Monday, May 25, 2009

My yes,,,,ruined my world!!!!

I’m really very angry,,,,,,,not excatly angry but upset,,,,hmmmmmmmmm,,,,,not exactly upset but disturbed,,,, aaannnnnnnn,,,,,,,,,,,,not exactly disturbed but furstrated,,,,, hmmmmmmmmmm ,,,,,not exactly frustrated but……………

Actually I don’t have the exact words to describe my feelings right now.

This post,,,,,,,,,I really don’t know where it came from,,,,,,,,,,I wanna write something else but the circumstances have made me to write this shit only.

God,,,,,,,,I feel like crying to my heart’s content right now.

Mera basa basaya ghar ujad gaya

I ruined my own world

It’s my entire fault. I get so lost in things that I forget everything else. Actually this thing has always been a problem for me. Mom & friends always keep on telling me this but I’m too stubborn to listen to them & of course too passionate about some things, that I forget everything else. So when my cousin was telling me that the virus in my PC can’t be removed & it needs to be formatted , I was busy in making a report then so without even giving a thought to what he was saying , I said, “YES, DO IT” & this “YES” ruined my world.

I lost the treasure of my memories,,,,,,,,,,,,all those priceless pics,,,,,,,,,,,,,those nostalgic videos,,,,,,,,,,,,,unique collection of e-books,,,,,,,,,,,,,,important documents,,,,,,,,,,,softwares ,,,,,,,,,,& even I don’t know what else?????????

I was so frustrated, that I started eating the brain of a friend of mine then,,,,,,,guys you are lucky that you were not online otherwise I would have eaten up your brains also. Thanks G for listening to me.

But then I thought I can’t sit like this ,,,,,,,,,,have to do something. So I gathered all my strength,,,,,,,,,went to my cousin ,,,,,,,,,,,got some important softwares back & now I’m here with all my strength ,,,,,,,,,,,,scribbling all my feelings here in my blog,,,,,,,and,,,,,,,finally I’m feeling a lot better

As they say, “Whatever happens,,,,,,,,happens for the good” & even I keep on saying that life is the greatest teacher ,,, so it taught me yet another lessons ,,,these are:

1) To think twice before you say “YES”
2) To have a backup of your important documents

3) To keep my cool always, as even I don’t know what I said to my cousin in angry,,,,,will say sorry tomorrow

I’m thinking that finally I’m free now as the event is over but I guess,,,,,,,,,now I’ll be more busy as now I have to gather my scattered treasure without missing a bit of it. Fingers crossed,,,,,,,,,,hope I’ll get all of it back.


G said...

can understand ur frustation... even i was about to lose all my data once.. had freaked out so badly..started prayin to all the lords to save it jus one last time n i'll backup all of that..

8 months past, n m still to do that :P
anyway ... chill... ask ur friends n all for piks...
n music n softwares n stuff, wont be difficult..
n for ebooks, you know whom to turn too :)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

yup sweety i knw
& of course i'll contact u fr that
again thanx

sneha said...

wtf is dis..?/!!??1212@#$%^$

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

even i dnt know

lemme chk

Inderjeet said...

so sad, ur unique collections was lost. always take a backup of ur imp. datas. There is options available in windows for backup ur data in internet. u can use this. This feature is available in windows vista, may be other O.S have this.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...


nw i'll take care of it

thanx fr ur valuable suggestion

sneha said...

ohh too bad mah darlin..dun wrry ... i ll help u da bst way i cn..!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

cho chweet of u

sneha said...

i kno..actually m rili gud nd helpful nd carin nd sweet nd cute nd smaet nd...

da list is endless!!! ;)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

oh yeah u r

thanx fr not spamming my blog with ur endless list of good qualities ;)

Pradeep said...

hey, actually, u cud have got back 90% of ur data??

the same thing happened in our clg, we formatted out computer ma'm's PC and she was actually 'crying' about it.
we got a recovery tool and recovered almost everything except for some text files..wish i read ur post a little early. but i suggest u still try that.

Pradeep said...

but the computer was running non-stop for 4 days and wid a steady power supply.. thank GOd, there was no power cut

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ pardeep
i have got 85% of my data back from some sources
but i guess using that recovery tool isn't possible here cuz ,,,,,,power cuts are prominent here,,,,,,,,,,n even power supply isn't stable & my ups has been burnt :(

Pradeep said...

its "pradeep" and not "pardeep" :)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Extremely sorry pradeep. I think i'm off my head, so i really don't have any idea what i'm typing. Sorry again

thenormalguy said...

hey, i wasnt serious n all..dnt be sorry

thenormalguy said...

hey, i wasnt serious n all..dnt be sorry k

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

so u r thenormalguy , i was looking for u blog. Finally got the link.

Geetanjali said...

haha, i jus read this 'chat' sooowwww madam, another one.. u knowwhat im talkin abt ;)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ geetanjali
yup i know & i was searching for that particular blog
i'm thankful to ur college
well it's all i can say


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