Monday, April 6, 2009

Straight from the classroom !!

Well you must have read a million times "straight from the heart" so as a break from these kind of senti-senti lines this post is straight from the classroom (this girl never misses a chance to show her stupidity, that's what you are thinking na? See I can predict future, I think I should become a professional clairvoyant, I can earn a lot from this, right?)
I just wanna break the series of posts that I was publishing in my blog for the past few days,full of mind twisting thoughts (hey just tell me were they actually like that or it's just my assumption, ok whatever). So it's a light post about happenings of classroom straight from classroom itself.
Stop thinking so much, it's a free lecture that's why I am writing this post, otherwise I'm not so daring to do this while we are being taught in class. Actually, it's more about being stupid than being daring. Hey, I was just kidding I'm daring man ;)

My location: 60 degrees from where ma'm is standing,on the third last bench on left half of the classroom, second seat, to my left is a guy, ofcourse a friend also, who is struggling a lot to keep his eyes open so that he can attend all the lectures, as he has been bunking classes since our 6th semester started. To my left is my another friend, who is also busy in observing others (one of my favorite hobbies) & to her left is a guy who is troubling the guy sitting before him.
So the scene of rest of the class from here is like this:
the girls from the first three benches have joined their heads together & are busy in girlish gossip, just my guess I am not sure (but then what else it can be?) Fourth bench guys (just before my bench) have gone completely mad. And they have made me mad. A guy from this bench is offering pens & copies of whole of the class to me. I am asking him to stop but he has gone mad so I can't do anything but yeah the guys sitting with him are gonna set him right in break because he has gone completely mad, just few minutes to go for break & my revenge also. Gals & guys of the last two benches, just behind mine, are busy in playing Bingo & they are laughing like anything. Now coming to benches on the right half of the classroom. First bench guys have undergone hibernation. Only two guys on the second bench , rest two have gone outside I guess. On third bench some are sleeping while others are listening attentively to what ma'm is saying. Fourth bench guys are discussing something very interesting I can make it out from their expressions, their eyes are literally glowing like 500 watt electric bulbs & their mouths are wide open. Fifth bench guys are busy with their mobiles, earlier they were playing tone "lathe di chadder" just to annoy ma'm but she didn't noticed. Poor guys :( better luck next time. Sixth bench guys are making aeroplane of paper (quite innovative future engineers, I must say) & there is a sort of mischief in their smile. Last bench guys are busy in discussing something which I guess isn't so interesting that's why one of them is totally lost in his own world.
Now the last two benches behind me, have changed their game, they are playing name, place, animal, thing. I think in 6th semester we all will complete our Ph.D.'s in these silly games like bingo, name, place, animal, thing, raja, wazir, chor, sepahi (we have added rani to this game also LOL), word building & lots of more silly games to add this. I don't know what's wrong with us, but then what was ever right with us?
Hey wait, those guys were not making aeroplane from the paper, but they have made a kind of whistle from it & it's producing a strange sound. Ewww... I don't like it.
Now coming back to my bench , guess what? A little before everyone was beating that guy....ahhh what a satisfaction!! Indirectly I have my revenge.
Okay now it's lunch break so bye

(wonderful scene na? It's lovers garden, but I was here with my friend, a gal yaar :( Cho chad )
P.S. :- I bunked all the three lectures after break as the weather outside was so cool ;)


sneha said...
dats nd i hv a mention(although m nt sure ff it)..
fab yaar .. i smtymes get a feeling dat v guys r nvr gonna grow trust me i wanna be as childish as i cn ..atleast upto da tyme i cn manage too..

so kal ka scene bhi kuch aissa he rahega...though i hope kal i manage to get hold ne seat except da last one..!!!

sneha said...

yuuu huuu i m da frst one..
btw my lappy came bak..nd he says "hello".

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Hey sugar
it's great ur lappy is back
my hello to him also
if he's single then i'm ready man ;)
even i hope kal ka bhi same scene ho
& who the hell wants to grow up?
Meleko b bala nayee hona

& trust me sweety i always want you to be the first one to comment
BTW you are one of the girls of the last benches so yeah you have a mention girl :P

shona..... said...

hahaha!! n d second gal is me...
so..m second here 4 commenting!!
so..u ver busy in writin ur blog hmmm...datz y i was thinkin ki y r u so i got ma man...
now coming to r behaviour we r toh kiddo yaar..(atleast i toh am.. size se!!)
n yeah i luv it wen we get free lectures n we could chit chat....ahhh...
waise wat else could we do...hehe


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

I know sugar
hey you forgot to mention that we can play those silly games also
yeah i was busy in writing the post otherwise i would have been in your place playing one of those silly games but watching the silly activities that Bhanu was doing was also equally entertaining
we're really not willing to grow up, right?

art2eye said...

Went back to my school/college classroom memories... these times never come back, we only travel through our memories...enjoy these days to the fullest...bestest of the life journey....

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

agreed man
please let me know your name
i'm enjoying this part of my journey to fullest
and i have collected enormous sweet memories till now :D

Inderjeet said...

great classroom. usuallly all this happens in classroom.but ours classroom is so special. Its like a social park. every one busy in their own activity. Some sleeping In the top of bench, some playing games(bingo), some chatting with each other. some throwing different materials in class.
But it is common in classroom. It gives own happiness.
anyway keep writing, iam always here to read ur post.

R.K. said...

I miss my college days. I wish to be with friends at my job.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

a lot of other stuff also happens here but this is just the scene of one lecture
BTW we also throw things on each other :D
thanks for always reading my posts

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Thanks for commenting
even i wish the same
for u n for me also

surbhit said...

i jus have one question.
class mein padai bhi hoti hai kya??? lol

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

What's that?
i have heard this word but i can't recall it's meaning since i have been promoted to 6th semester ;)

karan said...

wow.........its really good yaar .....i just say that ur this passion is again a tremendous work which leads u to the steps of success...this shows that u r really a multi-talent personality.....ok al the best .my gud wishes are with u......

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx a lot karan

i don't know its gud or not,,,but i just love writing
that's it !!


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