Sunday, June 21, 2009

My reflection!!!!!!!

My granny used to tell me a story & the protagonist of that story was a beautiful princess having a fragile body, fair complextion,,,big big eyes, long hair & finely carved features. Path of every bite of food that she ate could be traced,,,,going from her throat to stomach. She used to eat only once in day.

My granny always says that I’m just like that princess,,,may be because I have big big eyes,,,or may be I have a sort of fragile body,,, or may be path of every bite of food that I eat could be traced,,,,going from my throat to stomach,,and that’s because I don’t eat much.

I really felt great thinking I’m the only one like that princess until I met someone entirely like that.

Snow white complextion,,,fragile body,,,finely carved features,,,not so big (at least not bigger than mine) but still big eyes & yup path of every bite of food that she eats could be traced,,,,going from her throat to stomach,,,and then I thought I’m not that princess ,,,,,she’s the one,,,,, PRINCESS SNOW WHITE ,,,,the first name I gave to her.

When I first saw her,,,,I was like WOW man,,,,,,,,,,she’s so fair,,,,& then of course her internal beauty also became visible. I always felt she’s my reflection. I mean I had never heard anything bad about anyone from her mouth. She had that definite charisma about her still she retains that. A typical fun freak,,,,,,,,,,not worried about anything,,,,,,not giving a damn to what others think about her,,,,,,,ah ha,,,,,she’s the one,,,,,,,,my reflection.

Initially we were like good classmates or I can say HI-HELLO friends,,,,,,,one year,,,,,,,,then we started going out together in second,,,,,,,,,came a bit more closer,,,,,,,,,,and now in third year of our engineering we have came a lot closer. The reason being a trip to some university,,,,,,,the problems I faced after that. I didn’t share everything with her then but I don’t know when & how we became so close that I shared almost everything with her and believe me now I’m like so addicted to her that I desperately want to talk to her when I’m feeling low.

I was like so depressed because of some problem I’m having with another friend of mine but she really supported a lot. Initially I was shrinking to share that problem,,,,well I always do that thinking that people won’t understand,,,,but then I shared it & huh,,,,,,,,,now I feel relaxed.

Not just because of the trip,,,,but because of this blog also,,,,,she used to read every single post of my blog,,,,then commenting & discussing it with me in college,,, that really brought us closer and ofcourse our common passion of reading,,,,,,,,,,,we used to have discussions on the novels we read.

And ofcourse how can I forget to mention that funfilled tiffs that we have oftenly,,,,,,,,,that also contributed alot

She’s like a source of inspiration ,,,,,,,,,because even she’s a human & she has problems but still doesn’t show that she’s in pain ,,,I wonder how can someone be so matured at this age & yet be a typical fun freak at the same time,,,,,I’m still trying to learn this art

Hey sepo,,,,,,,,,,,,,just wanna tell you I love you a lot. Thanks for being with me in these tough times

P.S : hey guys,,,,don’t doubt,,,,she’s straight & me too,,,,,ok

P.S. 2 : I won't be online till 17th of july,,,so this is my last post for this month,,,,I won't be able to comment on the blogs I follow till the said date,,,,sorry for that,,,,take care,,,,enjoy life,,,,,and do miss me ok ;)

Friday, June 19, 2009

you still have less problems :)

Problems, problems & more problems

That’s what I have been facing since past two months.

Problems relating to college life, relations, health & studies.

The more I try to get out, the more I’m dragged in.

Just few days back, I finally discussed most of my problems with a friend of mine & felt relaxed.

Two days back when I was coming back home,, after discussing a lot with my friend,, about this mean world & stuff, I was analyzing my problems & trying to find a way out,,,,,well this is my new hobby,,,,finding a way out :)

Just then I saw something,,,two cobblers ,,,,sitting under their umbrellas,,, in the scorching sunlight & waiting for customers. I guess they had a third partner also but he wasn’t there. One of them was busy with his work & the other was still eagerly waiting for some customers. It was too hot but their faces showed no signs of frustration,, anger ,,complain or anything like that. Customers were not coming but still they were contented. I wonder how much they could earn in one day?????????

Then I remembered that,,, my friend & I wanted to have a pizza but since we both were in short of money,,,we dropped the plan & we felt really bad. These people ,,,I guess,,can’t even afford a pizza by the money they earn in one day & still they were contended ,,,,,,,,how?????????

