Sunday, June 21, 2009

My reflection!!!!!!!

My granny used to tell me a story & the protagonist of that story was a beautiful princess having a fragile body, fair complextion,,,big big eyes, long hair & finely carved features. Path of every bite of food that she ate could be traced,,,,going from her throat to stomach. She used to eat only once in day.

My granny always says that I’m just like that princess,,,may be because I have big big eyes,,,or may be I have a sort of fragile body,,, or may be path of every bite of food that I eat could be traced,,,,going from my throat to stomach,,and that’s because I don’t eat much.

I really felt great thinking I’m the only one like that princess until I met someone entirely like that.

Snow white complextion,,,fragile body,,,finely carved features,,,not so big (at least not bigger than mine) but still big eyes & yup path of every bite of food that she eats could be traced,,,,going from her throat to stomach,,,and then I thought I’m not that princess ,,,,,she’s the one,,,,, PRINCESS SNOW WHITE ,,,,the first name I gave to her.

When I first saw her,,,,I was like WOW man,,,,,,,,,,she’s so fair,,,,& then of course her internal beauty also became visible. I always felt she’s my reflection. I mean I had never heard anything bad about anyone from her mouth. She had that definite charisma about her still she retains that. A typical fun freak,,,,,,,,,,not worried about anything,,,,,,not giving a damn to what others think about her,,,,,,,ah ha,,,,,she’s the one,,,,,,,,my reflection.

Initially we were like good classmates or I can say HI-HELLO friends,,,,,,,one year,,,,,,,,then we started going out together in second,,,,,,,,,came a bit more closer,,,,,,,,,,and now in third year of our engineering we have came a lot closer. The reason being a trip to some university,,,,,,,the problems I faced after that. I didn’t share everything with her then but I don’t know when & how we became so close that I shared almost everything with her and believe me now I’m like so addicted to her that I desperately want to talk to her when I’m feeling low.

I was like so depressed because of some problem I’m having with another friend of mine but she really supported a lot. Initially I was shrinking to share that problem,,,,well I always do that thinking that people won’t understand,,,,but then I shared it & huh,,,,,,,,,now I feel relaxed.

Not just because of the trip,,,,but because of this blog also,,,,,she used to read every single post of my blog,,,,then commenting & discussing it with me in college,,, that really brought us closer and ofcourse our common passion of reading,,,,,,,,,,,we used to have discussions on the novels we read.

And ofcourse how can I forget to mention that funfilled tiffs that we have oftenly,,,,,,,,,that also contributed alot

She’s like a source of inspiration ,,,,,,,,,because even she’s a human & she has problems but still doesn’t show that she’s in pain ,,,I wonder how can someone be so matured at this age & yet be a typical fun freak at the same time,,,,,I’m still trying to learn this art

Hey sepo,,,,,,,,,,,,,just wanna tell you I love you a lot. Thanks for being with me in these tough times

P.S : hey guys,,,,don’t doubt,,,,she’s straight & me too,,,,,ok

P.S. 2 : I won't be online till 17th of july,,,so this is my last post for this month,,,,I won't be able to comment on the blogs I follow till the said date,,,,sorry for that,,,,take care,,,,enjoy life,,,,,and do miss me ok ;)


sneha said...

wow u rili kno hw to flatter me..:P
dere r a lot f pple u meet in lyf hu mean a lot to usually v dun go off da roof tops nd shout bout u surely r an me i nvr felt i hv done smthng gr8 4 u or smthng worth commendmnt..honestly speakin wenevr u feel low i js dun lik it...i stil remmbr dat day wen da result 4 4th sem ws declard...nd u were cryn..i js cudn bring myself to c u in tears ... it caused me so much pain...!! nd at dat tyme v were hardly close to each oder bt stil i felt dat i shud go up to u...!! da feelinz u hv for me r mutual..i feel da same 4 ya...nd m so happy u rote dis 4 me...u kno i hv a list of my fantasies..nd dis ws one of dem...nd u mde dis happen 4 ya sweetz..

sneha said...

btw da pic is da perfect touch...!!

sneha said...

waise dat trip did nthng to brng us close..remembr it ws u, eku nd pallu hu were tlkin all nite ..while i hd dozed off...
i din share ne of ur gurly gossipz

p.s ur new dp roks.....!!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ sepo

i guess that was the blog
that hug & kiss u gave me on my second backlog
that novels
& gourmet pizza with olives ;)

sneha said...

u forgot da cheesy dip..nd ice wala gola....!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ sepo
oh yeah,,,,,,, and that steel vali tiffs

sneha said...

yaa big dellaz wale gurl...nd bingo nd raja wajir nd name place..

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ sepo
oh yeah,,,,,,and that seniors ko lutna ;)

vivek said...

"sepo"...u concocted a nice name vandy!

friendship is indeed a bliss!

sneha said...

heya..ya u r rite a vry nice name nd frndz rok..!! nd mak ur lyf rokn

hemu said...

hope u overcome all problems! just sharing with ur frnd is the real solution! almost all half of the problem will be solved! i just got this blog thru orkut!

Dhruv.. said...

All smiles and wishes...:)


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