Friday, March 13, 2009

Yaad aayenge yeh pal...............


(Administrative block)
Many of you won’t be acquainted with this name, especially those who are dwelling outside Jammu. Let me have the pleasure to introduce you to MIET, it stands for Model Institute of Engineering & Technology situated in Kot Bhalwal (place having a famous jail also), Jammu, though some ex-students & students call it Mast Institute of Entertainment & Time-pass. If you happen to take a survey of this college & ask its students about it, then I am afraid you won’t get a very good response. They’ll have lots of complaints & they’ll tell you many things that this college lacks. But if you ask me, then I’ll tell you about the happiest days of my life that I have spent here & the numerous sweet memories that this college has given me.

I am presently in 6th semester that means, three more semesters still to go for my engineering to be over but I don’t want my college life to be over.

I had never thought I’ll join this college. In fact, I never wanted to be an engineer in the first place (What I wanted to be? Don’t ask as I don’t want to scratch my old wounds). But as they say, God has already planned everything. The initial days of my college life were depressing as hell because this college was an altogether different planet for me with no familiar creatures & to add more to this depression there was that ragging stuff. Although I wasn’t ragged that much (thanks to my surname) but still giving that formal intro again & again, and standing & wishing seniors whenever they entered our class was equally depressing. At that time, whenever a senior entered our class, we felt like killing that senior then & there only. One good thing about this ragging thing is that, it brings you closer to your classmates instantly because these creatures are also going through the same phase. You don’t have to give your formal intro to them as they get to hear it almost 100 times a day. Many of us had pledged that they won’t treat their juniors like this but when you become senior, some sort of devil takes control of your senses & you want to take revenge from those new innocent creatures by following the footsteps of your seniors. But as nothing lasts forever, even this ragging phase was over soon.

First semester was occupied with this ragging stuff mainly, though there were many more things also. One of the important incidents of our first semester was our first mass bunk. I really can’t forget it. Hiding from our HOD, being caught by him & then promising him that this won’t happen again. Since then 90% of mass bunks are a big flop & only 10% is the success rate. There are many things associated with these mass bunks, especially with the flop ones. I remember every time we decided to have mass bunk, principle had a good walk, running after us & we still marching towards the main gate uninterrupted.
(path leading towards college gate)
Many times, some of us are caught from canteen, library, and net lab & are made to attend the class. No one ever wishes to be caught because whoever is caught is not only scolded by the principal & HOD but also rest of the class or I can say he or she has to face opposition of class. He or she is looked down as untouchable. Our principal & HOD are really very free persons or in my words they are indeed very velle. After every successful mass bunk, they call our parents to tell them about mass bunk. These mass bunks are associated with many controversies also. Our principle changed, our HOD’s changed, even CR’s changed but we are still the same, too stubborn to say no to mass bunks. In regard to these mass bunks we have always been jealous of CSE branch as their mass bunks are always successful & they are never caught. There has always been hell lot of comparison between us & them pertaining to class unity. But now as if God has finally listened to our prayers, this time their HOD made them to attend classes till the end of the semester while we were enjoying at home.
(Bhag-e-Bahu gardens of our college)
Every place in this college is special to me as it has numerous memories associated with it. Our college is famous for parks. In winter, it’s really good to bunk classes & enjoy warm sunlight in these parks. One such park, near to college gate is called lovers’ garden, though it not meant for lovers only. I also have spent lot of time there discussing some stupid stuff & playing some silly games.

(lovers’ garden)
(college canteen)
How can I forget about college canteen? Our college canteen is the heart of our college, as it is in every college. I think it is one of the best canteens one can have, regarding location, as I am a nature lover though its menu sucks. We have consumed gallons of cold drinks & tonnes of chips, celebrating our ever little achievement & moments of happiness, though we don’t need any special occasion to be here, we can invade it anytime. We have played lots of Truth-and-dare & dumb charades here. This truth-and-dare also reminds me of some controversies. In summer, it’s really very refreshing to bunk those boring classes & sit her. (I have spend major part of my 3rd semester here).

Now coming to library. Don’t worry I am not going to discuss about those boring engineering books found here, but ya I was introduced to famous novelists Agatha Christie & Jeffery Archer here. And that Photostat shop,adjoining reference library, that swallows our pocket money without a gulp.Well this also reminds me of assignments but I am not gonna discuss about them as I have already discussed then in a post.

Laboratories & workshops also need a mention as we have played many pranks here & shared many things.

