Friday, June 5, 2009

Conversation with GOD 2

Me: hey God,,,are you there???

God: yup,,sweety,,,always for you

Me: so finally,,,,,,,,,,I completed my hattrick,,,,,,,,,one in third,,,,,,,,,,one in fourth & one in fifth,,,,,,great man,,,,,,,,,,that’s the progress

God: (laughs)

Me: what’s so funny in this???????

God: you are so cute !!

Me: I’m really in no mood to take these jokes

God: why honey?

Me: You know & still you are asking?

God: this backlog????? Sweety,,, do you really care about this????? I mean you keep on flaunting that you don’t give a damn to marks & just an increase in two three percents doesn’t matter to you ,,,,,so??????

Me: ya but it’s a backlog,,,,, my third consecutive backlog,,,,, when I got first I didn’t mind,,,,,,,,,,,I was celebrating it,,,,,,,,,when I got second I was totally broken up and I wept like hell,,,,,,,,, its third now,,,,,though I have wept a little but I don’t know how to take it??

God: are you blaming me for it??? That sounds so funny,,,,,,, sometime back you were like fighting with vivek over that “power of thinking” topic ,,,,,,,,,,,,,you said you don’t believe in destiny,,,,,what now?????? It’s not like that this backlog is a surprise for you,,,,,,,,,,,you were accepting this right???? Then why this hue & cry??

Me: ya I was expecting but still I had put my efforts though not all,,,still maximum

God: sweety,,,was this your ultimate aim?????? just clearing these exams????

Me: no,,,but still........

God: Sweety,,, it’s just a test that life is imposing on you & you know this ,,,,,,,,,learn something & be a lot more tough

Me: how tough??

God: you remember one of your senior telling you that you are God’s special person?

Me: ya I do remember,,,,,he said because I’m too complex & think very differently

God: sweety,, you are really special. I know this time you are feeling jealous of others ,,,you wanna blame me for all this & many such emotions like this emerging in you. You are not saying this just because of the heck of sticking to what you always believe,,,,,,,,,,,but trust me you are special.

Me: hmmmm

God: now listen,,,,,,how many people have called you??? And how many calls you are expecting?????? What your friend was saying,,,,,,when you told him that you won’t talk to him if you got backlog?????? Remember last time,,,,,,,how many people came to comfort you when you got backlog last time?????? Your b’day was few days after that na?????? How many calls you got on your b’day?????? What your friends were saying when you told them you won’t be able to talk to them because of the situation you were trapped in??? I got many more such questions,,,,,,,,,but just think about these only,,,,,is what you are facing a real hard situation????? sweety,,,you are such an important person for so many people,,,,,,,what more you want????? And regarding this backlog,,,,,, Remember you cleared your last backlog with 85 marks,,,,,,sweety you got that caliber ,,,,,,,,,,I just need to remind you that,,,now you know what you’ll have to face,,,,I just want you to be prepared for that

Me: ya,,,,I remember all this,,,,,,,,,,thanks a lot,,,,,,,,,,,now that weird feelings are fading away

God: that’s the spirit

Me: but you know I’m doing all this just for the heck of earning my livelihood,,,, I wanna do something else,,,,,,,I wanna explore things,,,,,,,,I mean this is not life,,,,,,when this will be over,,,,,,,,,,I’m fed up

God: hey hey wait,,,,,,,,,what you are saying,,you are exploring things & this is life,,,,,,,,,don’t be fed up of this. Live every moment. Face the situations,,,,,,,,,because one who does so becomes the ultimate warrior

Me: ya,,,,,,,,, I think this is not a tough situation,,,,,and now won’t say why me because I know how special I’m for you ,,,,,,,that’s why you have given me so many people who really care for me & as my friend once told me that if I’ll leave this world,,,,,,,I won’t leave without wetting the eyes of so many people

God: so???????

Me: so I’m again full on charge & I’ll take it happily

God: ok sweety,,,,,,keep rocking like this

Me: rofl,,,,,,,,,,you are again talking like me

God: promise me,,,,you won’t weep in college tomorrow

Me: hmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,can’t promise but I’ll try my best

God: make it sure that you won’t,,,,,,,take care


sneha said...

sweetz u r nt special...u r vry vry vry vry vry special..nd mreovr u r an important person in so many of ur frndz least in my lyf u r ...!! da past few weeks ur relation hs grown so strong dat nw i truly feel dat v r soulmatez...hunny m so happy dat u r fyn nd it ws rili hurtn to c u fellin so down nd morovr dese thngs seem to b D thngs to us at dis moment bt l8r wen v thnk abt it v feel ki chalo jo bhi hua theek he hua...!!
nd plz plz plz U WONT WEEP IN DA COLEGE...nd wt for..??
dis shitty thng NO WAY..!! its nt at all wt vandyz all abt...!!
lova ya hamesha..

