Thursday, April 30, 2009

A walk through my village !!!!!!

Hey you
The one gazing at this screen with your puffy ,,tired eyes
Get up !!!!
I said just get up!!!
It’s the time to take a break from this dull,,boring & lifeless world of gizmos & get a bit closer to nature.

So how about a walk through my village???
Let me have the pleasure to be your guide during this small journey.
This point marks the starting point of our village.
Just providing you with the info regarding the places will make journey boring,,so let let me just give you a bit of crispy conversation throughout this walk.

Today after returning & then having a nap,,,I just thought about having a ride through my village. So I asked choti to take out her rampyari & then me & choti went on a ride.
I’m not good in geography ,,so don’t expect the geographical facts about this place from me. Hmmmmmm,,,,,,I could have asked for Di’s help ( she being master of geography) but I’m still on my movement so no question of taking her help.
But still, I can give a brief info. This place is called Barnai (old name Thathi),,,,this reminds me of another tag,,tittle or whatever,,,given by my friend harry,,,,”MISS BARNAI MORH”,,,& I feel so Ewwww about it. harry I just wanna say, “Aaj khush toh bahut hoge tum” finally I have disclosed this tittle here. Okay,,coming back,,my village is situated 5km away from jammu city,,,tehsil & district Jammu. This village extends over 1.75 km approx. along the bank of an irrigation canal.

I & my family are not native to this place. We came here about some 19 years back when we migrated from Kashmir.
The main occupation of the people of the place is agriculture & related activities.
Initially this place had so many green fields but now with the increasing population only few are left & rest of the land is converted into residential area.
This irrigation canal has ice-cold water even when the temperature is above 40 degree Celsius. This is one of the distributaries of Ranbir canal which itself is a tributary of river Chenab. My friends often tease me,,saying, “You are lucky,,you can spent your summer vacations by taking a basket of mangoes & dipping your feet in the canal”.( beautiful sunset na????)
This is choti’s rampyari,,have to put this pic here,,,otherwise she’s gonna beat me.
Hope you must have enjoyed this walk. Thanks for your visit.
Keep visiting.


R.K. said...

though i enjoyed the walk
i cant feel the cool atmosphere up here in punjab :(
lucky youu !!
enjoy !

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ R.K.
the atmosphere here also is hot
bt yeah in evening it's a lot better

R.K. said...

besides, i also guess its safe to assume that there would be no mosquitoes in the village, in evenings
or is it ;)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

yup there are loads of them

R.K. said...


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

yup i'll
during walk they r nt a prblm
bt wen sitting outside
u get to listen their melodious music
& trust me its amazing ;)

hv to face the disadvantage also :(

shanky said...

hey... it was nice,the atmosphere is sizzling here in pune ..but eve same like ur village.[:)]

R.K. said...

bad shenshe aaf mujik :D

my best friend in summers is: Mortein :D

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

now with increasing deforestration, atmosphere is gonna sizzle here also :(
Hey even my best buddy is the same
we r childhood friends
for how long u know him?

sneha said...

i nw rili wanna cm nd pay a visit to ur "village".nd "chap chap" bhi i wanna do in dat ice cold irrigation canal...!!
pics r rili nice esp.of da fasal..nd nice tit bits of info inbetween...

shona..... said...

ahhh......u knw wat sugar... i jus love villages..... i hv a craze 4 dem(sort of)....
i really enjoyed d journey n..... ahem ahem ur geographical views bout it...gr8 job...
aur na photu bhi humko achi lagi...
aur aur mujhko bhi splash karna hai....heeeee

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

you're always welcome for chit chat
& the irrigation canal is open for u from april to october
how about living here permanently?
Then u can splash anytime
I'll talk about this with your shona ;)

R.K. said...

hmmmmm. since i was in 10th
before that we were in himachal, and there were no mosquitoes, and hence no mortein :)

a said...

frstly sweety goin gr88...u gt 12 followers yet.........
Evn I wanna cm dere & enjoy d weather
hopefully bfore r colg ends.....

newayzz persnlly likd ur post vry mch & d pics( specially).thnx fr dis free f cost ride..

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ R.K.
we came here when i was 2 years old before that we were in kashmir so even i know this mortein guy after that :P

@ A
hey sweety u r always welcum here
mass bunk karo & visit my village

Inderjeet said...

nice walk.
I visit this place when i was in jammu, cool place, away from noises of city, a silent place. i like this when i visit it.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ inderjeet
u r welcome
so visit my village


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