come closer. Had there been no girl in ABC’s life,,,,XYZ would have never got a chance to know ABC & then to love him. And about XYZ,,,,,,she was always upset,,,,,,,,,I don’t because of what reason,,,,,she pretended she’s was fine,,,,,,,but she wasn’t actually. XYZ told how much ABC used to weep with her on her problems & ABC told how much XYZ has wept with him on his problems,,,,when they were just friends,,,,,,,,oh god,,,,,,,,,is this how love happens & is love so beautiful???????

Now since both of them are together,,,,,,,,,,they don’t weep now & are happy,,,,,,,,,,,,,and I’m too happy for both of them

Well as they say, “whatever happens,,, happens for the good”,,,so its good that ABC didn’t get that girl otherwise,,,,,,,how would I have seen both of them together,,,,,,,,,,,,so happy.

Then we also discussed that complications of their relation,,,,,,as both of them are very serious about this. Both have told their parents,,,,,,,,,,,ABC’s parents have no problem but XYZ’s parents have :(

Still ,,,,,,,,,,,,we were positive ,,,,,,,,,,,ABC thinks he can convince XYZ’s parents,,,,,,,,,,,,and there is still time,,,,,,,,,,,,,I wish both of them loads of luck

Their love story ,,,,,,,,,,,really made me to forget about my problems,,,,,,,,,,,,,well this was a memorable day for me,,,,,,,,,,,when I went to a date for the first time


sneha said...

ohhh myyy goddd....
cudn imagine in my wildest of dreamz ki u were gonna rite bout dis...
bt believe it or nt..mujhe aisa kuch lg rha tha...seriously ..dis thot evn cam across my mind 2day..
nd i ws lik.."m so cheap"
bt datz hw d thngz r turning out to b nw..wow...soo cute....!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ sepo
u remember how shocked i was when i got to know eko's story trust me this story was also shocking but less shocking than eko's story. When i told them that i'm gonna put this in my blog, they said that i can tell this to the people whom i trust cuz sooner or later everyone will get to know. I replied that only sepo reads my blog so she'll get to know this otherwise i'm not gonna tell this to anyone , let them find out by themselves

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

u know this thing is coming in minds of many people. Before this brand new couple told me this, someone asked me if there's something between them, i replied they r just good friends cuz then even i was unaware of this. Sepo, am i so dumb? I mean y these things never come to my mind? I got the clue when he ( u know who) was telling her (again u know who) to start liking his surname, otherwise i won't have got the clue also

sneha said...

bth f dem r soooo cute..
mmmuuah to dem

shona..... said...

i was rite....i was rite...
but i m really happy for both of dem...............

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ shona
don't tell anyone ok


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