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

sepo dear
i jus wanna say,,,,,,,,,steel vali,,,,,,,,,,no matter how much u make fun of my big big eyes,,,,,,,,,,,but i guess you really care for them,,,,,,,,,,,,i'll try not to weep

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

and steel vali,,,,,,,,,,,even i feel same fr u

sneha said...

ab steel wali blog main likhna bhi shuru kr diya..!!!

aap mujh se baat nhi krna chahte to seedha bol do iss tarah mujhe zallil krke avoid krne ka kya matlb hai...!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

i'm cho chorry
my cutiepie

sneha said...

:)...m feelin bttr..:)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

really,,,,,,,,,,,,but now i'm feeling bad ;)

sneha said...

aaaannn gande..bde dellaz wale..nd u dun evn kno hw to play della...!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

rofl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i knw how to play della ok

sneha said...

koi kal ho jaye muqaballa..!!dono ke beech main..!!

p.s mere pen drive main eye candy ki bht se pics hai..

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

chal phir ho jaye,,,,,,you knw rajje kabhi darte nhi challenges se,,,,,,,,steel vali,,,,,,,ab toh chod de candy ko

sneha said...

maine kounsa usko pakad ke rakha hai...!!!!!!..
chalo fir kal to ho jaye..main bhi brahmin raja hai to kya hua..m nt scrd..huh...

p.s bht saare pics hai eye candy ke..;)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

rofl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,candy candy candy

sneha said...

done donna done done...!!
bacchke rehna..haarne ke liye tayar rehna...

p.s atul ne mere gaana gaate hue nhi le koi pic..

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

cho chad
but i'm not afraid of u ok

vivek said...

hmm...sweety you are very very special!

nice conversation...would you have still talked to him had there been no BACKLOG? amin this convo?

And what is a backlog?

vivek said...

error* :
Would you have still talked to Him...

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Hey vivek u really don't know what backlog is?? And here we use to say backlogs r hallmarks in engineering. BTW backlog means i have to give exam of one subject again as i didn't clear it in first attempt. Its like supplimentary exams.
Any hey i'm special ,that's y i always have to face hardships n u must have heard success stories of many great men, their way of thinking is different n they have to face many hardships so in life when the conditions r worse n u have to face problems again n again, then just be happy cuz u r on right track. GOD has special plans for you
i'm so self obsessed n i feel i'm God's special person so i think that way

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

i guess if there hadn't been this backlog , i won't have talked to Him. That "doha" of Kabir fit like glove here. It is somewhat like this, "Dukh mein simran karein sabhi, sukh mein kare na koi. Jo sukh mein bhi simran kare, toh dukh kayhe ko hoye", something like that. But still like loving parents, God is always there for us, no matter if we remember Him in happiness or not. And u know what u get to talk to ur inner self only during these tough times

vivek said...

hmm...we call it BACK actually...backlog! I got the idea the way your were using that word but still wanted to make sure!

O yes they are indeed the checkpoints in an engineer's race to B.Tech! lol...

uh...had u studied for that exam?

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

even we call it back but i was trying to be a bit formal.
See people change, their thinking change n their likings change. And as they say , change is the spice of life. So initially i was happy with this engineering, though i never wanted to be an engineer, but then i started thinking different way. Now i wanna be a writer, an author i mean. I'm still in search of my purpose of life. I'm doing this engineering just for the heck of getting a job. So regarding this particular back, i had studied but not that well otherwise i won't have this backlog. Well in my engineering, i had studied really hard only once, that is, during my supplimentary exam of my second backlog in which i got 85/100 so if only i would have studied that well i won't have this backlog. Moreover, even question paper was a bit tough. But i know if i'll study well this time, i can get good marks

surbhit said...

hey vandana, u knw wat , after readin this post i get reminded of a person who was jus like this "god" to me, i mean she was jus replyin to me like this god.
even i cleared my backlog and she was dere wid me 24X7,in the real sense.... nice post ya....
reminds me of the good ol days ....

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ surbhit
i'm glad ,,,my post reminded u of someone
but in my case only i'm with me 24X7 cuz i don't listen to anyone,,,,,& i don't find comfort in other's company except a few
and those few always encourage me

one among those always say' "is this vandana all about??" when i talk like losers
and this line always worked wonders for me

shona..... said...

as sepo said...sweety u r indeed very special to us...n i guess u knw dis....
luv ya sweety..


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ shona
i'm in seventh heaven


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