Now coming to the most important place, associated with numerous memories that are worth million dollars - our classroom or I can say our KARAMSHATRA. My classroom is the habitat of a variety of species ranging from most studious to most mischievous, from most quite to most talkative, from actors to singers, from schemers to the innocents. Some act like the most innocent angels, with their deceiving Mona Lisa smile, in front of teachers but are actually mischievous devils in reality, we fondly call such creatures as "Frody".We are a bunch of devils & don’t spare any teacher, especially the newly appointed ones. In spite of giving our intro to them, we take their intro & after listening to their aggregate percentage that uhhhs & ahhhs keep echoing in the classroom for the whole lecture. And then there are that Bham Bham Bhole, N N Vohra Hai Hai slogans too, though agitation in Jammu is over long ago, but I guess I’ll have to listen to these slogans till I am in this college. I don't know what sort of instant talent gets into my classmates, that all of a sudden there's is band of singers in our class & this band can sing any song of your demand, no matter if the teacher is still in the class.Many little things & some very big have happened here that I can’t forget. Many memories are associated with every classmate. Like there is a guy in our class, wherever a teacher asks for any question, the only question he asks is which book to follow, even if it is the end of the semester the question remains unchanged, always the same. Another guy always has one answer for any question & the answer is, “It’s because of noise”. Another guy who doesn’t have any reason of laughing, oh my mistake, I mean smiling because he has got a smiling face, that’s what he tells teachers. There are also some special appearances in the class whom we get to see during exams or during some special occasions. Then there are some brilliant students whom we don’t want to be present in the class, if it is our seminar. These teachers are also very strange creatures, each having his or her own unique way of teaching combined with some peculiar habits. Like there’s one who keeps on saying “Thik hai, Thik hai” & we bet how many times she’ll use this word in one lecture. Once I counted & this “Thik Hai” count was 135. Then there are others who are just too slow & they can make you to go on hibernation if you listen to them attentively. Some have a very different accent, that can make you to laugh & then are some more whose English is so good that you develop inferiority complex (like one used to say “as this going on increasing, that going on decreasing"). God please forgive me, even mine is not that good.

Well I have also seen many small things turning into big issues & friends becoming enemies, many make-ups & break-ups & many more things while being in this college. When I joined this college I didn’t know anyone here but now whole class is my friend. Friends who are always there with me during those depressing days of results, not only in those days but always there for me & of course I am always there for them.

There are many more things that I wanna share. In fact I can write a book on my college life, but writing everything in this post won’t be a good idea. I have evolved into an altogether different person during my college life. This college has taught me many things about relationships, friends, sharing & above all it has taught me to be just a good human being rather than being anything else!!!

really, when I’ll read this post after 2 years, I won’t be able to read it without wetting my eyes.
Anyways, here’s a request for everyone whoever reads this post, do comment on it & share some experiences about your college life or school life. Please please do comment because post is very special to me.


nitish said...

wooow...really our college is so gr88 yaar..naa.!!!

u r a very gud writer.....indeed..!

wat i say yaar i have no words.................very impressed..!!!...

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx a ton Nitish!!

atleast u chkd this post
that is more than enough fr me

& i guess being in same class &, of course being frndz u'll also hv the same things to share:P

borntiger said...

Ms writter ,u r such a great writter.........i suggest u to write a book on our class rather then this stupid block......we will help u for publishing that...........ok.......and everything u have written there is true............really our ENC 5TH SEM is a class full of joker instead of our whole group

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

well said
Mr Govind
oh my mistake, Mr Borntiger
bt i guess whole class isn't full of jokers & moreover
these people are the actual essence of the class

& nw it's 6th semester not 5th

i m surely gonna write a book & i guess i hv already told u that , then i'll surely need some publishers :P

thanx a ton fr at least chking my blog :)

a said...

wow! dear, u hv wriiten such a masterpiece. I really find it vry real & vry entertaining.

my all gud wishes r wid u.......
keep n writing such gud stuffs.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx alot "a"
of course u ought to like it
cuz its abt our college life

& yup
i'll keep on writing n irritating u guys :P

Eksha said...

ahhh...wat shud i say yaar...
for d first damn tym i enjoyed reading...cant believe myself...but yeah..i did....
sum instances took me on a long ride of chweet memories of r college lyf...n sum forced me to laugh(coz i knew whom all u ver mentioning... ;-)
BUT can't stop myself 4m writin dis sweety...U R D BEST...
n thanx for uploading dose pics..
luv ya...take care...
n ofcourse...keep writin...
god bless...

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

hey Eksha let me thank u fr providing me those pictures cuz those pictures r really damn cool
i got many comments abt pictures (not here bt in person)
if i wud hv taken pictures myself, i m afraid i wont hv taken so beautiful pictures
u r really a good photographer
& our college is really looking better in those pictures than wat it actually is :P

& i m glad u enjoyed reading :P
i really had a tough time in publishing this post, i took one day to finally get those pictures uploaded & editting the post (keeping it short & interesting, though i know it is still long n somewhere boring also)

it is meant to take u to the roller coaster ride back to sweet memories of past & i m glad it did

thanx fr commenting :P

Brat said...

Thanx for refreshing my memry buddy.Hope u wil keep on writing such entertaining n intrsting blogs of our colg life.I wish our colg life never comes 2 an end n our class keeps on rocking n bunking (par bina kisi ladai ke).Lots of luv !!!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

BRAT (must b die hard fan of Rodies)
yaar shud hv mentioned ur name atleast!!
anywayz we'll definitely keep on bunking afterall it's our birth right :P
thanx fr commenting!!