Just then I realized,,,,,,,,,this world is full of pain but there are people who are in greater pain,,,,,so you are just too lucky.

Then I thought,,,,,,,,,may be I have to suffer a bit more but it would still be less than these people,,,,,I damn lucky man,,,,,,,,,,so cheers to my small problems!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

An apology !!!

Sorry guys,,,,,,,,,,,,now I won't be able to write anymore
It's like slitting my veins but I have to.

(what sorry,,,,,it's a relief for us,,,,,,,,party?????)

oh yeah,,,,,,,,,,sure,,,,,,,,,,,,you can heave a sigh now & have a grand feast.

No posts from me finally !!!!

for how long???????????


Even I don't know

depends on your luck

take care
& enjoy


that's what life is all about

enjoying every little moment

no matter even if you are dying inside!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm gonna miss you all!!!

All fake things that presented a horrible real picture of this world before me,,,,,,,were freaking me out. I really felt like an emotional fool in this fake world. Frustration, weeping & confusion ,,,,everything was driving me nuts & I did some mistakes during this phase,I apologize for that . I tried to get out of this,,,,,and the only way was to close my eyes to real things & see only fake world,,,,,,,as the real world is so horrible,,,,,,I thought I won’t start my post with this,,,,but still I’m doing it. Anyways,,,,,,now since I’m trying to adapt myself to this fake world,,,,,,,everything seems to be beautiful again

Ok all this senti-senti melodrama is over

Now comes the masti full part

Senior’s session is over,,,,,,,,,,,:(

Now won’t be able to see any more of them,,,,,,,,,,,cho chad na??????

As I have discussed earlier also,,,,,,,,,a college event brought us together,,,,,,,,,otherwise we didn’t have that much interaction with our seniors.

Now since we all were on the road of conversion from good friends to very very good friends,,,,,,,,the road is ending :(

I’m really gonna miss all my seniors & the time we spent together

Just a flash back

I’m gonna miss that fest of SMVDU when I was first introduced to three of my rocking seniors who really made that trip memorable,,,,,,,,,their fun filled talks & everything about them

That RENDEZVOUS,,,,,,,,,,when I made tattoos again ,,,,,,,,,,,having fun with seniors,,,,,,,,,,dancing & all that masti stuff

I’m gonna miss the times when my bonding with other seniors became so strong,,,,,,,how we used to plan everything together,,,,,,,,,,then pleading the princi,,,,,,,,,,,,,making event a grand success

And that time when my friends told seniors about my blog,,,,,,then we started chatting on orkut also. I remember how all of them,,,,,,,,,, appreciated me for such a nice blog,,,,,,,,,okay self praising is over

That community of ECCENTRONICS,,,,,,,,,,,,the discussions & polling,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and sepo & my fights there

That project display of seniors,,,,,,,,,,how they explained everything & how one of my senior teased me for that,,,,,,,,,,actually I was so lost in analyzing those projects that I forgot where my bag is & I forgot that everyone else was busy in giving the lab test & I’m busy with seniors,,,,,,,,rofl

The result of seniors,,,,,,,,,,,,,how I compelled them to give me treat,,,,,,,,,,,almost everyone of them,,,,,,,,,,,,they would surely have cursed me for that ,,,,,,,,,,,,,my nonstop chit chatting that must have bored them,

Just two months & a million memories,,,,,,,,,,,,I wonder how would I have managed to live without them,,,,,,,if I had known them three years back????????

Guys I’m really gonna miss you all,,,,,,,,,,,,wishing you loads of luck for your future :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When i went to a date for the first time !!!

“What’s your roll no?"

“Sir, 295/06”



“Bachhe, your name?”


“Bachhe you forgot your name?”

Tap tap tap………….

Sob sob sob………………

“Sir,I’ll be back in a minute”

Vandana,, bacche what’s the matter,,,why are you upset,,,please come back”

I heard this voice echoing but I left the room. When I came out of the room,,,,,with tears in eyes,,,,everyone standing outside gathered around me offering water & handkerchiefs. Wept a little more,,,,,,then again went to sir’s room,,,,I was the only student whose viva was left. Sir asked me why I was upset. I told him about my backlog & also that I had screwed up lab test because of this backlog. As a very caring parent,,,,,,,sir told me that he also had backlog in same subject & this should never be reason for my weeping. He asked few questions ,,I answered all,,,he gave me full marks for that. He came out along with me & told all my friends to cheer me up & motivate me.

