Sunday, April 12, 2009

So much life in every second.................

I really don’t have a slightest idea how to start this post. But somehow I have to,,,so let me start:
it was my second trip with friends & it was for a youth fest of a university, I was on a sort of outing with friends, and trust me it was such a memorable experience for me. I got to know many things, I got to learn many things, I got to explore many things & above all I got to know what I mean to my friends, and that was the best best bestest part of this trip.

It was for two days & two nights but I felt like I have spent a life time there, as a million things happened in this time & none of them was least significant. I don’t give a damn to that fest (okay just a bit), but my friends, their problems, their secrets, that hostel life of two days & two nights & lots more, made this so special for me.

I was always complacent with my college life, though few things were missing:
I hadn’t experienced hostel life,
Though all classmates are my friends but I didn’t have interaction with my seniors (who are just about to leave this college) & juniors (hmmm… I had taken intro of many of them but that real interaction stuff was missing)

As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way & the way for my will was this fest but I was unaware of this.

In this fest I explored my hidden talent of tattoo making. To be very frank, I hadn’t ever thought that I’ll ever do such kind of thing, though I admit that I’m quite innovative person (“this gal is so self obsessed” ,,,yeah I’m). Just a night before that event was to happen, I told my friends that I think I can do that, I started practicing then.
Following are the pictures of practicing session which me & my friends were conducting under a lamp post in night.

(this is the second tattoo I had made, first I had made on my own arm at home. This I was making on Rohit’s arm) (this tattoo is on Harry’s arm)
(this tattoo is on sneha's arm)
I had made some ten-twenty tattoos & I was so busy that I couldn't take pictures of all of them.Even these pictures are taken by my friend.
So after this practicing session was over, the next day was the day of the event but we were told that the registrations for that event had been blocked & we couldn’t take part in that. One of my junior Raghav put all his efforts & made us to take part in the event. Hey Rhaghav thanks a lot.
The theme of tattoo was rebirth. I guess I gave my best & even I expected some prize, but I didn’t get any :(

(this tattoo is on Pallavi's arm.The one that I made for competition )
Let me just try to explain what I have depicted in that tattoo. On the top, I had made one wing of phoenix which in itself is a symbol of rebirth as it regenerates itself from its own ashes. On side of it, there’s a pile of logs which are being used to cremate the body of a person. The lines above show that his soul has just been freed from all the pain & worldly desires. Then again, this soul is implanted in the womb of a mother & the person again enters the cycle,,,,,,,,,,rebirth
So I was like totally dejected. Before the results were announced, my seniors were saying that they wanna me to make tattoos on them. After the results were announced, I thought now they won’t ask me for that thing. But to my surprise, they did. They were cheering me up & praising my talent. This was first time I interacted with my seniors.

(This tattoo is made on Mann bhaiya's arm)

(This tattoo is made on V.P. Bhaiya's arm)
(Again on V.P. Bhaiya's arm)
I had made same tattoo on Ankush Bhaiya but no picture, so sad. These three guys were so damn funny & just packed with life. I'm really thankful to them for cheering me. Guys you rock,,,& be the same forever ;)

so many things to share but I'm gonna zip it up here only
with one line that I have treasured every second of my life in these two days & two nights


sneha said...

yo babes..!!
@ all da peeps readin dis comment...dis is our new ishtyle of greetin each oder( v da js returnd gurls 4rm da trip)

i love all da tattoos, m sure u ll hv many more to make as v go to da colege tommorw..

well m eagerly watin 4 ur detailed post of our trip..!!

till den yo..!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

yo babes yo

thanx yaar
but i guess i won't give details cuz eko already had

gonna be same same na

no fun

so uncool

Inderjeet said...

Great Tattos. U have generate one more talent, i didn't expect this from a girl who is writing this kind of serious stuff. I was thinking u didn't like this kind of things.
Anyway great tatoos, bye take care.....

shona..... said...

ahem ahem....
do i need to say it sugar.......
d tattoos were really rockin yaar...n yeah ofcourse innovative too....n dont worry babes..u didn't got a prize jus coz dey ver was damn me...n as sneha said..u'll b very busy 2mrw makin lots more tattoos...hehe....
n yeah...guys we did enjoyed so much lyf in every second...


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ inderjeet
oh my God!!!
serious stuff???


hey u know what i'm one of the gals in my class who's already for picnics,, outings & bunks
inshort always ready for masti stuff

but ya that seriousness is also an integral part of my character which is confined to me only & of course to my blog :P

@ shona

thanx babes

Yo i'm gonna b damn busy tomorrow :P

surbhit said...

ultimate tattooing!!!!!
seriously, the tattoo which u submitted (on pallavi's arm is the best)...
great talent, impressed!!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx yaar

even that is my favorite tattoo
& it is my own innovation
but.............. :(

vivek said...

Wow!! hell lot of creativity!
the less i speak, the better it is!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ vivek
thanx a tonnnnnnnnnnn


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