Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lost & found ;)

4th of June, 2009

Beep beep……….

My cell alarm rang.

I opened one of my eyes,,,,,,,saw the time,,,,,,,,,,,5:30 am


It’s still too early,,,,,,

vandy,,,,,,sleep baby,,,,,,you still have time

So again I was in the world of my dreams.

After sometime again I opened my eyes,,,,,,,this time both the eyes,,,,,,oh my god,,,,,,,,my one eye can’t see anything,,,,,,,,this world is so weird through one eye. What happened to my eye,,,,,,,,,,,aaannnnnnnnn

Beep beep…….

Choti’s cell alarm,,,,,,I opened my eyes,,,,,,,,,,,,,yippee,,,,,,,,both of my eyes are absolutely okay,,,,,,,,,,it was a dream man,,,,,,,,,,what a weird dream


I hadn’t studied anything yet & already I had screwed up three of my minors,,,,,,,,,vandy baby,,,,,,,for God’s sake,,,,,,study now

I opened the book,,,,,,,,the important question

This this this ok

This this this ok

This this this ok


Second important question

This this this ok

This this this ok

This this this ok


Third important question

This this this ok

This this this ok

This this this ok


Oh God,,,,,,it’s too much,,,,,,,three questions

It’s like conquering three battles

Saw the time


Hurry up girl or you’ll be late

Reached the stop

Then came my friend

Way to college on her scooty

Had a bit of chit chat

Reached college

I on my way ,,,she on her way

Entered the hall with the brightest smile ever on my face & a topper's attitude in my eyes

Feeling as if I had done Ph.D. on Control Systems

Telling everyone that I have done three questions

Settled on my seat

Not exactly mine,,, but the one,,,, my so mean friends,,, allotted me

Got the paper

First question: a bit related to what I had studied,,,,,,,hmmmmmmm,,,,,,I can do this

Second question: wait man,,,,,is it out of syllabus,,,,, but everyone is quite,,,,,,Ma’m must have taught this,,,,,,hmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,when??????? May be when I was playing bingo

Third question: now this has to be out of syllabus,,,,,,,hey friends,,,,,,,,,why don’t you say something????? May be ma’m taught this when I was busy in fighting with Sepo

Fourth question: now,,,,,,,this is the height,,,,,,,,,,Hey Ma’m ,,,,what’s this?????? Can’t you ask me, “Vandana,,,,,,,,are you free now??????? I mean can I teach this??????” I wanted to tell her this but she wasn’t present in the hall,,,,,,,,Ma’m you are lucky

Fifth question: three parts,,,,,,,,,,,,Ah ha,,,,,,,,here you are,,,,,,,,,,the two questions that I had studied,,,,,combined together forming one part,,,,,,that means carrying around 2.6 marks ,,,,,,,,,,,,in the question paper of 30 marks,,,,,,,,,second part,,,,,,,Ma’m you are lucky,,,,,,,,,,,third part,,,,,,,,,,,Ma’m you are indeed very lucky

Now what to start

Hey wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the present topper is sitting on my left,,,,,,,,,,,,,the fully loaded,,,,I mean fully loaded with chits,,,,,,,,,,,the steel vale gang,,,,,,,,sitting behind me,,,,,,,,I can do it man!!!

Two questions done,,,,,,third question only one part,,,,,,,,,,yippee!!

Rocking man!!

Came to home,,,,,,,,,,,threw my bag on bed,,,,,,,,,,,,,my dearest P.S.,,,,,,,,,here I come

Yeah yippee,,,,,,,,,,three new comments

Mom intruding, “Bacche,,,,,,,,lunch first”


Commented counter comments

Mom again, “Bacche,,,,have lunch na”



Mom, this time with plate in her hand, “eat it,,ok”

Facebook,,,,,,,,,,,,still checking

Mom, “you haven’t finished yet”

mom, I’m not hungry,,,,take it back,,,,,,,,,,,I can’t eat more”

Mom, “open your mouth”

Couldn’t help it,,,,,,,,,,,had to,,,,,,,,,,otherwise she won’t leave

Mom, “when you were a kid,,,,,,I was never worried about you,,,,,,,,,,,you ate your meals & then your cousin’s also. But your Di,,,,,,gave me a real hard time,,,,,,,,I think now you have became like your Di,,,,,,,,,as she used to be in her childhood”

Story finished & lunch also

Facebook checked


Mom again, “please drink it”


Here comes my favorite drink ,,,,,,,,,,,,,in my favorite mug

Yeah,,,,,,,,,,I love this mug

Drink finished

Went with choti on a ride to my village

Came back

Mug still lying there

“What if it just fall off the table

Hey vandy,,,,,Stop thinking this shit


Heard a sound

Breaking of some glassware

Di pulling her head out of her books,,,,,,,,,,,giving me a puzzled look

Di, “hey,,,,,something broke & Mom isn’t making a fuss,,,,,,,,,guess who is in kitchen. I mean who is responsible for the broken glassware”

whosoever,,,it is ,,,,,,,,,,,we should not make fun,,,,,,,,,,,it can happen with us also”