Now three of my friends were telling me that there isn’t anything to worry ,,,I can clear it with good marks & for this particular semester there’s still some time for exams so everything will be fine. Then they also left. So only two friends were there with me,,,,,,,,,,,,Mr ABC & Miss XYZ.

ABC scolding me for weeping ,,,then told me that he’s gonna set my mood right,,,,,if I’ll go with them. I agreed. So three of us went together,,,,,,,,,,,,where ,,,,,,,,,,wait !!

Let’s rewind the scene by 17 hours




(on gtalk)

ABC: maraaj slathia sahib

Me: hi

ABC: aur suno

Me: nothing much

ABC: busy?

Me: no,,,,,,,just reading a blog

ABC: what’s in it?

Me: a sort of love story

ABC: tell me

ME: (copied & pasted that particular post of the blog & send that to him) read it

ABC: I really enjoyed reading it

Net disconnected due to network problem

Got his message on cell, “Come online”

I replied I can’t. Then he called me

ABC, “ I wanna tell you something but didn’t find time,,,,actually I like Miss XYZ,,,,,should I purpose her?”

Me, “ hmmmmmm,,,,,,,,I had a clue,,,,,,,,,,,but don’t purpose her now,,,,,,,,,,I don’t think she’ll accept”

ABC, “why,,,,,,,,because of that R factor or she has a bf?”

Me, “no,,not because of that R factor,,,,,,and she doesn’t have a bf but I think,,,,,,,,,,,hmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,may be in school days,,,,,,,,,,,,,hmmmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,I’m not sure,,,,,,,,,,,,ok we’ll discuss it in college it’s too late now,,,,,,,,,mom will scold me”
ABC, “ no,,,,,,,,,I wanna know now,,,,,,,,,,,,,ok just send an SMS”

Me, “ok,,,,,,,,bye”

That SMSing continued till 11:30pm & then finally I received a message like this, “you know what,,,,,,,,,we are already committed ,,,,,,,,,but you really made me to freak out”

I was shocked,,,,,,,,,,but happy also,,,,,,,,,,,I told him I wanna know everything tomorrow,,,,,,,but tomorrow was a day full of tears for me. So both of them,,,,,,,decided to cheer me up so took me with them on their date.

This was the first time I went on a date,,,,,,,,,,,,not mine but of others

Both of them are very good friends of mine,,,,,,,,,or rather I can say I’m too close to both of them. They were sitting in front of me,,,,,,,,,,both of them smiling at me & blushing also & something inside me was tickling me also.

Why,,,,,,,,,,when,,,,,,,,,,,how,,,,,,,,,so many questions I asked them. Got answers of only few,,,,,,,as Mr ABC,,,,,,,,,doesn’t remember things exactly,,,,,,,& Miss XYZ ,,,,,,,said she wanna listen from him . I’m first person in the class who knows about their relation,,,,,,,,so I felt special. They said,,,,,,,,,,,I’m too close to them so they decided to tell me this.

But ABC is such a moron,,,,,,,,,,actually he's such a chweet kid,,,,,,,,,,he was literally blushing throughout this interrogation,,,,,,,otherwise he’s like an angry young man & Miss XYZ was so cool as ever. Both of them were looking so cute together. I really felt so good for them. All this seemed to be a dream,,,,,,,I mean,,,,,,,,,,,ABC & XYZ,,,,,,,,,together,,,,,,,,,,,I couln’t believe it. Told this to them a thousand times during their date.

I felt like I’m spoiling their date,,,,,,wrote the same on that wall of experience or whatever it is exactly called,,,on the place where they went on date. But they said they don’t have any problem,,,,,,,,,actually they don’t have any privacy,,,,,god,,,,,,,I felt like laughing to my heart’s content then,,,,,I haven’t seen such a stupid couple ever. They were fighting like kids,,,,,,,,,then all three of us got sentimental over some things.

