Friday, May 22, 2009

Those sparkling eyes!!!!!!!!!!

Kaise samjhaun tumhe,,,,mera pehla pehla pyar hai yeh,,,,,,,,,aankhon mein aitbaar hai yeh…………”
Oh no,,,it’s not my first love,,,,,,,,not even second,,,,,,,,,,wait,,,,,,,at the first place it’s not about love.
It’s just the song that I was listening few moments back,,,,while having a walk on roof & enjoying the cool breeze & the night sky.

Let’s rewind the scene by few hours,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I came from college,,,,,,,totally exhausted ,,,,,,,threw my bag on bed,,,,,took a bottle from fridge,,,,,,,had a sip of water,,,,,,,,sat on bed & started thinking about what happened yesterday,,,,,what actually is happening now a day’s & what’s gonna happen in future???

Yesterday I screwed up everything. I actually stammered on stage,,,,,,,one of the greatest phobia that I ever had. At that moment I felt like Hari of “Five Point Someone”. Probably, even I should have tried few shots before screwing up everything. Just a thought,,,,,,,,I know I can’t ever do that. But still it was fun,,,,I mean I learnt something & I’ll always laugh when I’ll remember this.

Now what’s going on these days????? I’m not keeping good health,,,,,can’t enjoy with friends,,,,,,totally lost in my own world,,,,,absent mindedness,,,,,totally screwed up in college life,,,,,and there’s no other way around.

What will happen in future???? We are trying to make an event a hit but everyone else is trying to suppress it. For college events I have missed a lot of classes & if this particular event won’t happen,,,,,I’ll be left with nothing. Less than a month for my final exams of 6th semester,,,,,,,,,,but this time I really don’t have any idea how I’m gonna give exams. Second minors & lab tests still to go,,,,,,,second assignments of all subjects pilling up. Result of 5th semester will be out within a few days & I’m expecting a backlog.In short,,,,,,,everything around me is just freaking me out.

After having this analysis,,,,,,,,I went to wash my face. When I washed it & looked up in the mirror,,,,,,,,,,I saw myself,,,,,skin so tanned,,,,,,,,,,all thanks to the burning sunlight,,,,,,,,,dark circles,,,,,hair so messy,,,,,my face was actually reflecting my illness. All the energy was flushed away from my face,,,,,,,,,but then I saw those beautiful sparkling eyes,,,,,,,,,,yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,they still had that luster ,,,,,not a bit affected by my illness,,,,,,,,they still had all those big & small dreams,,,,,, a fire to achieve everything,,,,,,,,,,,,still not willing to give up.

Just then I made it a point,,,,,,,,,,,never to give a damn to anything because I know I can do it,,,,,,,if not at once then at second trial,,,,,,,,,,,a third also doesn’t matter ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but I can do it


et said...

Aww engineer, uh?! Me tooz! :)
So now you're again in that point of the semester when we're screwed up wid the finalizing stuff and work. And with an added responsibility of an event organization! Ummm.. i can totally understand your situation.
It's great that you can still keep yourselves positive and committed.. cheers to you! :D

Inderjeet said...

the image is so beautiful. it gives a attractive look to the post.
yeh i know hw much collge events supressed our mind but
i wish ur event will hit and also wish for ur exams.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

yup i know i'm screwed up bt can get through this,,,,,,,,,i'm damn sure about it
thanks a tonn for commenting

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thankx a tonn
but the event is in real danger now

sneha said...

yaar mujhe toh yeh apne he kahani lg rhe thi..i mesn wid all dis shit happening in colege...all of us abhi r da v ll definetly nt gv up...though dey wl try to subjugate us (they...u kno hu)...
wel all da bst to us..!!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

that's the best we can do, not giving up at any cost

surbhit said...

never give up on anything, just read the post "a new beginning"...i never gave up... n nw m very happy that i to be happy. dnt even give it thot ....cheers
"n ya long tym, was out for nw bak"

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

even i'm too stubborn to give up. I have already read that post of yours. N even i never thought of giving up even when i was totally messed up in relations n no one was ready to listen me. This is still a lot less complex situation.
It's good to have you back

vivek said...

after reading quite a lot of posts in ur blog...u seem to be a practical optimist!
Optimists too are of 2 who think positive and the others who act so...
U definitly act anti-negative...
this is not an impression from this very blog...It shows in many of ur posts...that's great... people like u tend to live their lives smilingly and completely!!

Have fun...njoi!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...


may be yeah i'm


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