Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally the final is over!!!!!!!!

If you thinking that it’s about your favorite EYEEEEEEE PEEEEEEEEEE ELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL,,,,,,,then you are absolutely right,,,,,,,it’s not just about IPL,,,,but yeah it has a bit of IPL . I’m too happy that finally it’s over,,,,,,,huh,,,,,,,,I didn’t watch much of the matches but yeah I watched the final,,,,,,,,and that too only last overs but they were full of excitement & action. I wonder how come I dislike IPL,,,,,,,,I mean I was a cricket fanatic. I knew all the latest updates ,,,,,,all players & their statistics,,,,,,,,hard to believe,,,,,,,,,gals & cricket,,,,,,,,,,,but I was crazy about it. Then I remember,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how mad I was about Irfan Pathan. I kept on snooping into newspapers to get cuttings of his pics,,,,,,collecting his posters,,,,watching all his interviews,,,,,,I still have a collage of him in my room. But now everything has changed. May be then I had an influence of my cousin,,,,but now since he isn’t here my likings have changed. Who knows??? May be it’s for good.

Now coming to ECCENTRONICS’09,,,,my college event,,,,,,,,its over finally & it was a grand success. There were a total of nine events. I took part in six,,,,,,,,wasn’t allowed for seventh,,,,,,,,eigth was organised by me & ninth,,,,not of my use.
Stood third in two events,,,,,,,first in one,,,,disqualified for one for being absent,,,screwed up one event,,,event organized by me was a hit also. I did a bit of comparing also without stammering ;)

I don’t give a damn to winning or losing as I was actively involved in organizing this whole thing & that’s what matters actually.

I treasured every moment of this whole event,,,,,,,,,the time the idea of this event was conceived to the completion of this event. It was really a roller coaster ride. At many moments ,,,,,,,,many tried to suppress it but as they say “Where there’s a will,,,there’s a way”. We had a strong will & there was a way,,,,,,,,,,but full of hurdles,,,,,,,,,still we treaded the path full of obstacles & finally we proved that, “Jako rakhe saayeya,,,,mar sake na koi”

Because of this event I made a lot of new friends,,,,,,,,my seniors,,,,,,,guys I wanna say you truly rock,,,,,,,,,,,,be the same forever,,,,,,,,,,I’m gonna miss you all


Anand said...

200. Yea... I was jus lucky I guess.

HEy, tell u a secret. If u want guys to like u.....u start liking Cricket again. :-)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Really very lucky.
I got loads of friends & they like me for what i'm
i don't want anyone to like me what i'm not, n i don't want to pretend that i like something just to get attention
thanks for sharing your valuable secret tip with me

vivek said...

ECCENTRONICS! is that a Tech-fest?

Nice...lotta participation goin on...must be tattoos haan? that art of urs is fab...how do i learn it online? roflmao!!

and yeah...IPL is over..but then there is French Open goin on and then the World Cup...there is lots more...

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

not exactly a tech fest but a depaetmental event

participation not going on but over

no tattoos
ma'm didn't aloow fr it :(

well French open ,,,,doesnt matter
bt world cupm does

sneha said...

yeahh...v rokd gurl...hey u din mention ki i got da 2nd prize 4 singin... ;) ne wyz no hard feelings..bt yaa da whole process involed in organisin dis evnt ws a fab experience..!! gr8 memories..one f da best tyms f ur lyfz...v ll surely misss at dis..

chalo an assignmnt banao..!! :P

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

ok dear
i'll it
sorry i wanna mention it
bt forgot
u knw kalpana was killed!!!

Anand said...

Mah Gawd, tune toh bura maan liya yaar. I was jus say in playfully. Smile.. :-)

And I agree with u completely.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ anand
abt that whole sikh stuff or cricket????

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

i din mind that
bt yeah i get hyper sometimes

P.S. this is in regard to that cricket stuff

Anand said...

Lol. Im safe then.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

safe indeed


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