We remembered the times when ABC was mad about a girl,,,,,,,,,he used to cry for her,,,,,,I really felt bad when he did so & then changed so many things in him,,,,,,,,,that girl who now got nothing to do with ABC really made ABC & XYZ to come closer. Had there been no girl in ABC’s life,,,,XYZ would have never got a chance to know ABC & then to love him. And about XYZ,,,,,,she was always upset,,,,,,,,,I don’t because of what reason,,,,,she pretended she’s was fine,,,,,,,but she wasn’t actually. XYZ told how much ABC used to weep with her on her problems & ABC told how much XYZ has wept with him on his problems,,,,when they were just friends,,,,,,,,oh god,,,,,,,,,is this how love happens & is love so beautiful???????

Now since both of them are together,,,,,,,,,,they don’t weep now & are happy,,,,,,,,,,,,,and I’m too happy for both of them

Well as they say, “whatever happens,,, happens for the good”,,,so its good that ABC didn’t get that girl otherwise,,,,,,,how would I have seen both of them together,,,,,,,,,,,,so happy.

Then we also discussed that complications of their relation,,,,,,as both of them are very serious about this. Both have told their parents,,,,,,,,,,,ABC’s parents have no problem but XYZ’s parents have :(

Still ,,,,,,,,,,,,we were positive ,,,,,,,,,,,ABC thinks he can convince XYZ’s parents,,,,,,,,,,,,and there is still time,,,,,,,,,,,,,I wish both of them loads of luck

Their love story ,,,,,,,,,,,really made me to forget about my problems,,,,,,,,,,,,,well this was a memorable day for me,,,,,,,,,,,when I went to a date for the first time

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lost & found ;)

4th of June, 2009

Beep beep……….

My cell alarm rang.

I opened one of my eyes,,,,,,,saw the time,,,,,,,,,,,5:30 am


It’s still too early,,,,,,

vandy,,,,,,sleep baby,,,,,,you still have time

So again I was in the world of my dreams.

After sometime again I opened my eyes,,,,,,,this time both the eyes,,,,,,oh my god,,,,,,,,my one eye can’t see anything,,,,,,,,this world is so weird through one eye. What happened to my eye,,,,,,,,,,,aaannnnnnnnn

Beep beep…….

Choti’s cell alarm,,,,,,I opened my eyes,,,,,,,,,,,,,yippee,,,,,,,,both of my eyes are absolutely okay,,,,,,,,,,it was a dream man,,,,,,,,,,what a weird dream


I hadn’t studied anything yet & already I had screwed up three of my minors,,,,,,,,,vandy baby,,,,,,,for God’s sake,,,,,,study now

I opened the book,,,,,,,,the important question

This this this ok

This this this ok

This this this ok


Second important question

This this this ok

This this this ok

This this this ok


Third important question

This this this ok

This this this ok

This this this ok


Oh God,,,,,,it’s too much,,,,,,,three questions

It’s like conquering three battles

Saw the time


Hurry up girl or you’ll be late

Reached the stop

Then came my friend

Way to college on her scooty

Had a bit of chit chat

Reached college

I on my way ,,,she on her way

Entered the hall with the brightest smile ever on my face & a topper's attitude in my eyes

Feeling as if I had done Ph.D. on Control Systems

Telling everyone that I have done three questions

Settled on my seat

Not exactly mine,,, but the one,,,, my so mean friends,,, allotted me

Got the paper

First question: a bit related to what I had studied,,,,,,,hmmmmmmm,,,,,,I can do this

Second question: wait man,,,,,is it out of syllabus,,,,, but everyone is quite,,,,,,Ma’m must have taught this,,,,,,hmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,when??????? May be when I was playing bingo

Third question: now this has to be out of syllabus,,,,,,,hey friends,,,,,,,,,why don’t you say something????? May be ma’m taught this when I was busy in fighting with Sepo

Fourth question: now,,,,,,,this is the height,,,,,,,,,,Hey Ma’m ,,,,what’s this?????? Can’t you ask me, “Vandana,,,,,,,,are you free now??????? I mean can I teach this??????” I wanted to tell her this but she wasn’t present in the hall,,,,,,,,Ma’m you are lucky

Fifth question: three parts,,,,,,,,,,,,Ah ha,,,,,,,,here you are,,,,,,,,,,the two questions that I had studied,,,,,combined together forming one part,,,,,,that means carrying around 2.6 marks ,,,,,,,,,,,,in the question paper of 30 marks,,,,,,,,,second part,,,,,,,Ma’m you are lucky,,,,,,,,,,,third part,,,,,,,,,,,Ma’m you are indeed very lucky

Now what to start

Hey wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the present topper is sitting on my left,,,,,,,,,,,,,the fully loaded,,,,I mean fully loaded with chits,,,,,,,,,,,the steel vale gang,,,,,,,,sitting behind me,,,,,,,,I can do it man!!!

