Wednesday, April 29, 2009

poor little sis :( err devil little sis ;)

With the post “No desire to live”, I was literally on the path to sainthood but then circumstances changed a bit & now I have became a sort of devil. I was planning to write a different post but I’m writing this post because this post is the reason why frequency of my posts has decreased & why I ain’t writing the post I had planned to?

Everything around here was perfect, not exactly but still a lot closer. I was quite complacent with my life, one small reason being the success of my blog which also propelled me to write more & more. But then, a strange creature called the elder sis comes into picture & spoils everything. I don’t know why some people find pleasure in interfering others matter, I mean let others live the way they want to, why you are imposing your rules on them? But it’s not their fault, if they won’t do that their metabolic system will get upset & then they won’t be able to digest anything. One among the community of such creatures is my elder sis. I don’t know what to do with her?

Just a few moments back, my younger sis was watching a cartoon “Asari Chan”, & I could really identify myself with the main character. A poor younger sis having a cruel elder sis :(
Now her elder sis was telling her mom (like my sis always does), that her mom gives so much care & love to Asari & that’s why she’s a spoiled brat, just like me. But my mom isn’t like Asari’s mom, she didn’t listen to her crap,,,,,yippee,,,,,poor di but yeah,,,she spoiled my mood. So from yesterday I’m on my “STOP INTERFERING IN MY MATTERS” movement & I’m not talking to her. I have kept cell on silent & I’m not touching my pc even (just in her presence,,she isn’t here so I’m writing this). I can see the desperation on her face,,she really wanna talk to me,,but I won’t. she’s a chatter box & doesn’t feel relaxed until she tells everything to everyone,,,but now her condition is so worse,,,,& I’m feeling tooooo happy huhuhaha haaaaa ;)

Just to add something extra to make her condition worst, I told mom that I came home early from college as I was suffering from headache & I was finding difficulty in breathing (breathing problem was genuine but headache,,,what’s that?) but the actually reason for coming early was mass bunk, yeah we had mass bunk & with temperature so high here,,,,velligiri stuff wasn’t possible so only option left was to come home.Now when my blood sucker came back from her university,, mom started scolding her,,,telling that she was responsible for my bad health,,,,,God I felt sooooo good,,,literally 10 litres of my blood must have increased then ;)
But while doing so I forgot about my sooooooooo caring mom. She’s suffering from asthma & after knowing that even I’m having breathing problems,,,which are genuime,,,,she’s so worried about me. Yesterday I had loads of work to do,, but she didn’t allowed me to be awake late in the night. When di isn’t home,,then mom doesn’t allow me to use pc,,,,God,,,I’m like struck in this,,,,it’s like “MERA PRANK MUJH HI PE BHARI”

I’m still on my movement ,,,let’s see if that can bring some change in my elder sis,,though I know it’s next to impossible


shanky said...

after reading your post i can say that ......dont worry after all she is your elder sis...she cant think bad 4 u ..ok. one more thing i hv a beautiful blog check this out

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx fr commenting shanky

Anand said...

how bout pestering ur mom for a laptop of ur own?? That wud be fun. Lol. And more posts too...

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

double LOL
i can get a laptop but i can't get a new elder sis that's the problem

i can do blogging from my cell also but my sis has problem with that too so she'll have problem with laptop either
just my luck to have a sis like her :(

Inderjeet said...

hw r u.
don't worry about this, asa hota ha.
she is ur sister, she doesn't think bad for u.
yeh we need privacy, but some time we can't get it. so, don't think so much about this.
anyway bye.......... takecare.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

@ inderjeet
thanx fr ur support

sneha said...

hahahaha..yaar vry funny..bahut mazza aaya pdke..!

okie byee m goin to a party..!!!

shona..... said...

headache...breathin problem??
ohh ma baby...
kya hua...
hehe haha hu hu...
nice one dear.... elder sisters need to b taught a lesson...
keep it up!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

The resolutions that had to follow in front of her were terrible
yeah, i taught her a lesson n now she's on line, after all i'm Vandana-the ultimate
don't u forget that :P


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