Di,,,,,with that mischievous smile, “Bandu,,,,,,,,,,,,please check it na”


Door opened

Mom entered

I saw her hands

Oh my god

My jaw dropped to ground

My heart came to my mouth

Eyes popping out

Man,,,,,,,,,,what happened to my mug????????

mom,,,,,,,,my mug,,,,,,,,,,,,I mean,,,,,,,,,,,,how,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it was my favorite,,,,,,,,,,,,you know how much I loved it,,,,,,,,,,, Sagittarius,,,,,,,,,,,the gypsy,,,,,,,,,,mom,,,,,,,,,,,,how,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my mug,,,,,,,,,,,how ,,,,,,,,could you,,,,,,,,,,,,my mug ,,,,,aannnnnnnnnnnnn”

Di laughing in background

The volcano of anger,,,,exploding inside me

Mom,,,,,,,,giving an innocent smile, “Bandu,,,,,,,,,you won’t have cried this much for me”

She left the room

Di still laughing, “Bandu,,,,,you were right we should not make fun of others”

volcano still overflowing with lava of anger

Di still laughing so loudly

She’s a devil,,,,,,,,,,,she's so bad

I remembered the day I bought it,,,,,,,,coffee mug of my zodiac sign ,,,,,,,,it always motivated me to think positive,,,I used to had my favorite drink in it,,,,,,,three times a day,,,,,,,,,,the diet on which I’m alive

Took my cell,,,,,,,,,to check if anyone was online

Thank god one was there,,,,,,,,,,,no wait,,,,,,,,,,,two

And then I started like anything telling both of them about my mug

Felt relaxed

Mom again, “Bacche please drink it”

I looked up,,,,,,,,an ordinary cup in her hands


My mug

I want my mug only

With memories of mug mug in my mind,,,,,,,,I went to sleep

6th of June

Meeting with G

Introduced her to two more friends

Five friends,,,,,,,,lots of fun,,,,lot of gossips

Now just G & me in search of my new mug,,,,,,,,,,,,as she had promised

Searched one store,,,,,,,no mug with my zodiac

Searched second store,,,,,,,,,,,,,again no mug with my zodiac :(

Third store,,,,,,,,,,,,last hope

Searched all over,,,,,,,,,,,,just one corner left

G spotted it


I found it

Though I’m still gonna miss my old mug but I have atleat this one

P.S. I don't have pics of my old mug,,,,these are the pics of my new mug


surbhit said...

u r good, u r dint call it a cup, try it once, n ul see ... mug ITS A MUG SURBHIT

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

no i'm not good, i'm the best but i'm confused. Not getting u exactly. But still let me try. It wasn't a cup as its size was almost 3/4 the size of my face. And it wasn't just a mug, it was my favorite. I just loved it. But i lost it :(

Pradeep said...

ya the old one wud still be d best...

and nice flow of writing and the flower petals look very good on the side

G said...

omg vandy !! i jus read this . how sweet.. !!

btw.. u wont understand surbhit's comment...that was an indirect smirk at me ...
he jus quoted my words that i have thrashed him and so many guys in my college with, on them calling mug a CUP ..!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ pardeep
few minutes back i was having my favorite drink in my new mug but still missing the old one,,,,,,,,i'm always gonna miss the old one a big time
the background is "The pastry table cloth",,,, my favorite,,,,,,made my mom
i used it ,,,,,,,,just to match the background of my blog

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ G
thanx sweety
oh i see,,,,,that means my senses are perfect,,,,,,i thought i'm not getting

sneha said...

yeah yippie...u got a new mug..!!
kal party..!! well da post ws fab esp the contrl ke paper wala part..hillarious..!!
allz well dat endz well//in da end u got a new mug so evrythngz alrite..!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ sepo
yup sweety,,,,,,,,but i still miss the old one :(

Kishore Choudhary said...

a perfect opera seen

vivek said...


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ Kishor
i think this is ur first comment on my blog. Thanks alot for commenting

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Well this post is a break from our discussion which we were carrying out for the past two posts ;)

vivek said...

u mean the fight?

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ vivek
i guess u r refering to CONVERSATION WITH GOD 2,yeah it wasn't a eight, i actually mean argument or discussion. I'm frustrated . The circumstances around me r driving me nuts, so i don't know what i'm writing, typing or whatever

shona..... said...

sorry for commenting late...

feelin sry for ur old "MUG"...
n congrats u found a new mug....


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ shone
i miss my mug :(
thanx fr commenting after ages


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