Two questions done,,,,,,third question only one part,,,,,,,,,,yippee!!

Rocking man!!

Came to home,,,,,,,,,,,threw my bag on bed,,,,,,,,,,,,,my dearest P.S.,,,,,,,,,here I come

Yeah yippee,,,,,,,,,,three new comments

Mom intruding, “Bacche,,,,,,,,lunch first”


Commented counter comments

Mom again, “Bacche,,,,have lunch na”



Mom, this time with plate in her hand, “eat it,,ok”

Facebook,,,,,,,,,,,,still checking

Mom, “you haven’t finished yet”

mom, I’m not hungry,,,,take it back,,,,,,,,,,,I can’t eat more”

Mom, “open your mouth”

Couldn’t help it,,,,,,,,,,,had to,,,,,,,,,,otherwise she won’t leave

Mom, “when you were a kid,,,,,,I was never worried about you,,,,,,,,,,,you ate your meals & then your cousin’s also. But your Di,,,,,,gave me a real hard time,,,,,,,,I think now you have became like your Di,,,,,,,,,as she used to be in her childhood”

Story finished & lunch also

Facebook checked


Mom again, “please drink it”


Here comes my favorite drink ,,,,,,,,,,,,,in my favorite mug

Yeah,,,,,,,,,,I love this mug

Drink finished

Went with choti on a ride to my village

Came back

Mug still lying there

“What if it just fall off the table

Hey vandy,,,,,Stop thinking this shit


Heard a sound

Breaking of some glassware

Di pulling her head out of her books,,,,,,,,,,,giving me a puzzled look

Di, “hey,,,,,something broke & Mom isn’t making a fuss,,,,,,,,,guess who is in kitchen. I mean who is responsible for the broken glassware”

whosoever,,,it is ,,,,,,,,,,,we should not make fun,,,,,,,,,,,it can happen with us also”

Di,,,,,with that mischievous smile, “Bandu,,,,,,,,,,,,please check it na”


Door opened

Mom entered

I saw her hands

Oh my god

My jaw dropped to ground

My heart came to my mouth

Eyes popping out

Man,,,,,,,,,,what happened to my mug????????

mom,,,,,,,,my mug,,,,,,,,,,,,I mean,,,,,,,,,,,,how,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it was my favorite,,,,,,,,,,,,you know how much I loved it,,,,,,,,,,, Sagittarius,,,,,,,,,,,the gypsy,,,,,,,,,,mom,,,,,,,,,,,,how,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my mug,,,,,,,,,,,how ,,,,,,,,could you,,,,,,,,,,,,my mug ,,,,,aannnnnnnnnnnnn”

Di laughing in background

The volcano of anger,,,,exploding inside me

Mom,,,,,,,,giving an innocent smile, “Bandu,,,,,,,,,you won’t have cried this much for me”

She left the room

Di still laughing, “Bandu,,,,,you were right we should not make fun of others”

volcano still overflowing with lava of anger

Di still laughing so loudly

She’s a devil,,,,,,,,,,,she's so bad

I remembered the day I bought it,,,,,,,,coffee mug of my zodiac sign ,,,,,,,,it always motivated me to think positive,,,I used to had my favorite drink in it,,,,,,,three times a day,,,,,,,,,,the diet on which I’m alive

Took my cell,,,,,,,,,to check if anyone was online

Thank god one was there,,,,,,,,,,,no wait,,,,,,,,,,,two

And then I started like anything telling both of them about my mug

Felt relaxed

Mom again, “Bacche please drink it”

I looked up,,,,,,,,an ordinary cup in her hands


My mug

I want my mug only

With memories of mug mug in my mind,,,,,,,,I went to sleep

6th of June

Meeting with G

Introduced her to two more friends

Five friends,,,,,,,,lots of fun,,,,lot of gossips

Now just G & me in search of my new mug,,,,,,,,,,,,as she had promised

Searched one store,,,,,,,no mug with my zodiac

Searched second store,,,,,,,,,,,,,again no mug with my zodiac :(

Third store,,,,,,,,,,,,last hope

Searched all over,,,,,,,,,,,,just one corner left

G spotted it


I found it

Though I’m still gonna miss my old mug but I have atleat this one

P.S. I don't have pics of my old mug,,,,these are the pics of my new mug

Friday, June 5, 2009

Conversation with GOD 2

Me: hey God,,,are you there???

