Sunday, April 5, 2009

Essence of life !!!

It's really hard for me to be away from this blogging stuff even though I know its just matter of few days & then again my pc will be all right & I'll be back on the track. But hey wait, I ain't completely off the track, I still manage to publish posts, comment on the blogs I follow, by hook or by crook or whatever. (even now I am typing this post on mobile & I am gonna publish this through the same)
Now being idle for past few days,hmmm..... not exactly because there days were just packed with a lot of happenings. I mean college life, friends, shopping, vellagiri stuff & all that. Oh that reminds me that, my friends are also using the same terminology that I use in my blog, like vellagiri stuff, dostana stuff & all that, I feel great about that, I am really an influential person LOL
The recent two titles or tags or whatever they are exactly called, that are in my kitty now are supergirl (not bad, I like it) & miss blogger (again not bad). I got these in person not here in my blog.Finally, most of my friends know that I do blogging, I can't say it's a good thing, though initially I wanted all my friends to know about this but now I feel it was a wrong idea to let them know this. But then this world is full of all kind of people, some will encourage you & others will just laugh at you, but in both cases doesn't matter because I really wanted to do this thing & now I am doing this. I don't care what the hell others think about it.
One thing I wanna mention here, when I told one of my friend that I am still blogging from mobile(my own now which I bought just for blogging), he was like, "what a loyality man?" LOL
that really makes me to think about my obsession with this thing. Kya karu yaar? Can't help it. I am so addicted to it.
The good thing is that 90% response that I got was positive. Well, I must say that's a big achievement for me. (stop laughing, what's wrong in that, let me make myself happy). My encyclopedia, my cousin, has also checked it out though I couldn't make it out whether the response from him was positive or not, but definitely it wasn't negative, I am sure about that.
I have found people around me in whom I can see my reflection, not those superficial people who don't have any depth, and who really don't have any idea what they are doing & where this will finally lead them to? So now I can share my views with them though that real sharing will not be there as that's what I had decided (real sharing here doesn't refer to sharing materialistic things, its sharing feelings &views that I am still not comfortable sharing with others). I am really following the new year resolutions that I had made & I am really happy now, living my life the way I want, no more sharing, no more expectations, though I know the real essence of life is still missing & I know it will continue playing this hide & seek game with me always. But the positive thing is that I know I can find it , not always but sometimes, it can't always hide from me, so I am contented with this fact only. :D


art2eye said...


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

100% accurate

shona..... said... "miss blogger"...
i know yaar...wen u get addicted to!!
but itz fine coz blogging is not a bad habit...
n gal...yes...u r an influential person..
n n of luck for ur resolutions...


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Thanks alot sweety for again proving me right

sneha said...

ahem..i ws tld dat i hv a mention in dis blog..well nt a direct one as i c bt hey m nt complaining m js...happy..

thnks i dun no f i need to say dis or nt bt still thnks..
love ya ..

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Yeah dear
you are one of the few people in whom i can see my reflection. I wanna tell you directly but as it's human nature or whatever, we often let go of the chance to tell others what they are actually like
so i put it here in my blog
and hey i should be thankful to you on the contrary!

Inderjeet said...

yeh. Its hard for someone who is too closed to pc. yeh iam also addicted to pc, not writing blogs but its hard for me also to move away from pc.But addiction is something which changes u. but take it rightly.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

I don't know where this addiction will lead me to but i'm taking it in a right way, at least i think so (keeping the fact apart that i have damaged my eyes)
let it be !!


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