Saturday, May 16, 2009

Events, events, events ,,,huh

Were you worried about me???????
(LOL what a joke)
Okay,,,then must have missed me????
At least my posts??????
Now please don’t say nahhhhh,,,,,,,,,,just to keep my heart say yes.

Actually I was hell busy in college events. Firstly there was a small function the occasion of telecommunications day & I was one of the four organizers who organized this event, Eko, Sepo & Lee were the other three,,,wow it rhymes,,,of course it has to,,,as now I'm trying to be a poetess as well,LOL. Events included in this function were paper presentation, Rangoli competition & painting competition.Except for few flaws, the whole event was a success.
(Some of the Rangolis)
Then there were preliminary rounds for another function, ECCENTRONICS 09, an event organized by Electronics & Communications Department. There are a total of nine events in ECCENTRONICS 09 & I’m participating in 6 events. Actually I wanted to participate in 7 events but since I was already selected for 3 events so organizers didn’t allowed me to sit in prelims of that event. Well, two liters of my blood increased when one of my senior said, “Ma’m this gal is a multi-talent package. She gets selected in every event, so we can’t allow her for this event.”
Out of these nine events I’m organizing Photography, so can’t take part in that event but yeah & I’m capturing all the emotions of ECCENTRONICS 09. Guess what, I got another tag, title or whatever, in my kitty, VANDANA- the photographer.
Well, we keep hell busy in making posters, collecting money, adding new ideas, making notices, making batches, etc, etc. but we love it. Hope the whole events rocks. Fingers crossed.

And to add more to these whole events stuff, today there was a cultural event, RENDEZVOUS. Well, this event got nothing to do with me, as neither I was the organizer nor did I participated, but yeah I enjoyed a lot. Hey wait, I made tattoos on dancing group who got first prize, and I painted their faces also, so indirectly I was the part of this event also.

(From left to right Nirneet, V.P. bhaiya, Mann bhaiya (group leader),I don't remember the name of this guy (he's from M.C.A.), then Gaurav bhaiya(the organizer of this event), and the last one is Govind)

Being busy in all this, I totally ignored my passions of blogging & reading. This reminds me, I have to complete two novels & one book which I started few weeks back. And yeah, I ignored my health as well, But I’m not complaining, two reasons for this, one I love being busy, and two I always wanted to have these kinds of events in my college.

These events also brought me closer to my seniors & juniors also. And, believe me, this thing is hurting me like hell, because our seniors will be leaving this college soon, so I won’t be able to enjoy like this with them and even we’ll be leaving next year, so don’t have much time to enjoy with our juniors as well. Really I’ll miss these moments of my college life.

P.S. Is this post senti?? I mean people were complaining that I was spamming my blog with senti posts, so just for a change, I’ve published this


art2eye said...

Made me nostalgic...!!!
...we were also in event organising committee of our being in discipline committee, had more power to visit any department and check if it would create any nuisance during event or not...was able to enter any rehearsals...
Then those moments when we didn't even had time to breath because nothing should go wrong while event.
Looking around, to check that nobody is drunk and fighting while the event is on.

...the long random memoir just got re-created reading your post...

*(P.S. Is this post senti?? I mean people were complaining that I was spamming my blog with senti posts, so just for a change, I’ve published this...)

Change is always good, just need to have the attitude and perception to accept it...!

All the best..

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

u know what? In our college, the most undisciplined people r in the discipline committee.
And yeah, i'll always remember what you said.

Inderjeet said...

nice post.
sory i was offline for few days so, i didn't comments on yur post.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...


doesn't matter
thanx fr commenting

Inderjeet said...

u meaned.It doesn't matter u "if i comment or not on ur post".

shona..... said...

heya...even i was really busy.. so, jus forgot about these internet stuff's...neways..gud one n i'll not b writin nethin regarding dis... coz........................???
k.leave it..
gud job gal..
n yeah we'll rock ECCENTRONICS-09 4 sure!!!!!!!


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

hey i didn't mean that. I mean to say it doesn't matter after how long u have commented but what matters is that u r commenting at least

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

i guess i need to remind u girls power rocks. So please keep writing. And of course ECCENTRONICS 09 will rock, yo ;)

vivek said...

man...ur hell creative!!
Is this tattoo thing inherited or u learnt somewhere?


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

this is neither inherited nor i learnt it. I went to the fest of a college n just for the heck of participating in some event, i took part in Tattoo making. I practicised few tattoos before the competition n from then i became a famous tattoo maker of my college. But yeah , i got loads of creativity LOL ;)

sneha said...

sahee hai sahee ..
man sir wale pic is awsm..nd so r da rangoli's...!!
nd miss multi talented i hpe u gt well soon...

Inderjeet said...

that's good.
when is ur next post coming. anyway,
iam waiting for it.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx a ton
BTW i'm fine nw
hv to be
cnt afford to miss more actions of ECCENTRONICS 09
already i'm eliminated frm GD fr being absent :(

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

even i dnt knw wen my next post will b coming up
cuz i keep hell busy in college events

Nivedita said...

Have'nt seen rangoli's over a decade...gr8 that! The men look good. I so miss India :((

ps: would have loved a closer look at the tattoos :)) you're gooooood!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

So y dnt u visit nw once

anywayz thanx


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