Driftwood said...


i wish i studied there too......

my own college i wud rather BOMB.......

college, wanna know y it is that special???

cause thats where we actually start using our brains and try to compare/classify other ppl....

nerds/geeks/dudes/pretty faces/losers/champs....

the bad part is making them "feel" that way too...

Congrats Vandana u made friends who care for u and ur opinions..... hope u get more of them....

Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest.--Mark Twain

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx Mehtab
i hv plenty of frndz around me

infact whole class is my frnd
n that classification thing applies here also

karan said...

i am really impresseed yaar!u r an excellent writer...know one thing one day u will definetely get sum position in life...and its my personal experience wich i shared with u r always ready to help everyone this also shows ur keep n writing such wishes r always with u...take care

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

hey Karan
thanx alot
u chhkd my blog at least

G said...

nice one there.... i can very well imagine how attached u r to the college, no matter how wierd it is :p
same here gurl ... i'm going through a phase where i've got just 20 odd days left before the term ends and my final year friends move out :(
cant even imagine what it would be like to see your college life ending .. booo hoooo....

sneha said...

frst thngs frst...!!
m sorry for being so late to hv red dis..nd i hv lik appreciated ur wrk lik zillion tymes 2day m nt gonna praise u..!

bt i ll say one thng dat whenevr u rite a book ..i wnt my name to be da frst in ur list off acknowledgmnts...after all i thnk i ws da frst one to hv suggested u to rite a buk ..

p.s i dont care if i wasent da frst one bt i WNT MY NAME TO BE DERE....!!! SABSE PEHLE...!!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

hey choti it's not wierd at all
though it seems to be :P

bt ya i'll miss this colg alot!!

& sneha jo
ofcourse u'll b the first one
cuz u hv really encouraged me
u r the first to comment on posts of my blog

& baby i love u for that
b wid me :P

sneha said...

i ll b wid ya alwayzz...

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

sneha jo

cho chweet of u :P

reeti said...

God finally i got space 2 post my comment as almost everyone has commented except me!!! reading ur this post has given a total snap shot of d two & a half years dat we spent together in college....well i must say dat these good memories will remain with me 4ever..mass bunks , ragging etc r expected only during college & we shouldn't also miss these things as these days will never come again.....i don't want 2 imagine my life after college geeting over...everyone getting busy in their own lives..... yaar!!! bahut senti baatein ho gaye!!!! we'll keep in touch even after colg .....oh!! i forgot 2 appreciate ur writing skills.... i'm sure ur this hobby will make u 2 write a book one day & i hope i'll see my name also in the thanksgiving( or whatever it is called) column ....ok bye baby... tk cr!!!!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

of course ur name will b there
& hw cn i forget one of the sweetest person i hv ever met
& hw dare u say keep in touch
i'll like eating ur brain even after colg
thanx fr being such a wonderful friend & sharing these beautiful memories with me
love u!!

surbhit said...

well being from jammu i had heard about the college, but never knew the campus is so awesome....
niice college and explained in a beautiful way. good work

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx alot surbit for commenting!!

narsingh said...

u expressed it very positively
A great writter can do so.Today I come to a point that an intelligent
and smart writter of tomarrow is my friend.
I havn't any words to explain my feelings after going through that.
keep it up.
take care.
ur loving brother
ND khajuria

narsingh said...

u described the percentage of succesful mass bunks is only 10.
I THINK IT'S MORE than 25%

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

oh yeah
my dearest brother-cum-friend

my mistake
& all thanks to u for this huge increase in number of successful mass bunks

& again thanx a lot for commenting
ur loving sis

adarsh said...

i m juz thankful to u ,for providing this gr8 stuff.......
really i enjoyed alot reading this......
..."i m impressed"
i cn only say ,keep it up....
n "jai mata di"...............
may u achieve everything u want..........

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx alot for commenting
& of course yaar
i wont ever forgot that "Jai mata di" thing
all thanx to u
for making that trip so memorable :P

nirneet said...


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx fr chkng my blog n commenting

Anonymous said...

awsm pics n its all true writen by her

madhur said...

actually lemme also tell u all dat she is v.v.v say...n haan aaj tak bandi ke chehre par khundakk nhi aayi yaar..shes v.gud

miet ece
(and upar jo b likha tha sab mazaak tha...he he)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanks a ton fr checking my blog & commenting
it's all my pleasure,,,,i dnt care if its mazak or watever

Madhvi said...

hiii vandana..... hope u remember me.... great to knw that u r a writer..... seriously, u r a fantabulous writer..... i m really impressed.... all the best fr future, buddy..... n one more thing..... good to knw that u were jealous of our bunks n unity.... lolz...

vandy said...

ya i knw many madhvi's,,,which one r u????

vandy said...

@madhvi: ofcourse u r frm CSE,,,sometimes i act too dumb :P

btw hw come u visit my blog??
i mean from where u got the link???


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