God: yup,,sweety,,,always for you

Me: so finally,,,,,,,,,,I completed my hattrick,,,,,,,,,one in third,,,,,,,,,,one in fourth & one in fifth,,,,,,great man,,,,,,,,,,that’s the progress

God: (laughs)

Me: what’s so funny in this???????

God: you are so cute !!

Me: I’m really in no mood to take these jokes

God: why honey?

Me: You know & still you are asking?

God: this backlog????? Sweety,,, do you really care about this????? I mean you keep on flaunting that you don’t give a damn to marks & just an increase in two three percents doesn’t matter to you ,,,,,so??????

Me: ya but it’s a backlog,,,,, my third consecutive backlog,,,,, when I got first I didn’t mind,,,,,,,,,,,I was celebrating it,,,,,,,,,when I got second I was totally broken up and I wept like hell,,,,,,,,, its third now,,,,,though I have wept a little but I don’t know how to take it??

God: are you blaming me for it??? That sounds so funny,,,,,,, sometime back you were like fighting with vivek over that “power of thinking” topic ,,,,,,,,,,,,,you said you don’t believe in destiny,,,,,what now?????? It’s not like that this backlog is a surprise for you,,,,,,,,,,,you were accepting this right???? Then why this hue & cry??

Me: ya I was expecting but still I had put my efforts though not all,,,still maximum

God: sweety,,,was this your ultimate aim?????? just clearing these exams????

Me: no,,,but still........

God: Sweety,,, it’s just a test that life is imposing on you & you know this ,,,,,,,,,learn something & be a lot more tough

Me: how tough??

God: you remember one of your senior telling you that you are God’s special person?

Me: ya I do remember,,,,,he said because I’m too complex & think very differently

God: sweety,, you are really special. I know this time you are feeling jealous of others ,,,you wanna blame me for all this & many such emotions like this emerging in you. You are not saying this just because of the heck of sticking to what you always believe,,,,,,,,,,,but trust me you are special.

Me: hmmmm

God: now listen,,,,,,how many people have called you??? And how many calls you are expecting?????? What your friend was saying,,,,,,when you told him that you won’t talk to him if you got backlog?????? Remember last time,,,,,,,how many people came to comfort you when you got backlog last time?????? Your b’day was few days after that na?????? How many calls you got on your b’day?????? What your friends were saying when you told them you won’t be able to talk to them because of the situation you were trapped in??? I got many more such questions,,,,,,,,,but just think about these only,,,,,is what you are facing a real hard situation????? sweety,,,you are such an important person for so many people,,,,,,,what more you want????? And regarding this backlog,,,,,, Remember you cleared your last backlog with 85 marks,,,,,,sweety you got that caliber ,,,,,,,,,,I just need to remind you that,,,now you know what you’ll have to face,,,,I just want you to be prepared for that

Me: ya,,,,I remember all this,,,,,,,,,,thanks a lot,,,,,,,,,,,now that weird feelings are fading away

God: that’s the spirit

Me: but you know I’m doing all this just for the heck of earning my livelihood,,,, I wanna do something else,,,,,,,I wanna explore things,,,,,,,,I mean this is not life,,,,,,when this will be over,,,,,,,,,,I’m fed up

God: hey hey wait,,,,,,,,,what you are saying,,you are exploring things & this is life,,,,,,,,,don’t be fed up of this. Live every moment. Face the situations,,,,,,,,,because one who does so becomes the ultimate warrior

Me: ya,,,,,,,,, I think this is not a tough situation,,,,,and now won’t say why me because I know how special I’m for you ,,,,,,,that’s why you have given me so many people who really care for me & as my friend once told me that if I’ll leave this world,,,,,,,I won’t leave without wetting the eyes of so many people

God: so???????

Me: so I’m again full on charge & I’ll take it happily

God: ok sweety,,,,,,keep rocking like this

Me: rofl,,,,,,,,,,you are again talking like me

God: promise me,,,,you won’t weep in college tomorrow

Me: hmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,can’t promise but I’ll try my best

God: make it sure that you won’t,,,,,,,take care


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