Saturday, April 18, 2009

Toughest over tougher still there!!!

Terms & conditions
choose between one
give & take

I don’t know which among the above terms fit in the definition of friendship but for my friends, these terms are always linked with friendship. I’m not here to prove anyone right or wrong but I just wanna tell others that if they would have been in my place they would have done the same. I mean my conscience didn’t allow me to leave a girl alone. I mean how can you leave someone alone when you know no one is gonna support her, no one is ready to listen her, no one is there for her & you are the only one who can give some comfort to her, especially one she’s so broken up( & you are the one who know this),,,,what’s wrong in giving her joy for few moments? But yeah,may be while doing so,I may have ignored others & I apologize for that. Guys if everyone is saying that a person is wrong doesn’t mean that the person is actually wrong,,,,give that a person a chance at least & I’m not the one to believe what majority says is right. I thought I won’t have to give explanations but I did because there was no other way,,,this hurt me alot but let it be………..
Now at this time I remember all that proverbs, sayings or whatever “ Aap bhale toh jag bhala”,, “neki kar, darya mein daal” & that doha of Kabir that I don’t remember exactly, it’s something like that,“ bura jo dekhan mein chala, bura na milya koi,,,,(I don’t remember what next),,,but all fit like glove in my situation,,,,,,,,,,but since I believe in forgiving & forgetting so “bhul ja,,,jo hua,,,,”

Now since I never complain & never tell others where they are hurting me,,,actually I don’t expect anything from others so these questions doesn’t matter,,,,so others think that they are fulfilling all my expectations & I am not doing the same. So somewhere I feel I should change my this attitude,,but then what will be the difference between me & them ,,,,so let me give another chance to everyone so that they can understand me better,,,very tough,,,but let them give a try at least

The toughest part of this whole episode is over but the tougher part is still there. Well these parts are gonna add spice to the story of my life & will definitely make it delicuious,,,yummy!!!!

P.S. :- I'm gonna be busy in my exams so no more posts during the coming week,,,,,,,,,,,,,,one whole week,,,,,,,,,,,,what a relief for you guys,,,,,,,,,enjoy till then;)


sneha said...

Hello.. I rili dun kno wt to comment on dis bt ya wtevr u did ws rite. Nd remmbr wt i tld u alwys...!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Yeah sepo, i know i'm right this time n i know what u tell me is always right,, thanks for believing in me :P

shona..... said...

well i know both d sides of d story...but believe me u ver rite n i hv already told u dat...i even tried to convince dem but...u know dem..neways..m happy ki finally d dispute is over...


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

even i'm happy
i always knew that i can convince them but it'll take some time ,,,,thank god it didn't take much time

now happy days are back again (though in a different way)
so yo ;)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

and yeah
i have learned a million lessons & now i'll be able to judge people better
so life's gonna be much better now :P

shona..... said...

datz gr8...
arre yaar..mujhe bhi kuch sekha do...

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

as i always say life is the greatest teacher
it'll teach u everything
so dnt worry

shona..... said...

u know wat..itz true..i do have learnt a lot..but kya stage par kuch implement nahi karna chahti...(jus 4 him)..dont wanna lose him at any cost...

art2eye said...

it is not possible for a human being to make everybody happy...but it is possible not to offend anybody...

and for the doha part..."jab time kharab hota hai to unt pe baithe aadmi ko bhi kutta kaat leta hai..."...suits me better...

swathi paul(dew drop) said...

you are straight forward.nice wirting

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ MS
well said,, n now i have decided not to offend anyone,, let's c what i can do in this regard

thanks alot

Inderjeet said...

hi, vandana.
hw r u.
nice post.
friendship "A Great Gift".
I don't know why u give terms n conditions in friendship. but i think ur particularly hearted by someone. If this the problem then u should goto that person n ask ur problem. If this not that then involve in activities which comes u closer to ur friends.
Remember one thing, if ask someone ur problem then u definately get ur solutions. no one get to know by their ownselves what is happening in others mind.
anyway the doha of kabir's
Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye
Jo Munn Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye.
anyway bye..........n takecare.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

well said inderjeet

but see everyone is gonna hurt to sooner or later,, you just have to choose who is important, the person or the pain???

i have learned this, so from now onwards , i won't give a damn to pain

& hey i always find the answer to the my questions within me

Inderjeet said...

sorry I missed that ur exam are coming,go first for studies and do well prepartion.
anyway best of luck for exams and for few days i miss ur posts.
bye takecare..........

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Thanks a lot
even it's very difficult for me to be away from blogging,, but it's the matter of few days, a new post will come by saturday,, till then keep missing my posts ;)

R.K. said...

well, as i hope that u might be reading this after your exams are over, so let me just share one thing.
Just be what you are, dont simply do anything becoz others do it. Going easy becomes a bit tough when you have some boring professional task up at your mind.
I hope , and guess that u might be in a much calm and easy going mood as u read this after being stressed out of exams !
And, let me remind, its just what i feel, that exams etc cause your brain to wander more randomly.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

i'm reading it before my exams are over, at 6a.m. in the morning, eyes still half open, n ears listening to the melodious music of birds outside (being in a village). Believe me, i'm too calm now not even a bit stressed out though i haven't prepared anything as i was busy in a family function yesterday n i really don't give a damn to exams ;)
Coming to the topic, now i have become a lot tougher n now i really do what i want to without thinking about others opinions.


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