Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm gonna miss you all!!!

All fake things that presented a horrible real picture of this world before me,,,,,,,were freaking me out. I really felt like an emotional fool in this fake world. Frustration, weeping & confusion ,,,,everything was driving me nuts & I did some mistakes during this phase,I apologize for that . I tried to get out of this,,,,,and the only way was to close my eyes to real things & see only fake world,,,,,,,as the real world is so horrible,,,,,,I thought I won’t start my post with this,,,,but still I’m doing it. Anyways,,,,,,now since I’m trying to adapt myself to this fake world,,,,,,,everything seems to be beautiful again

Ok all this senti-senti melodrama is over

Now comes the masti full part

Senior’s session is over,,,,,,,,,,,:(

Now won’t be able to see any more of them,,,,,,,,,,,cho chad na??????

As I have discussed earlier also,,,,,,,,,a college event brought us together,,,,,,,,,otherwise we didn’t have that much interaction with our seniors.

Now since we all were on the road of conversion from good friends to very very good friends,,,,,,,,the road is ending :(

I’m really gonna miss all my seniors & the time we spent together

Just a flash back

I’m gonna miss that fest of SMVDU when I was first introduced to three of my rocking seniors who really made that trip memorable,,,,,,,,,their fun filled talks & everything about them

That RENDEZVOUS,,,,,,,,,,when I made tattoos again ,,,,,,,,,,,having fun with seniors,,,,,,,,,,dancing & all that masti stuff

I’m gonna miss the times when my bonding with other seniors became so strong,,,,,,,how we used to plan everything together,,,,,,,,,,then pleading the princi,,,,,,,,,,,,,making event a grand success

And that time when my friends told seniors about my blog,,,,,,then we started chatting on orkut also. I remember how all of them,,,,,,,,,, appreciated me for such a nice blog,,,,,,,,,okay self praising is over

That community of ECCENTRONICS,,,,,,,,,,,,the discussions & polling,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and sepo & my fights there

That project display of seniors,,,,,,,,,,how they explained everything & how one of my senior teased me for that,,,,,,,,,,actually I was so lost in analyzing those projects that I forgot where my bag is & I forgot that everyone else was busy in giving the lab test & I’m busy with seniors,,,,,,,,rofl

The result of seniors,,,,,,,,,,,,,how I compelled them to give me treat,,,,,,,,,,,almost everyone of them,,,,,,,,,,,,they would surely have cursed me for that ,,,,,,,,,,,,,my nonstop chit chatting that must have bored them,

Just two months & a million memories,,,,,,,,,,,,I wonder how would I have managed to live without them,,,,,,,if I had known them three years back????????

Guys I’m really gonna miss you all,,,,,,,,,,,,wishing you loads of luck for your future :)


sneha said...

annnnn...m gttng so emotional..v ll miss dem all...all dose v tlk to nd all dose v dun tlk to....

bt yaa dey ll b so happy ki colege over nd av sepo nd vandy 2 bukhiyan treats nhi mangege...!!
bt nxt session main jb aayege to colege khali khali lgega... :(

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

even i'm getting too senti. And hey i guess seniors will always remember both of us ;)

vivek said...

with seniors its a transition from hate to admiration to love...

but that's life!

Kishore Choudhary said...

very emotional

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx for commenting

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

well said, it's life

Anonymous said...

i knw dat i hv missed a lot by not bein on orkut n also coz most of d tymz i cant b wid u guyz...but still itz true yaar...we really came very close to our seniors but wen ver to part n say goodbyes...
m relly gonna mis all of u seniors...enjoy!!


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ shona

thank god u r alive


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